Sister Trouble By: Mahek

“Mom” I screamed while I bolted to my room. I spotted my sister muskan for short I alwase call her Musa. “Musa” I screamed I thought for a moment my head would just turn red and explode. But then I got a lilttle better. Hey brat what are you doing with my new I phone its brand new I explained to everyone one in the house paws off so why do you think that I am going to let you use it I exclaimed with a jug full of attitude. Well musa screamed like there was no tomorrow. Before you know it I swinged the Iphone off her fingertips. I am never going to let you use this today tomorrow or any other day I announced .It was quiet for a minute or 2 then I bolted out of the room like a rocket or how fast my legs could possibly take me. Before I went I spotted a great big look on Musa’s face. Her head was red like the reddest tomato known to the world. Her eyes were so twichey that I couldn’t tell if she was passing out or mad. Then I ran out of the room as fast as my two legs could take me. NO SOUND NOT EVEN A PEEP IN THE QUIET ROOM. After I put a lock just in case that happens again. I thought maybe I was being harsh on my sister Musa. She could have asked me maybe I would say no but then after a minute I would feel gulty and give it to her I thought.she did the crime so she’s doing the time I mumbled to my self.  It was getting late almost 7:00. Now all I could hope for was NOBODY TOLD MY DAD. If you want to mess with anybody in the hole wide wold it better not be my dad. H! I shouted tick tick tick I think that was the sound of my blood pressure going high again. My dad took a step in usually he comes in happy his face filled with a creepy smile but today well couldn’t tell what exactly mood he was in he had no mood today. We had dinner no laghter NO NOTHING.


When I started putting the covers from my bed I spotted a wiered looking face .HE had forest green skin piercing blue eyes like musa does before I can say or even think anything else. BOOOOOOOOOOO! Musa yelled at the top of her lungs ahhhhhhhhhhh! I SCEAMEAED louder than Musa. Finally I stopped yelling and took a deep breath and just felt like lapping meatloaf right across her perfect but evil face .I thought for a moment my head would just burst! BUT about an hour two hours later I leaned over gave her a big kiss and explained that we should never ever get in to a fight ever again. It was just a stupid little phone I think my family is more important. Right after that Musa and I learned to get along and not always fight. That phone must seem cool but I think that muse and me could share it but my dad eventually found out about the little problem. He didn’t take any action because it was too late and plus we worked out our problem .I am glad that muse and I don’t fight always it was my first fighting with my sister Musa.

3 Responses to “Sister Trouble By: Mahek”

  1. Tia says:

    Great Job Mahek! I like your word choice alot like when you said your sisters face was as red as a tomato. I enjoyed your story alot. I hope you and your sister and you don’t fight again. I know what it feels like when you fight with sisters.I fight with my sister to and we always end up forgetting about it.

  2. Preeti(Ira's mom) says:

    i enjoyed your story Mahek. You used comparisons”red like a reddest tomato”, described your thought well. I am sure you are a good sister to Musa and I am very glad that you and Musa found a way to patch up. Good story:)

  3. bcbn9 says:

    Wow Mahek it seems now you have a good relationship with your sister. Way to go, while I still have a problem…

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