Book Recommendations

Have you read a great book recently? Share the title, author and brief summary with your classmates. Be sure not to give too much away!

Feel free to reply about a book that interests you!

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  1. S.T#21 says:

    I read the book Gilda Joyce and the Ladies of the lake by Jennifer Allison. I was actually doing this book for my book report. Ifound this book interesting. It was about a psysic investigator named
    She went to a new school and found out that there was a mystery waiting for her that mystery was a great adventure.


  2. M.B. #1 says:

    I read the book Secret of the Night Ponies. This book was about a 13 year old girl named Jessica who lives on a ranch by the ocean. This book takes place 50 years ago. Jessie learns that some mean men who live on the main land are corralling wild ponies so that they can be shipped out to be made into HORSE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessie knows she must stop this. She and her friends pretend to have a sleepover and at late at night they sneak out and bring the ponies to Lonesome Isle, an abandoned island rumored to be haunted. The ponies are delivered safely to the old stable and when news breaks that the ponies were saved, the mean men choose to let the ponies be wild from all the good publicity. :)

  3. GM#11 says:

    I read the book called This Totally Bites (poison apple book) by:Ruth Ames.
    It is about a girl named Emma-Rose, she has a family member coming over because she needs to help her mom with the exhibit CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. Her great-aunt Margo ( who came from Romania) resembles all the characteristics of a vampire: from Transylvania,has dark hair, doesn’t like the sunshine,nocturnal(Emma-Rose only saw her at night time) hates the taste of garlic, loves rare meat, has very pale skin….. You have to find out the other ones as you read the book. As she reads them over on the same website. They all seem to resemble her to. In the beginning of the story Em has a nightmare, there are many glowing red,evil eyes staring at her. Later on in the book she has the same exact nightmare again. At a student council meeting a so called “7th grade princess” Ashlee Lambert wants the gym to be decorated in a bunch of pink items for the Halloween dance. Em finally stands up to Ashlee and says that it should be orange and black… the most common Halloween colors. Ashlee gets mad and the teacher in the classroom has once again suggested the democratic debate. Raise your hand if you want it to be orange and black then annoyingly says pink. Em is in-charge of decorating everything. Emma swiftly decorates the gym and then runs two miles to the Museum of Natural History. She hopes that her parents don’t see her. She walks into the room with all the bats and they open there eyes and what does she see? Read the book and find out.
    She sees a lot of other fledglings in the room. One of them she recognizes!
    It is….. Well i don want to spoil the surprise so YOU have to read this book. Is Emma-rose Paley a real vampire? :-)

  4. IL#8 says:

    I read the book Island of the Aunts. It is about three old ladies- Etta, Coral,and Myrtle- who take care of magic animals on a secret island. One day, when they watched a nature show about animals that are extinct, they realized that they might become extinct too.

    “Who will take care of the island when we’re gone?” they asked each other. The three come to the conclusion that they must KIDNAP CHILDREN to take their places.

    The kids they took, Minette and Fabio are especially nice and soon they love the island as much as the three sisters.

    When a multi-billionaire discovers the island, it’s up to Minette and Fabio to save it.

    I won’t tell you the rest, because you might want to read it!!! :)

  5. MB1 says:

    I read the book Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balleitt. This is about a girl named Petra and a boy Calder who are really smart. They both love art and when they hear that a famous Vermeer painting called A LADY WRITING has been stolen they want to find her. Petra dreamed she saw the lady writing before it was ever stolen. She and Calder are very detirmened to find the painting. Do they? Read the book to find out! :P

  6. GM#11 says:

    The book i read is Miss Popularity and the best friend disaster.It is by Francesco Sedita. It is going to be Cassie’s 13th birthday and she has a BIG surprise. It is ” the size of Texas”. Her old friends from Texas are coming up to Maine for her birthday. She is so excited! Her parents, Paul and Shelia have the perfect gift for her. Its a charm bracelet. When she was in third grade she was on Little League. She was the only girl, she was horrible at it but that did not stop her from still doing it! So her parents got her a baseball cap charm. She loved it! When her Texas friends got to the hotel they are staying at Erin and Laura texted her saying that they are there. She was really nervous because later on in the day Her friend from Maine: Etoile was going to meet her Texas friends: Erin and Laura. Could Cassie still keep the peace between her friends from Texas and her friend from Maine? Find out by reading the book! There is two other “Cassie books they are Miss Popularity and Miss Popularity Goes Camping. I really liked the two out of the three books i read. They were very descriptive and
    detailed! I am hoping to read The book Miss Popularity Goes Camping!

  7. SS17 says:

    I just read a biography about president Kennedy and found out that he was in office for about 300 days, that is the shortest amount of days that a president has spent in office. I also learned that John F. Kennedy had a brother that died in World War 2

  8. MB1 says:

    I read the book Coffehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors. This book is about a girl named Katrina who helps her grandma with her coffee shop. When Katrina notices a homeless guy in the alley she takes him some day old pastries, coffee, and chocolate covered coffee beans. In a few minutes she sees the empty cup rolling across the street so she knows he drank it. When Katrina then goes to school, in the middle of an assembly, the guy walks in and says he must reward Katrina for her selflessness. Embarrassed and confused, Katrina slinks down as the teenage homeless guy scans the crowd for her ( which is very embarrassing because he is wearing a kilt). He spots her though and after school says that he can grant Katrina what she most desires. At first she thinks this dude is crazy but then she notices, with help from a coffee shop employee, that this guy is a guardian angel and really can give her what she most desires. What does Katrina wish for? Read the book to find out!

  9. MB1 says:

    I read the book The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett. It is about 3 sixth graders named Petra, Tommy, and Calder who love different kinds of art. When they find out the famous Robie House is being torn down they decide to investigate. Soon they realize that the house seems to have many coincidental patterns on the windows, and in the walls. Then suddenly, the house flops and shakes almost “like a fish”. Is the famous Robie house alive? Or are the three kids simply hallucinating? Read the book to find out!

  10. MB1 says:

    I read the book The Calder Game by Blue Balliett. It is about a boy named Calder who travels to England and sees a sculpture called The Minotaur by Alexander Calder. He seems weirdly attached to it while others have cold feelings toward it. Then, on the same day, they both DISAPPEAR! Calder’s friends take a plane toward England to search for him. Do they find him? Is he safe? Read the book to find out!

  11. MB1 says:

    I read the book Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur. It is about a girl named Aubrey who survives a car crash. Her dad and sister are killed. After the funeral her mom walks around in a daze then leaves. She doesn’t come back and soon her grandma comes to take care of Aubrey. With the help of her new friend Bridget she learns to take the memories that once haunted her before into a happy relief. Suddenly, Aubrey must make one of the biggest decisons of her life. What is it? What is her choice? Read Love, Aubrey to find out!

  12. MK12 says:

    I read the book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In this book, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy travel into the magical world of Narnia. They meet all sorts of creatures like beavers and fauns. In the end they end up fighting alongside the Great Lion, Aslan in the battle against the White Witch.;)

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