Cats may be weird when you first want to get them, but they might become your favorite pet! Cats are my favorite pet because their very cute, cuddly, and very playful.


So here are few reasons why their playful .I love when cats come to your bed at night and they play with your feet! It’s also cute to watch, and you will want to play too! But after a bit you will fall back asleep and it will feel like a massage! Enjoy. Cats will also, sometimes play with each other. Well kittens play with each other more than adults! But sometimes adults will! They will take their claws and hit each other in a playful way! And sometimes jump on each other .Now here is a playful story of my cat playing. “Hmm, what do you want to play,’’ I asked my brother going threw the toy bins. “I don’t’’- my brother started but I finished his sentence. “A plastic airplane, I forgot about this,’’ I screamed. Joe (my brother) sat down with a confused face on. “Lets see if it works,’’ I explained. Zoom! The airplane soared through the air. “Meow,’’ my cat (Jilly) screamed diving for the airplane. Boom! It hit the floor with a smack! Jilly grabbed it with her mouth and bit into it. “Were going down,’’ my brother screamed with laughter. She ripped the back off. I’ll never forget the plastic airplane.


Their very cute so I can’t say all the reasons but here are a few. Every cat has something special. They can have big ears to hear a lot of stuff, they could have a good nose .To smell a lot of stuff, and maybe make moves to show you they want something! If cats were not special there will be no cats! That’s how important it is for cats to have a talent! Here is a cute story you may want to here about one of my cats! Nibble! Nibble! Crunch! Crunch! “Aww, look at him mom,’’ I whispered to my mom that was feeding the other cats. “Good, finally their eating the cat nipp,’’ my mom sighed staring at the cat already half way through the cat nipp. My mom looked back to what she was doing. My cat stopped eating the cat nipp and laid his head in it. Then he closed his eyes. “OMG, mom take a look at this,’’ I whisper-screamed to my mother. She took another peek. “Aww,’’ my mom whispered staring at the snoring cat. She even stopped feeding the other cats! I will never forget that moment. The last thing is if you pick a cat up from an animal shelter, they will most likely fall in love with you and rub against your feet. And they might do it every day! They will just come to you (with cute eyes) then they will love you and rub against your legs.


All right you heard all the cute and playful things about cats but now the last thing will be about being cuddly cats! I love when cats come up to you and just lay with you! I love it because it makes me comfortable and warm at the same time! Your cat will enjoy it too! You will enjoy the warmth of your cats love and the cats fur! And sometimes cats are so comfortable they might even purr for you! Another reason is when their cuddly is when at night they walk in purring and they lay next to you! It makes you want to use them as a pillow! They will fall asleep on you and you will fall asleep too! The last thing is when you are board and don’t want to travel up stairs because your to lazy! Well you can travel to your cat and lay down with it! You might fall asleep in seconds! Or you will just enjoy and keep cuddling with your cat.


When I’m choosing a pet a cat is my first choice! They will be like I said cute, cuddly, and last but not least playful! A cat will probably become your favorite pet too!

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