Seventh Heaven

What lesson did you learn from watching the Seventh Heaven episode? Explain by using details from the episode to support your response.

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  1. Ak13 says:

    I learned that if you dislike someone and you say something you didn’t really mean (something bad), you cannot take it back. I know this because in the movie, the 2 sisters say mean things about their brothers girlfriend and the girlfriend hears them and she dumps their brother. The sisters apologize but it doesn’t help. That is how I know that if you dislike someone and you say something you didn’t really mean (something bad), you cannot take it back.

  2. JH7 says:

    My lesson from the Seventh Heaven is that hate is a strong word and just don’t hate someone just because they are perfect and get good grades. Hate can hurt someone’s heart and don’t judge a book by its cover. Also another lesson learned is don’t judge people by what they wear.

  3. cg4 says:

    One thing I learned from watching the show, “The Seventh Heaven” was that you should not hate people for no good reason. I learned this when Miss Cargino told her story about being in a concentration camp. I also learned that it is easier to blame someone then to take responsibility yourself. This became clear when Simon was talking to his dad and his father said world war II happened because it is easier to let someone else take the blame. Lastly, I learned that you should not say things you do not mean. The way I learned this is when the littlest sister said she hated her mother.

  4. VW23 says:

    I learned from the Seventh Heaven episode that you shouldn’t say something you don’t mean, like when Ruthie said that she hated her mom when she had to scrub all of the crayon off of the walls. She didn’t really mean this, but it hurt her mom’s feelings badly. This is what I learned from The Seventh Heaven episode.

  5. JG5 says:

    What I learned in this episode of Seventh Heaven was that some people are very brave and strong to fight a serious moment. Like Simon’s next door neighbor. Also, when Ruthy, Simon’s little sister, drew on her bedroom wall her mom made her scrub it of constantly after school, when she wanted to play instead of cleaning. So Ruthy said ” I hate you”. I learned not to say something you don’t mean or think because it’s gonna hurt someone else’s feelings. Lastly, when Matt’s two sisters hated his girlfriend she overheard them in the kitchen and broke up with Matt because of that. I learned that if you don’t like someone keep it to your self. That’s what I learned from this episode of Seventh Heaven.

  6. JL14 says:

    What lesson I learned from watching Seventh Heaven is never hate someone you don’t know very well. Why I say that is in the episode the two older sisters hated the older brother’s girlfriend for no reason. His girlfriend overheard them in the kitchen saying that they hate her and they started making fun of her because she has perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect face and so on. Their mother said, ” You don’t need to make fun of her because she was blessed with these features.” Another example of hate in this episode is the younger sister colored all over the walls with crayons. Her mother told her to clean it up as a punishment. The little girl got angry at her Mom and yelled, ” I hate you!” Later in the episode the little girl realized that it was mean of her to say that to her mother and that she hurt her mother’s heart by saying that. She apoligized to her but her mom said that she accepts her apology but her heart still hurts. Lesson learned in this story is don’t judge someone without getting to know them first and don’t say something you don’t mean and think before you say it. Remember in the future these things or you can affect a relationship and hurt someone forever.

  7. 15ap says:

    The lesson is there should be no hate. Hate means disliking people. Germany thought the Jews were taking over others so they killed them. The jews though got punished for no reason. That is hate and it should be gone!

  8. MR16 says:

    The lesson I learned from the episode is: say what you mean and mean what you say. Ruthy [the little girl] say’s she hates her mother, she said that before she thought about it. Now her mother’s feelings got hurt, and sorry doesn’t fix it. The two other sisters say bad things about Matt’s girlfriend and she dumped Matt. The two older sisters hurt her feelings at Matt’s expense; sorry doesn’t fix it.

  9. ns17 says:

    I learned that what was back then was hard. I think it was hard because that Holocaust was hard for people that were Jewish because you could have to go on a train with a lot of people and go to a camp and you would have to go to the girl or boy side and the women and girls would have to go into the showers and get gased with the water or they would just plain kill them. I think if I had to go into the showers I would cry a lot! and I would also miss my brother and dad. And this is what I learned from watching Seventh Heaven.

  10. jc3 says:

    The lesson I learned was never to hate. This was the lesson I learned because when the older brother got a girlfriend his two older sisters started to hate her for no reason and when she heard what they were saying of her she dumped the older brother. Then the youngest sister said she hated her mom. She hated her mom because she made her wash the walls. Also the youngest brother had to do a project and a neighbor had numbers on her arm and she agreed after saying no to tell her story a few times. The Germans hated Jewish people because Hitler blamed everything that went wrong in Germany on the Jewish people. But that showed people Hitler hated the Jews for some reason.

