Women in History – Part 3

Rachel Carson helped start the plan to help the environment.

If you could talk with her today, what would you tell her about how you help the environment? How about how your school helps the environment?
What improvements do we need to make?

5 Responses to “Women in History – Part 3”

  1. 11 says:

    I would say i think we should walk places or ride our bikes rather then go in a car. If we had to drive we could car pool. i would say i help the enviorment by planting trees and not use cars if i could walk their. The improvements we could make is we could every moth our towns pick up garbage and then their would be less litter. And that is what i would i say.

  2. Walking to more places is a great idea! Also, I agree that we need to plant more trees. Great response with many solid ideas!

  3. 9 says:

    I would tell her that I recycle and I would tell her that our school has 2 compost bins in the courtyard. That is what I would tell Rachel Carson.

  4. 15 says:

    If I could talk to Rachel Carson I would introduce myself. Then, I would tell her that in school and at home I recycle. Next, I would tell her that sometimes the fourth grade classes compost. Last, I would tell her that there still is alot of pollution. Finally, I would say goodbye and thank you.

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