Number the Stars #3

What was your opinion of the this book? Did you like or dislike it? What was your favorite part? Use examples from the story.

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  1. AS20 says:

    My opinion for this book is that its a really good story and I loved it. I liked this book a lot I always wanted to keep on reading. My favorite part was when the German soldiers came to Annemarie’s house. I liked that part because it was very intense and you just wanted to keep on reading. It was intense because Annemarie ripped the necklace of off Annemarie’s neck which was very intense.

  2. Ak13 says:

    I sort of liked this book. My favorite part in this book was when Annemarie took the handkerchief to uncle Henrik because you wouldnot know if something happened to Annemarie till after you read that part. That was my favorite part and why it was my favorite part.:)

  3. cg4 says:

    My opinion of the book was that it was interesting. I liked the book because it was funny some of the time, like when Annemarie made the joke about the butter. Another example is when Henrick learned that the Nazis’ dogs had eaten his bread , he said. “I hope that they choke on it”. My next example is when Kirstin named the kitten Thor, the god of thunder. The last example is when thr kitten “Thor” fell into the milk pail.

  4. VW23 says:

    I thought that this book was really interesting, and I liked it a lot. (Even on my second time reading it!) My favorite part of the book was when Annemarie took the handkercheif to Uncle Henrik and he said “You say they took my bread? I hope they choke on it.” This was my favorite part because it is one of the only times when a character actually laughs and makes a joke.

  5. JL14 says:

    My opinion of the book Number The Stars is I loved it and I think it is a great book. I think this book was both funny and it was like a cliff hanger were at the end of each chapter you just want to keep reading. My favorite part must have been when Kirsti named the cat Thor to stand for the God of Thunder. When Kirsti announced his name Mama made a joke and she said,” The God of Thunder just made a rain shower in the corner of the room.” I thought that was very funny because The God of Thunder is a god that controls thunder and her saying he just made a rain shower in the corner means that he just went to the bathroom in the corner of the room. I think this book should be read by kids ages 10 to 12 because this book can be very humorous but it is also very sad in many parts of the story. An example of it being very sad was at the last chapter it said that Peter was captured by the Nazi’s and was killed because he was in the Resistance. That part was very sad and I had no clue that that was going to happen to Peter in any parts of the story. I also think that the author Lois Lowry made a very clear fictional story about her friend Annelise and what happened to her during the time period that Annemarie was in and the situation that she was in. The story seamed very, very realistic. This story was also a very big cliff hanger. Why I would think this is because at the end of each chapter they would finish a paragraph and it would be the end of the chapter. At the end of every single chapter I would want to read on and I would want to know what comes next. An example would be at the end of chapter 12 I really wanted to know what happened to Mama and how because it said, ‘The shape moved. And she knew. It was her mother, lying on the earth.’ That was the biggest cliff hanger in the book and I was very eager to find out what would happen next to Annemarie and Mama. This book was one of the best books I have ever read ever because it was funny, mysterious, and heart breaking. I hope in the future others will read this fantastic book!

  6. MC2 says:

    My opinion of this book is that it was very interesting. The book was sad and keep you wanting to read more so you could find out what happened next. It was interesting to learn about what life was like during the Holocaust. It amazed me how much a young girl who was not even jewish would sacrifice and do so much for her best friend. It shows you what a true friendship is really like.

    My favorite part was when Annemarie hid Ellen’s Star of David necklace and how her parents pretended that she was her daughter. This all happened in the beginning of the story when Ellen, Annemarie, and Kirsty are running home to their apartment. On the way there they ran into two Nazi soliders and the two Nazi soliders asked questions about them. After that they went home and told their parents about the soliders. The next day at night time the two Nazi soliders came and searched the house and Annemarie pulled the Star of David off of Ellens neck and squeezed the necklace in her hand so hard it made an imprint in her hand. Protecting Ellen was the families goal and they did there best to accomplish this. Once again, this book has shown me so many ways to be brave and the meaning of the word friendship.

  7. MK12 says:

    My opinion of the book is that it always had you wondering what would happen next. For example, at the end of each chapter there was a cliff-hanger. Also, in the chapter where we found out that in the important package was a handkerchief, I was wondering why the handkerchief was so important. Overall, I liked the book. Some certain parts I didn’t like, like hearing about Lise’s and Peter’s deaths. My favorite part was when Kirsti pouted about her new shoes and how they were made out of fish. It kind of reminded me of my sister who can be extremely stubborn.

  8. jc3 says:

    My opinion of the bok is that it didn’t have a lot of action. It didn’t have any action because they made close calls like when Annemarie was stopped by the Germans. I dislike this book because it needed more action, but had too much talking and close calls. My favorite part of the book was when the Rosen’s were safe because after all those close calls they finally made it to freedom from the Germans.

  9. ns17 says:

    My opinion is that the book is heart warming. I think its heart warming because its all about how people will risk there lives for other people. For example in the book at the end Peter dies. He dies because he was trying to take the Rosens to a safe place. I personaly like this book. My favorite part in this book is when Annemarie goes into the woods and acts nothing but a silly little girl. She acts like she knows nothing just like Kirsti.

  10. ST21 says:

    I thought this book was very interesting because at the end of every chapter it left you with a cliff hanger that you wanted to know the answer to. I liked this book a lot. My favorite part of this book is when the soldiers come into Uncle Henrik’s house and see the coffin in the middle of the room. When this happens they ask who died and the answer they gave them was that it was their Great Aunt Birte. The soldiers were curious why the coffin was not open then they got another fake answer that she had a disease and the germs would be in the air. After hearing that the soldiers had said never mind they didn’t want them to open the coffin. This was my favorite part because if the soldiers had opened the lid on the coffin they would figure out they were lying.

  11. MR16 says:

    My opinion of the book was that it was very suspenseful. I think it was very suspenseful because you always are wanting to know what’s going to happen next. Like when Annemarie had to deliver the secret package to Henrik you wondered what was in the packet and what she was going go do if she gets stopped by soilders. In my opinion I liked the book because it had you at the edge of your seat. My favirote part was when Ellen, Annemarie and Kirsti ran to the nazi soldier at the corner of the street and Kirsti yelled at them. I liked this part because the soldiers were like lamposts to Kirsti and she didn’t know how dangerous they were but, it was also really funny.

  12. ap15 says:

    The book is good. It has a lot of action.Chapter 5,10 and 15 were the most action-filled.Others were a bit dragging.My favorite part was chapter 5. In this chapter, the Nazis stormed in to the house looking for Jews.As I was reading the scene ,i was worried and it kept me engaged in the story .The book was mature and realistic.I would give it a 4.5 .

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