Number The Stars #2

What does it mean to be brave?  Explain, using an example(s) of someone you either know or read about who showed they were brave.  Feel free to talk about yourself if you had to be brave at one time in your life.  (no names)

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  1. JL14 says:

    What it means to be brave is for example standing up for yourself. Why I said standing up for yourself means if you’re getting bullied by another kid you should stand up for yourself and use an I message or ask them to stop. In chapter five as an example Papa was brave enough to talk to the soldier and pull out that picture of Lise and say that Ellen is Lise. To speak to a soldier you know is in the middle of taking over your land little by little takes some guts. I know to be brave is sometimes required to say “knock it off” or “stop hurting me physically or mentally.” For instance when I was in kindergarden I was outside playing during recess with my friend. It was the middle of spring and I’m allergic to a type of pollin. My friend comes over and she try’s giving me the flowers I’m allergic to. I say ” no thank you I’m allergic to those.” Next thing I know she shoves them into my nose. I thought I was going to be sick. I stood up for myself and i said,” please don’t EVER do that again” and she never did it again. She knew it was the wrong thing to do and she also realized that she was being a bully. Sometimes it pays to speak up. So what Papa did right was he spoke up for both his and Ellen’s family and he told the soldier that Ellen is Annemarie’s sister and that her name is Lise. The soldiers left the house and realized the Rosen’s weren’t hiding at the Johanson’s. Never be afraid to speek up or be brave. ;)

  2. jh7 says:

    One time in my life I had to be brave by going one a ride that no one else would go on – the big bad wolf.

  3. ST#21 says:

    When you are brave do something challenging or scary. You also have a lot of confidence when you are brave. I know a lot of brave people. It is good to be brave, I look up to people who are brave. You could be brave by doing something in front of a crowd or by doing something like going on a rollercoaster. If you have a fear you could be brave by facing your fear. My friend sang in front of a big crowd one time, before it happened she was nervous. This is what it means to be brave.

  4. JH8 says:

    Being brave means to be able to do things even if you are afraid & when you know the stakes. Annemarie’s family is brave because they hid Ellen even though they would be killed if the Nazis found out. They did everything they could to help Ellen. My brother is brave because he had to get a surgery & he was afraid but he still got it. He is also disabled.

  5. MR16 says:

    I think in order to be brave you have to be prepared to put up to anything. Ellen and Annemarie have to be prepared for anything. For example they have to be prepared for a German soldier to ask them a question or, for a soldier to check their house. I think Peter was brave to give them the illegal newspaper because he could have gotten in to really big trouble. I also think the Johansen family was brave because they took Ellen to protect her even though it could lead to a big mess. They were prepared for anything. I also think Ellen was brave to go to stay with Annemarie. She was brave to leave her parents, she was prepared for anything. I also think Ellen’s parents were brave. I think they were brave because they trusted Peter and let Ellen go.
    Overall, I think in order to be brave you have to be ready for anything and in the Rosens case you have to be able to trust.

  6. Ak13 says:

    To be brave, means to have exceptional courage, smartness, common sense, and to be kind. I know this because when I was camping with my family I wandered off, thinking I could get to the campsite faster (I was 5.) So wandered off and ran till my legs ached. I realized that I was lost. I regained composure and tried to retrace my steps. Instead of retracing my steps, I ended up in the campsite the same time my parents did. They did not even know that I had wandered off. As soon as my mom listened to what I had done she scolded me for running off, but she said I was very brave because when I got lost I didn’t cry. That is one of the times that I have been brave. :)

  7. AS20 says:

    To be brave means to have a little bit of courage and to step up and say who is boss. Well in this book Ellen was the one who was very courageous by not panicking when soldiers come near by.

  8. ap15 says:

    I think that being brave is to have a will. Without will, you will not do it. Bravery is not always will. It’s also about courage. Basically ,courage is standing up to you fears. Once, I had to stand up and tell someone that they hurt one kids feelings. The last thing that makes someone brave is determination. Determination is when someone has the strength to do something right .Just like how Annemarie is trying to save her friend from the Nazis.