  11. MK12 says:

    The lesson that I learned from the 7th Heaven episode is that hate is a strong word, and it could really hurt someones feelings. For example, in the episode, when the little girl told her mom that she hated her, the mom was shocked and hurt. Also, in the episode Matt has a new girlfriend and Matt’s sisters Mary and Lucy don’t like her just because she is pretty, and has a nice car, and gets good grades. She ends up breaking up with Matt just because Mary and Lucy hate her. My sister sometimes says that she hates me, and it hurts my feelings. The lesson I learned from the episode is that hate is a strong word, and it could really hurt someones feelings.

  12. AS20 says:

    I learned that it is not good to say hate to other people. In this case Ruthy said hate to her mother because she made her clean her picture on the wall. On the other hand Simon wanted to ask the lady about the Holocaust when she did not want to speak about with anyone because her whole family died because of it.

  13. ss18 says:

    From watching 7th heaven, I learned how much family is important to my life, because I haven’t lived without my mom or dad since I was a small girl. the woman in the show lost her parents when she was a teenager and suffered without any family and how hard it was with out a mom or dad and siblings.

  14. JJ10 says:

    I learned to always think before you say something. It can hurt someones feelings. Hate is very strong. When Ruthy said I hate you to her mom, her mom said it really hurt. And when the 2 sisters made fun of a girl, it cost someone else.

  15. MC2 says:

    I learned that by saying HATE to somebody can hurt their feelings really bad, just like when Ruthy sad she hates her mom in the episode. Also, saying sorry doesn’t always fix your problem. An example of this is in the episode when the too sisters tried to say sorry to their brothers girlfriend because they were making fun of her but she was still upset. Finally, you should always be respectful to someones privacy. I learned this when Simon went to his neighbor who was a old lady and tried to convince her to tell him about the concentration camps. That’s some lessons I learned in the episode.

  16. ST21 says:

    While I was watching the Seventh Heaven episode I learned that sorry doesn’t always take back everything. I know this because in the episode the two older sisters said that they hated their brothers girlfriend and when they tried to apologize for making fun of her she broke up with their brother anyway. Also, you should never say that you hate anyone because you can really hurt their feelings. Just like when Ruthie said she hated her mom because she made her scrub the crayon off the wall. This made her mom cry because she was so upset. Finally, you should always be respectful of everyones privacy because they might not want to share about everything. I learned this because Simon tried to get his neighbor to tell him about the numbers on her arm, which were from a concentration camp during the holocaust. But, his neighbor was sensitive about that topic. At the end Simon heard her sad story and was understanding about why she didn’t want to share that information at first. These are the lessons I learned during the Seventh Heaven episode.

  17. SS19 says:

    I learned that you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean. For example, when Ruthie said she hated her mother, she really hurt her mother’s feelings even though she didn’t mean it. Also when the sisters made fun of their brother’s girlfriend they really didn’t mean it but she still felt hurt. That’s the lesson I learned.

  18. RZ24 says:

    I learned that disliking someone for no good reason is bad, and will hurt you/a friend, like when the two older sisters hated their brother’s girlfriend. I also learned that you can never take back what was said, and sorry won’t cut it, like when the youngest sister said “I hate you”. Finally, I learned that other’s privacy is not yours to invade, like when Simon wanted to know about his neighbor’s numbers on her arm.

  19. JK11 says:

    I learned that all the Jews suffered as a Nazi prisoner even more than anything. The part that made me upset is when the women from the Nazi prison camp in the episode said that when her family died in smoke because they might have been gassed or died of hunger or got shot. So I learned don’t hate someone because of there religion they might be something important or like someone your family.

  20. ub1 says:

    I learned that the Jews were not treated good. They were put in a gas chamber and they even get burned. They had no reason to do that and when the little girl said she hates her mom the mom got upset. So the mom is like the Jews and the girl is acting like the Germans.

  21. nu22 says:

    The lessons I learned is that hate is a strong word. I learned this because of the little girl in the video she said that she hated her mom even though she didn’t and that hurt her feelings and she was very hurt. The other reason is that the jews had suffered horrible in the camps.

  22. JH8 says:

    I learned that I shouldn’t say things that I don’t mean. Also, I shouldn’t interrogate people who don’t want to talk about things. The littlest girl told her mom that she hated her even thought she didn’t. The mom got really sad after that. Simon wanted the old woman to talk about the Holocaust. The 2 older sisters hated there brother’s girlfriend just because she was perfect. This was what I learned.

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