The Best Pool in the World!!! By: Alexandra

The pool on Disney cruises might look so small but it has SO much to do.  The possibilities are endless!  Every one gives Disney land and Disney world get all the glory!!!!!!! :[  [Witch is so not fair!!!!!]  The pools just take you into a world that lets your imagination run wild!!!!!!  The pools on Disney cruises are my favorite because of the relaxation, cool water activities, and awesome entertainment.


There is very good relaxation. Here are a few reasons why. Disney cruises are relaxing because of the warm air.  The warm air warms up the pool so it warms you up!!!! [It’s a little confusing but I think you understand!]  Or if you are dying off, it will not take very long!!!!!! If you just came to warm up or get a sun tan, well stay as long as you would like!!!!! Another reason Disney cruises are relaxing are because of the lounge chairs.  The lounge chairs let people sit down or dry off.  Or they could sit down in the sun.  Why don’t you try a lounge chair next time?  The last reason Disney cruises are relaxing is because of the calming ocean noises. No matter where you are you can bee rocked and calmed down with the appreciation of the ocean.  If you came to relax have fun and I can tell you that you will not have a hard time with that!!!  You might even stay a little longer than expected……….[maybe because you fell asleep!!!]


Disney cruises also have cool water activities.  One activity is a little yellow water slide for littler kids.  Just keep in mind when the bigger kids go somewhere where the little kids are to small to go there, do not forget about the pool with the little yellow water slide!!!!!! [Seriously do NOT forget!]  Another reason is because they have 2 pools!  One is the Donald Duck pool that is a few feet deep.  The other pool is the Mickey Mouse pool that is only a few inches deep.  Now you know which pool to go in!!!!  The last reason is because they have a Nemo water park.  All over Nemo characters SQUIRT water at you!!!!  You can also o down a slide and splash through the water.  My class said that 7 people liked the Nemo water park, 1 person did not like it, and 13 people said they never been there [you really should try it!]  Why don’t you go under the sea for a quick splash?  Have you ever heard of he Aqua duck water slide?  This is a story about the time I road the Aqua Duck.  “ Come on, let’s go on the Aqua Duck!”  I screamed to my dad who was far behind me. “Hurry up, if you take any longer we will be in line forever!!!” I screamed again.  Once I reached the sign it said the line should be about 5 minutes long.  I ran up all the steps and sat in the float and slid down the slide. Splish splash, I went the entire time.


Did you know Disney cruises also have awesome entertainment?  Well it’s true!  One reason is because they have a huge T.V. screen.  So you can sit in the pool and watch a movie like UP, princesses, cars, and many other Disney movies.  Sitting, relaxing, watching a movie, how easy is that?  Another reason is because there are card tables.  So you can sit down and play a game of cards in the warm air, or sit down and eat some food.  So you can do a lot at the card tables.  Disney cruises have food too; here is a story of what I got from the food place. ”Can I PLEEEEEEEASE get ice cream?” I asked my mom. “ Sure!!!” she replied.  We walked over to the food place and I got myself a cone of strawberry and vanilla twist ice cream.  We sat down at the card tables and I dug in.  I ate in pretty much 2 minutes flat, it was so good!


Disney cruises have the best pool because of the relaxation, cool water activities, and awesome entertainment.  Every time I go to the pool I ALWAYS have the best time! Usually when families go on a cruise, the go for family time and all, bla bla bla.  That never happens I can tell you that!!!!!

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