I had finished editing my story for school, and now we could type it! I sat at the computer my hands full of energy to punch, those, keys! My fingers were twitching with excitement and my face had a smile from ear to ear. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for, the first time I get to type! I thought. Suddenly CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! My fingers were on fire, they would not stop typing. It was fun; it almost felt like that game where you have to hit the animals that pop out of some holes with that big, black, block. The computer is an amazing tool to have! I love typing because there are cool tools on the computer for when you type, your hand doesn’t hurt like it does when you write your story, and the drafts are neat with no messy handwriting on them.


One reason I like typing is because there are really cool and fancy tools on the computer. One of the tools is the font. The font is a wonderful tool to have. It changes how your writing looks instead of the boring, old, regular, type that is very common. The font makes your writing more creative, neat, and more beautiful that people are attracted to your story, and end up reading it. Another tool is the colors you can pick, to make your writing (the words) colorful. You can make anything colorful, like from a word to a sentence to a paragraph to the whole story a different or any color! Or you can even make it your very own color! People will absolutely give you comments on you writing. A++ in creativity, your grade will be. My favorite tool is spell check, truly a life saver. Instead of you having to correct your mistakes it corrects them for you, saving you energy and time for other activities. I took a survey in my class on if they like using the tools on the computer when they type. Everyone said yes!


My second reason I like to type is that my hands hurt and sweat when I write my stories. When you are at the computer going to type, as you push the keys on the keyboard your fingers will get faster as you get used to it in 30 seconds. So your story, report, essay, or personal narrative gets done quicker. When you write your hands sweat, hurt, ache and you want to stop writing. But when you type, typing will not make your hands sweat, for its fun to type. I for one love to type and push the keys, it is so fun when you fingers just bounce on the keys. Also, as always my story is printed out faster because typing is so fun, I type faster. Also when I sit at the computer I feel comfortable sitting there and not when I write at a desk, where I feel bored sitting all day. It feels nice to be with a computer then a rickety old paper. We use paper and worksheets all day. After you want to use something else and you get comfortable with technology. I know lots of kids whose hands hurt after they write. This is a time when I wrote so much that my hand became… read the mini story to find out.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Scratch! Scratch! It was writing time at school and we were writing our personal narrative stories. My mind was blank and today I was bored out of my skin. Time passed very slowly as if it was only going to move if I write my personal narrative. “Ugh! When will writing be over.” I thought. Suddenly an idea popped in my head for my personal narrative. Scratch! Scratch! My pencil made as I wrote my narrative like crazy. Riiiiing! The bell rang for recess. I put my writing away but, when I reached to put away my pencil I could not feel my pencil. MY HAND WAS NUMB!!! After banging my hand on my desk, it became its self again. But my hand started aching because I banged it on my desk and because I wrote a lot. “This was not a good day as I hoped it would be.” I grumbled and went to recess. I never want my hand to be numb again, so I recommend typing.

My last reason I don’t like writing is because I have messy handwriting that some people can’t read or don’t like. Has your pencil ever broke or got dull? Well mine have, so I type. When you type you don’t need a pencil of course. Pencils break and then you have to keep sharpening them. When they get dull your handwriting gets a bit messy, I know mine does. But computers have a font of their own thaT doesn’t look messy or bad. When you make a mistake in your writing you erase it. But then your paper gets messy and sometimes it rips or has a hole in it. Sometimes your writing will fade from the paper you used making it look shabby and so messy. When you type you can fix your mistakes with no erasing. Your story doesn’t fade on the computer. If you’re not satisfied you can make the font bolder. I write long stories, some people do to. After writing you have to keep track of all those drafts. Even if you write short stories your papers can get a bit crumpled. With a computer you can save you story and go back again the next day to your story instead of looking for your papers. When you print out your story your story comes out in clean, clear, drafts.

Want to make your story creative? Want to make it neat? I always pick typing any report, essay, story, anything. The computer can type but it has more things up its sleeve. It has tools where you can make your writing creative that people are attracted to it. When you type it’s so fun to push those keys. Clean clear drafts fresh from the printer that you typed is what I would call an awesome story! It’s like an all you can eat buffet; lots of tools and cool options in one machine. I total recommend typing for anyone who likes to write stories. I LOVE TYPING!!!

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