Las Vegas By: Tia

Las Vegas is a dazzling city with bright lights. The restaurants have yummy food. They have some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Las Vegas is known as the brightest city in the USA. Las Vegas is my favorite place to go on vacation because there are fabulous shows, wonderful hotels and fantastic stores.

There are fabulous shows in Las Vegas. There are so many different varieties of shows in almost every hotel. “Daddy daddy” a baby yelled (a grown who was pretending to be a baby). The baby pointed to a random guy in the audience, he took something out of his hand. SQUIRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I laughed so hard, the guy who the baby called daddy got squirted with milk. The guy who got squirted stood up wet, milk dripping down from his clothes. I knew this was going to be a great show (Mystere). Another fabulous show is called is called Girl pirates vs. boy pirates. That is my favorite show because the girls won the challenge of pirates and the boys lost. At the end of the show we saw fireworks and when the fireworks were gone the pirates disappeared. It was a fabulous show. Out of many of the other shows in Las Vegas there was a show called the lion show. It is about 3 real lions you can actually see. They were in a type of cage can you guess which kind. (A) A wooden cages (B) a brick cage or (C) a clear glass cage if you guessed (C) you are right. There were 2 boy lions and 1 girl the boy lions just kept tugging on each other and the girl lion was very active.

Las Vegas also had awesome hotels. There were so many I can’t name them all. “Whoa” I shouted the gorgeous view of the pool looked like an island. Our suite was beautiful the view of our suite was a gigantic pool and waterslide. I couldn’t wait to go to the show in the night (Mystere). Another hotel was shaped in a pyramid and Egyptian themed hotel it was called Luxor. The pool had mysterical figures/ statues. It was the second hotel we stayed in because of hurricane Irene. When we first went into the hotel we saw a belly dancer dancing. Although those 2 hotels we also stayed at a third can you guess which one? (A) Mirage (B) Bellagio or (C) The Trump. If you guessed the Trump you are right it is a big gold big rectangle building. My cousin’s room and my room had a tic tack toe table a real kitchen and a Jacuzzi with a TV in it. We went to the pool and we swam it was a great swim.

In Las Vegas there were stores. There were fantastic stores. MnM world was filled with MnM stuff like pj’s, candy, cups, pencils-shirts and so much more. I wanted a lot of stuff from MnM world even though I hate mnm’s. It was my first store in Las Vegas to go to and my top favorite. Another fantastic store is the coca cola factory. We saw different types of coke and other kinds of drinks and a video about how they make it. It was really cool. They were selling key chains and t-shirts and much more. In the mall is another store called Justice. I would recommend it to girls because it’s all girly stuff.

I know a lot of people who go on vacation to Las Vegas. For example my after school teacher, my homeroom teacher and my cousin’s. There are so many great attractions in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is my favorite place to go on vacation because they have fabulous shows, awesome hotels and fantastic stores. When you’re looking for somewhere to go on vacation try Las Vegas.

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