Expedition Everest By: Jasmin

“ COME ON HURRY UP WE HAVE TO GET ON THE RIDE BEFORE THE FAST PASS TIMING GOES AWAY!’’ screamed my mom. I ran to the station as fast as a tiger. I stared at the great mountain ride expedition everst pale white. Looking around I walked slowly through the line and got in. I told, “Bricks and sticks can never solve problems. I felt like I was going to throw up. Harmit my brother was killing to get in the ride I could see from his grin. The ride approached. I could feel my face turning red. I thought in my mind  “GOD SAVE ME FROM THIS HIGH, GIGANTIC, FURRY, COLD MOUNTAIN”. I sat down on the second last seat with my mom. I saw with my own eyes there was just some soft spongy belt. I thought “ONLY A SOFT SPONGEY BELT ON A MOUNTAIN RIDE!” It moved with a blast! I told this has sharp turns as it turned. It went up. I felt like I had a big stomach ach. It was going so high as if I’m gona reach the clouds. Suddenly … IT APPROACHED THE TOP! My heart TUMPT, TUMPT ,TUMPT.  It went down smooth as if I’m going ice-skating and we turned. I told, “I thought it was going straight down”. Then it went fast into a dark cave. I screamed, AHHHHHHHHH!’’ I could hear Harmit scream AHHHH on the back seat. We went zig zagging somewhere or another. We stopped with a blast at broken track. TIKH RUMM we went backwards with a blast! My heart stopped pounding, my face was as white as clouds, and there was a huge giant smile on my face. Everybody saw a giant scary gorilla image in a dark dark dark cave. Suddenly it went as fast as a cheetah backwards. I felt a cloud of air toward me. It stopped and went ahead faster. We came out into a giant fireball shinning toward us. The gigantic station arrived. We got out. I jumped up and down laughing in the station. I told, “ If you’re scared of something try it”.

3 Responses to “Expedition Everest By: Jasmin”

  1. Tia says:

    I love your story Jasmine! I can see how much you really wanted to go on expedition everest. It sounds like you had lots of fun on the ride. know I feel like going on the ride. :)

  2. Harinder says:

    Hi Jasmin,
    Very nice story and you have put your expressions in it. Keep it up, Great Job!.


  3. bcbn9 says:

    That is such an amazing story!

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