Sawyer By:Holly

Ring ring! I shot out of my seat and ran as fast as a lightning bolt to the closet .I grabbed my backpack and ripped it of the hanger and ran through the closet door .No one was in a rush like me! I pulled my backpack on my back and rushed in the line.‘‘I am so exited’’ I screeched! My mind was racing! I wonder what his face looks like! I wonder what kind of dog is he? I wonder how small is he? “ I hope you have fun with your dog’’ my teacher (Miss Black) said. “Me to’’ I said cheerfully! I pranced in the hall. I could not wait! We finally reached the schools front door. I stared at the ceiling still wondering about that dog. “ Hi five’’ Miss Black said. I jumped and hi fived Miss Black and leaped out of the line. I ran to my brother (Joseph). Joseph and me smiled as we did are secret handshake. “Sawyer’’ Joe cried in his weird voice. “Wow this is going to be great’’ I yelled as I sat down. Joe and me waited on the bench for a very long time that there was nothing to do but to just talk about Sawyer. “ What do you think he is going to react like’’ my brother asked. “ Happy’’ I cried. “ I think he is going to be scared’’ my brother predicted. “Naw’’ I said. My mom appeared on the street approaching us. “ Yeah’’ we screeched and we ran to our mom. I put my arms around my mom and squeezed her. “ Did you bring him’’ I screeched. “No he is at home with dad and Jessica and he is still recovering over the ride home’’ she whispered. “Aw man’’ I snapped. “Well if you want to see him we have to get home first’’ she said. “ Joe then lets run to the car’’ I screamed! Joe and me picked up are spread and ran out of sight to the car. Me and Joe flung open the door and pulled are selves in. “ I sit in the front seat’’ Joe screamed as he pulled himself into the front. I pulled myself into the back. Who cares who sits in the front I am to excited to fight I said in my mind. Click our seat belts snapped. My mom flung the front door open and jumped inside. Vroom vroom the car engine roared as we drove away from the school. “Please hurray’’. “Drive faster’’ I screeched. The car turned and twisted all the way to are house. “I can’t wait to see his cute face’’ I screamed. I pushed the button to the activated door. And Joe had to just push the front door open. My door went as slow as a turtle can walk! But finally the door was open! I jumped out of the car and ran to our front door. “ Open the door’’ I screeched. My dad came to the door. “How was school’’ my dad said. “Great, now can we see the dog’’ I said. “Yes’’ my dad said politely. My dad brought me to the living room to see the dog. I stared around the living room to see were he was. And there was his tiny peeking at me from under the doggy pillow! “ He is so cute’’ I screamed! I hugged him to his dear heart. His paws were small! His tail wiggled! He was round and his whole body was tiny! But there was1 problem! His face looked scared! Joe was right! “It’s o.k.’’ I assured him. Jessica walked in to the room. “Isn’t he cute’’ Jessica said. “ yeah’’ I said staring at him in the eyes. Jessica and me started a conversation. When we were talking are whole family came into the room and they came into the conversation too. “So what do you think of the puppy’’ my mom asked? “He is great’’ I screamed. “I like him to’’ she said. So we talked and talked about the dog. I love him and he loves me! And I hope lives forever and ever! He is the best dog in the world. I am so happy to have sawyer in my life.

5 Responses to “Sawyer By:Holly”

  1. Rishi says:

    Beautiful story Holly! From what you describe I can now relate to how Ira feels when she tells me that she wants a dog … Maybe your story inspire me soon to get her a dog as well!
    Lots of love to sawyer and hope you have loads of fun and also take good care of him!

  2. Tia says:

    Great Job Holly! You really showed that you were excited to get a new dog. I think you did a great job with your story because you chose good words.

  3. bcbn6 says:

    now i really want a dog

  4. bcbn21 says:

    nice story holly you showed you were happy to get a dog nice job showing that

  5. bcbn9 says:

    You really do like do like Sawyer alot! You talk about him all the time in school! :)

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