Delicious Cold Stone By: Teja

I opened my window and the sun shines in my eyes, all I can think of on this beautiful day is Cold Stone’s treats. The smoothies, cakes, shakes, ice cream, toppings and cones makes it’s the best place.


When I entered the Cold Stone and I felt like I was in a whole new world. They asked me what flavor I want, I was so confused what to choose, so I tried cookies and cream. I tasted it and it was delicious! When you hear Vanilla you think of ice cream. Some people hate vanilla but at Cold Stone’s creamy you will like it even more than you hate it. Also another flavor is chocolate. Chocolate is usually plain but at Cold Stone they add Chocolate chips. They ask you what chocolate chips you wants Hershey or Recesses.


One reason Cold Stone is my favorite place to eat treats is because they have many toppings and different cones. One popular topping is strawberry, when you go to somewhere to get ice cream and they ask you what topping you want, and let’s say you choose strawberry as your topping they put your ice cream in a cup or cone and they only top it, but at Cold Stone they mix it in to your ice cream and in (almost) every bite you get a strawberry piece. Another topping is coconut. The coconut at Cold Stone is cut into really small pieces and they mix it and they put it in a cup or a cone, finally they add some more coconut pieces on the top to decorate. Cold Stone has amazing waffle cones. The waffle cone holds as much as the cups hold. The sizes for the cones are small, medium, and large. The cones have the usual names but the cup names are not what you hear every day? Like small is “like it”, medium is “love it” and the large is “Got to have it!”


Cold Stones delicious smoothies are the best. The smoothies don’t have regular names but they taste amazing. I will name some flavors Berry Lemony, Strawberry Bannaza and Man-go Bananas. This sound weird but they taste amazing. You have to try Cold Stones cake, once you have a bite you feel like having more. I suggest Midnight Delight, Strawberry Passion, and Peanut Butter Playground. You have not tried until you tasted a Cold Stone shake. If you got a small you wish you got a medium or even a large! Cold Stone has one of a kind combination; some flavors are Cake’n Shake, Oh Fudge, Savory Strawberry, Very Vanilla, etc.


My favorite place to eat treats is at Cold Stone. You can find toppings and cones. You can even add up to 3 flavors. You will never believe that Cold Stone has smoothies, cakes, and shakes make it the best place. Don’t forget to try cookies and cream. I asked my dad if we could come here every day and you will never believe what he said! He said YES!.

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