Women of the Century

You just read the Time For Kids article about important women of the past century.

Select one woman, and explain why you think she is important. What did you learn from her?

40 Responses to “Women of the Century”

  1. 19 says:

    I think Rosa Parks because she would not give up her seat to a white person. She went to jail just because she would not give up her seat to a white person. It’s very sad. Back then the whites and the blacks where split up. Martin Luther King had to stop seeing his best friend just because he was white. That’s why I did Rosa Parks :)

  2. 11 says:

    I am picking Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a brave woman. I know this by she was on the bus and a white man wanted her seat and she did not give up her seat. I think that was brave because back then it was the law and she broke it. i think she knew she would go to jail. Without Rosa Parks blacks might still be having to give up their seats on the bus. :(

  3. 9 says:

    I think that Mother Teresa is a very important. I think this because she helped a lot of poor people in India. I learned that she got a nobel peace prize.

  4. 8 says:

    Rosa Parks is important because she boycotted a white person. She also is a person who kind of helped Martin Luther King.She didn’t give up her seat to a white person so that is what started boycotts around the south. That is why Rosa Parks is so important. Also she has done a lot to start up and help Martin Luther King do these civil rights. Rosa Parks is the Mother Of Civil Rights.

  5. 25 says:

    I am doing Rosa Parks because she was a big part of the civil rights movement and she started the bus boycott because she refused to give her seat to a white man and was taken to jail so then the people stopped taking the bus and then the bus company said that they could sit anywhere they wanted to because the bus company was running out of business.

  6. 18 says:

    I liked Rosa Parks because one she wouldn’t let people force her to do something.Two because she caring and loving.Lastly, because stood up for herself. If I ever saw someone who had to give up their seat for a white person I would be an upstander. That’s why I liked Rosa Parks.

  7. 3 says:

    I like Rosa Parks because she started the boycot and I would have never met some of my friends now like for example fire drill #18! She is truthfully my idol! She is the best person in the world ever known to man! She standed up for herself but still got thrown into jail! She did not deserve that kind of disrespect!!! She deserved to be able to sit were she wanted to! She was a really nice and important person!!! She is so so so nice!!! :)

  8. 11 says:

    we did the same person, and we only had one reason that was the same.

  9. 18 says:

    I totally agree with you I did the same person.(smile)

  10. 17 says:

    my favorite lady is Rosa Parks.first, because she started the civil rights movement.next, because she did not believe that war is necesssary. she also said”The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” that is why i think rosa parks is one of the best top ten women of the cencury

  11. 15 says:

    The women I picked was Hillary Clinton. First, I think she is important because she ran for president, but she failed. At least she tried. In addition, she was a U.S. senator for New York. Lastly, she became Secretary of State in 2009. In conclusion, these are the reasons why I think Hillary Clinton is important.

  12. 25 says:

    hey number 11 I like the way you proved that Rosa parks was brave.I did Rosa Parks also

  13. 18 says:

    Wow so many people are doing Rosa Parks isn’t that great.(smile)

  14. 23 says:

    i think Rosa Parks is very important because if she didn’t kick off the civil rights protest, we would not have black-skinned people in my class!!! also she was “The Mother Of Civil Rights”. she is mostly known for not giving up her seat for a white man, and got thrown in jail. :( this is why i think Rosa is very important. :)

  15. 3 says:

    I toatally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. 18 says:

    Its very interesting that you did Mother Teresa, because all the people I saw did Rosa Parks.(smile)

  17. 17 says:

    I like your choice because Mother Teresa was very important;).

  18. 14 says:

    The woman I chose to talk about is Marie Curie. Marie Curie was a doctor in science. She made many medicine’s. Marie Curie won two Nobel prizes in both Physics and in Chemistry.Marie Curie discovered that some types of metal give off energy called radiation. In the end her research lead to new medical treatments and weapons. Marie Curie reminds me of me because I love doing research on anything and later in life I would love to discover something brand new in space. In conclusion, this is why I think Marie Curie is important and interesting to learn about!

    -fire drill #14

  19. 18 says:

    Wow I so agree with you(smile)

  20. 5 says:

    I think that Rosa Parks is important ,first of all she is the mother of civil rights. Next she said that other people cant give up their seats for that person.Fianaly I learn that everbody cant give up their seats .And I remberd when I was playing a game and I broke the ‘law’. In conclusion I think that Rosa Parks is important.

  21. 24 says:

    I chose Jane Addams. One reason why I picked Jane is because she helped the poor. Another reason why I chose Jane is because she cared for others who was sad. Lastly she tried to make peace to her neighborhood, like I do some times, but I just recycle and not make peace to my neighborhood. :( This is all the reasons why I picked Jane Addams.

  22. 17 says:


  23. 22 says:

    One important woman that was in the Times For Kids is Rosa Parks. I think she was important because she stood up to the white person that said to move but she did not. In addition, she also stood up for herself and was trying to make a point. But she went to jail for doing that.:( Lastly, she made a difference to the blacks. I remember when I stood up to my brother when he tried to take my D.S. This is why I think Rosa Parks was important.

  24. 4 says:

    I’m picking Oprah Winfrey.First, she has her own T.V. show.Plus,she had many obstacles in her childhood.In conclusion,she is an entertainment star, an author, and a businesswomen.That’s why I chose Oprah Winfrey. :)

  25. 19 says:

    i agree with you number 11 :)

  26. 12 says:

    I think Mother Teresa is very important. Because first of all, she helped poor kids in India. Secondly, she helped them get food. Lastly, she got clothes for poor kids. Those are all the reasons I think Mother Teresa is important :)

  27. 18 says:

    Wow I’m glad you picked Jane Addams! :)

  28. 24 says:

    I agree too!!! ;)

  29. 14 says:

    I agree with #3 because I do believe Rosa Parks is a great person. I loved how you made a connection to present time. You did a good job describing why Rosa Parks was a great person.

    -fire drill #14

  30. 24 says:

    I agree #4 !

  31. 23 says:

    you are one of the first ones who didn’t do rosa parks, #14

  32. I agree with you. She definitely helped others very much. She was so unselfish! :)

  33. 24 says:

    Yeah number 18 so many people are doing Rosa Parks today! ;)

  34. 24 says:

    Good job number 12! ;)

  35. 15 says:

    Dear 14,

    I think that it is awesome that Marie Curie reminds you of you. She sounds like a very cool and important person.

  36. 22 says:

    I also chose Jane Addams. First, Jane helped the poor. Secondly, she cared for people who was sad. Lastly, she tried to bring peace. I sometimes try to bring peace. This is why I think Jane Addams i important. :)

  37. 18 says:

    I totally agree with #12 and #24 :)

  38. 13 says:

    One important person is Rosa Parks.First,she started the bus boycott in Montgomery. Second,she demonstrated the power of peaceful protest. Lastly, she kicked off the civil rights movement. That is why Rosa Parks is important.

  39. 13 says:

    I did the same person!

  40. 22 says:

    I also agree. First, I think she is important is she ran for president. Secondly, she was a U.S senator for New York. Lastly, she was a secretary of State in 2009.This is why I think she was important.

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