Welcome to the Polaris Middle School Survival Guide

Students in Mrs. Cohen’s Writing class worked together to write, direct, and produce podcasts,

meant to help incoming sixth graders feel at ease in their new school.

Click on the links below to see our podcasts!

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Lockers Schedules/Classes Grades
Lockers-1 Switching Classes-7 Powerschool and Grades-1
Lock Rocks-3a H.A.P. -1 PowerSchool/Grades-7
Lockers-7 Lunchtime-4 Grades-3a
Lockers-4 Crazy Classes-4 Homework
Lockers-3b Switching Classes-1 Grades-4
Lunch-3b Projects-3b
Gym/Health Everyday Life/Friends Getting Around/Units
Gym-1 Staying Out of Trouble-3b Units in Sixth Grade-3b
Gym-7 Friends-4 Not Getting Lost-4
Health Class-3a Making and Keeping Friends-7 Patterns-3b
Health-3b Teachers’ Good Side-3a  
  Having Good Character-3b  
  Extra-Curricular Activities-1  
  How to stay out of trouble-4  

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