My Family is Important By: Jasmin

Did you ever think your family is important? Well I do think my family’s important. You see they are nice and older. They take care of everyone and help people. They have a lot of space in their hearts for the people who are good. My family is important to me. And when they take care of me, help me when I need and buy me things they’re extra important.


One reason my family is important is to me is because they take care of me like one day. “ MY TEMPREURE IS REALLY LOW! ”, I screamed up 3 flights of stairs. My mom ran as fast as a cheetah from the kitchen and into my bedroom. As she checked my fever. “103 degrees”, screamed my mom surprised.  “I have to get you to the doctor”, she told. As we walked as slowly as a elephant into the car. My face turned bright red as I put on my brown seat belt on. RUM, RUM, RUM as the sound came as my mom drove to doctor. They also take care of me like being nice to me. They talk friendly and they greet everyone everyday. Finally they take care of me like giving me food. Food like good homemade food, Tasty soup if I’m sick, and Indian food that I eat everyday. And they give me things like apples, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables. They take care of me a lot.


Another reason my family is important is they help me when I need help. My family helps me when I need help when they help me pick up things. Like I had to pick up a table once and I couldn’t so my family helped so my family helped me and we picked up the table. So they help me pick up things. My family also helps me when I need help like when they help me type things. Also they teach me things on computers like changing fonts colors or dragging and moving things. My family helps me study. Like when I need to study for a test my family helps study. And when I don’t know something in homework my family helps me a lot.


The final reason my family is important is they buy me things. They buy things like tickets to Florida. They paid a lot or tons of money for tickets to Florida and places in Florida. It had cost a lot of money. They also buyed an I pad for my birthday. I did a survey to my classmates asking did your family ever buy you an I pad for your birthday? Anyone in my class who has an I pad mostly didn’t get it for their birthday. They didn’t get to see the cool apps like Temple Run and Doodle jump and that too for their birthday. There are a lot of different kinds of balls. Like pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors. Sometimes they are sparkly and some are not. Balls sometimes also help me like when I get bored I can play with them. This is all because of my family and that’s why they’re important.


My family is so, so, so important to me. I think my family is Important and if you meet them don’t miss that they take care of me, also don’t miss that they help me when I need help, and finally you will see that they buy me things. Don’t miss all these things and if you do it’s impossible!

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