Did you know that bullying could happen anywhere? That’s right. It can go from verbally, to cyber, to physically. Are you a bully? The person being bullied is going to be scared of you and won’t trust people, and going to be sad.


Most people think that bullying can only be physically, wrong. Bullying can be so many ways, cyber bullying, verbally even physically.


Bullying is wrong because, the person being bullied is going to be scared of things like snakes and even people. The bully probably scares the person.

Move out of the way ugly people the mean bully yelled at everyone. That wasn’t nice it could hurt someone’s feelings I spat at him. Do you think I care by the way don’t talk to me he screamed at me! His face looked like it was ready to kill me. His eyes full of true anger. His teeth clenched his arms in a fist. Just my luck the principal came…


The girl/boy will not be able to trust people anymore, because they might think if they tell you a secret you might tell someone. That is another way I think bullying is wrong.

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