Blue Whales

  1. Read the information about the blue whales.
  2. Next, answer this question in open-ended format:
  3. Are blue whales unique creatures? Why/Why not?


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  1. 23 says:

    yes, blue whales are unique. they make “songs”, they are very large but they only eat krill, and finally because they are still trying to find out why they make their “songs”. this is why i think blue whales are unique.

  2. I agree with you that blue whales are unique. I find it so amazing that they only eat krill, yet they are HUGE! :)

  3. 1 says:

    The blue whales are a very interesting creature because, they have this cool call called call a that sounds like a drum beat. Then, there is this other call called call b that is like a low moan. Second, because they are the largest creatures in the world and that is pretty awesome. Third, another reason they are cool is because their scientific name is balaenoptera musculus. In conclusion, these are the reasons why blue whales are so interesting!

  4. You shared many details to prove your answer! Great job! :)

  5. 15 says:

    Yes, blue whales are unique. First of all, they’re the biggest mammal on earth. I would not want to get in the way of one of them. They can weigh about 200 tons! The blue whale’s heart alone weighs about as much as a small car! It’s tongue can weigh 2-3 tons! In addition, blue whales almost became extinct! In 1930-1931 alone, whalers killed almost 30,000 blue whales! That’s alot of whales. Lastly, blue whales eat krill. Krill is a small shrimp-like animal. For a huge animal like a blue whale, krill must be really tiny. Why does such a gigantic animal like the blue whale eat such a small animal? I don’t know. That’s what makes it so interesting! In conclusion, blue whales are outstandingly unique creatures.

  6. 14 says:

    Yes, blue whales are unique creatures because they are the largest animal to ever be on earth, there are only a few thousand left, and sometimes they swim by the equator.
    First blue whales are the largest animal ever to be on earth because when their born they are two tons. Next, they grow a lot there living their first year. Last, they are very big the moment their born.
    There are only a few thousand left because in the 1930′s a lot of fisherman “needed” blubber so they went and killed thousands of blue whales.
    They swim by the equator during the winter because the water is so cold where they swim.
    This is why blue whales are unique!

    -fire drill #14

  7. 12 says:

    Yes, they are very unique because firstly, their tongue is almost a ton secondly, their blow holes can almost blow up to 31 feet high, lastly, their heart weighs as much as a small CAR. Those are all the reasons why blue whales are unique :)

  8. Excellent response #15 ! :)

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