I Hate the Philadelphia Eagles By: Owen

I hate the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Eagles hate me. The Eagles are very weak. Their players are not good. So sit back to why I hate the Philadelphia Eagles.


I hate the Philadelphia Eagles because I like the New York Giants. The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants are rivals. The Giants are way better of course. The Giants lead the Eagles in all time wins. Also, the Eagles started the rival in the 1900’s. It is almost 50 years old! The Eagled were never better than the Giants and always want to get revenge. The Eagles always try to hurt the Giants. They think they are so good, when there’re not. The Giants hate the Eagles. The Eagles hate the Giants.


The Philadelphia Eagles play poorly because they went 4-12 this season. That means they won 4 games out of sixteen and lost 12 out of sixteen. That is kind of sad… for an Eagles fan! Now would you say that is poor playing? I would. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won as super bowl. They haven’t even been in the playoffs since 2010. That is pretty sad… oh wait no it’s not! That is anther way the Eagles play poorly.


I hate the Philadelphia Eagles because they have Deshan Jackson. Deshan Jackson hates the Giants and we hate him. He hurts the Giants and plays really hard just because he hates us but we have something he doesn’t a super bowl ring. I don’t like Deshan Jackson because he is on the Eagles. He talks trash about the Giants. I’m not the only one that thinks he is garbage; every one in my class that knows who he is doesn’t like him but one. “Dodge going to that glove because of fumbled snaps. Dodge punts it away; it is a line drive kick up the middle right to Jackson… Jackson gets it… DROPS IT and scoops it up. Jackson… BREACKS AWAY TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! NO TIME LEFT. THE EAGLES ARE SENDING THE GIANTS HOME! WOW WHAT A PLAY! That is what I hear after Deshan Jackson just returned a punt for a touchdown winning the game and ultimately giving them playoff birth and sending the Giants home. That is why I do not like Deshan Jackson.


So, after all that if you did, do you still like the Eagles? I sure don’t since I like the New York Giants, Deshan Jackson stinks and the Eagles play poorly. You shouldn’t like the Eagles because you probably wont be happy with the Eagles loosing every game in the season.

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