  9. VW23 says:

    To me, being brave means being determined enough to go through with something even though you might be afraid to do it. One time that I was brave was when we were at the Liberty Science Center and I confronted my fear of non-natural heights by walking the I-beam. One character from the series “Protector of the Small” was being brave because she was deathly afraid of heights and she led a group of knights to be into battle at the edge of a cliff. This is what I think being brave is.

  10. MC2 says:

    Being brave is someone who is not afraid to take a chance and accomplish a challenge. My dad’s cousin is brave because he has gone to Afghanistan two times to help out with the training of soldiers. This is a very brave thing to do because he is far away from his family and it is not safe were he is staying. He has shown how brave he is by helping our country and caring for others.

  11. jj10 says:

    I think to be brave is to not be afraid. To face your fears. Someone I know faced her fear. Some people I think are brave are my parents. They do crazy things for other people. They face there fears. The protect enyone. That is why I think my parnts are brave.

  12. 18ss says:

    Being brave is standing up for what you fear. For example the other day I was scared to death of jumping of the monkey bars but with my friend’s encouragement I managed to jump off. Ellen was staying brave even though her parents are not with her.

  13. MK12 says:

    Being brave is hard, but not impossible. Some people I know have been brave. First, my uncle was brave because he had to get surgery, but he did it and he was brave. Also, my great-grandpa was brave. He was brave because he fought for our country during World War 2. He even moved from Italy to the USA to fight for the right side. As you can see, some people in this world are brave, but it’s not that easy.

  14. jc3 says:

    Being brave is a tough thing but you know you are brave when you risk your life to save others. It also means that they are not afraid and are willing to do what every it takes to protect somebody, save somebody or stand up for somebody. I think Annemarie is brave because she is protecting Ellen from the Germans and she is determine to protect her from them even if it meant death for her. That would also be that she is standing up for Ellen. I have also been brave for a friend when a bully was making fun of my friend and I stood up for my friend by telling the bully to knock it off.

  15. SS19 says:

    To be brave it means to be fearless. Some examples could be firefiighters rushing into burning buildings. One of my cousins has a friend who has a dad that works as a firefighter. I think that’s pretty cool and he must be very brave because he runs into burning buildings just to help other people. Well that’s what I think is brave

  16. RZ24 says:

    It means to be brave by doing something you are afraid of, but know it is right. I read about a kid who had to run away to find help against diphtheria, not knowing what would happen. This is a good example of bravery. She was scared to go, but she forced herself, and “succeeded”.

  17. JK11 says:

    The meaning for being brave is like fearless of nothing or even like a stone wall with nothing to feel. This is what I think that being brave means because Annemarie and Ellen were brave when the soldiers were looking for Ellen and they told them that Ellen is Lise. I was also brave when I had to tell my mom that my brother is hurting my sister so me and Annemarie are like the same.

  18. JG5 says:

    I think being brave means that you stand up for someone. You be a upstander. There’s a lot of ways to explain the word BRAVE. One time when I had to be brave was when baseball when I got hit in the lip and it was non-stop bleeding for a long time. The next time I got up with my lip throbbing I got a sacrifice grounder to the pitcher. After that I got up another time and singled to the left center gap. That is one time when I was brave in my life.

  19. CG4 says:

    I think being brave means to face your fears. When I was reading a book, a character had to escape from the palace and I think that, that was brave. I would have frozen up and not been able to move. Being brave also means standing up for yourself and others. Once, one of my friends was being beat up and I protected him by pulling the other person off of him. That friend said that my actions were really brave and they thanked me.

  20. UB1 says:

    Brave means to never give up. Once I read a book that a guy was brave. This guy was beating up a monster but he was about to die but he kept on fighting so that means he never give up. That’s what brave is to me.

  21. ns17 says:

    It means to be confident in yourself. That means that you believe in yourself and not what other people say. You do what you think is right not what other people say. One person in my family that is brave is my mom she doesn’t do what people tell her to do, she does what she thinks is right. And this is what I think brave means.

  22. nu22 says:

    When your brave you willing to do anything and to do scary things. I know lots of brave people for example my dad one thing he did brave is go to Iraq and fight in a war with little fear.I wish I could be as brave as my dad.

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