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Minecraft is Awesome By: Logan

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

My favorite game is Minecraft. It is awesome because you can make anything you want.


One reason why Minecraft is awesome is you can make any thing you want. The first time I played Minecraft, I did not now how to craft. There was a button that said how to craft right in front of my face. Then my brother told me how to craft. I crafted wooden planks, glass, a furnace, a crafting table, and a tent. Then I made a house. The game is all BLOCKS, BLOCKS, BLOCKS!!


I love playing Minecraft because you can make anything you want!



Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Cats may be weird when you first want to get them, but they might become your favorite pet! Cats are my favorite pet because their very cute, cuddly, and very playful.


So here are few reasons why their playful .I love when cats come to your bed at night and they play with your feet! It’s also cute to watch, and you will want to play too! But after a bit you will fall back asleep and it will feel like a massage! Enjoy. Cats will also, sometimes play with each other. Well kittens play with each other more than adults! But sometimes adults will! They will take their claws and hit each other in a playful way! And sometimes jump on each other .Now here is a playful story of my cat playing. “Hmm, what do you want to play,’’ I asked my brother going threw the toy bins. “I don’t’’- my brother started but I finished his sentence. “A plastic airplane, I forgot about this,’’ I screamed. Joe (my brother) sat down with a confused face on. “Lets see if it works,’’ I explained. Zoom! The airplane soared through the air. “Meow,’’ my cat (Jilly) screamed diving for the airplane. Boom! It hit the floor with a smack! Jilly grabbed it with her mouth and bit into it. “Were going down,’’ my brother screamed with laughter. She ripped the back off. I’ll never forget the plastic airplane.


Their very cute so I can’t say all the reasons but here are a few. Every cat has something special. They can have big ears to hear a lot of stuff, they could have a good nose .To smell a lot of stuff, and maybe make moves to show you they want something! If cats were not special there will be no cats! That’s how important it is for cats to have a talent! Here is a cute story you may want to here about one of my cats! Nibble! Nibble! Crunch! Crunch! “Aww, look at him mom,’’ I whispered to my mom that was feeding the other cats. “Good, finally their eating the cat nipp,’’ my mom sighed staring at the cat already half way through the cat nipp. My mom looked back to what she was doing. My cat stopped eating the cat nipp and laid his head in it. Then he closed his eyes. “OMG, mom take a look at this,’’ I whisper-screamed to my mother. She took another peek. “Aww,’’ my mom whispered staring at the snoring cat. She even stopped feeding the other cats! I will never forget that moment. The last thing is if you pick a cat up from an animal shelter, they will most likely fall in love with you and rub against your feet. And they might do it every day! They will just come to you (with cute eyes) then they will love you and rub against your legs.


All right you heard all the cute and playful things about cats but now the last thing will be about being cuddly cats! I love when cats come up to you and just lay with you! I love it because it makes me comfortable and warm at the same time! Your cat will enjoy it too! You will enjoy the warmth of your cats love and the cats fur! And sometimes cats are so comfortable they might even purr for you! Another reason is when their cuddly is when at night they walk in purring and they lay next to you! It makes you want to use them as a pillow! They will fall asleep on you and you will fall asleep too! The last thing is when you are board and don’t want to travel up stairs because your to lazy! Well you can travel to your cat and lay down with it! You might fall asleep in seconds! Or you will just enjoy and keep cuddling with your cat.


When I’m choosing a pet a cat is my first choice! They will be like I said cute, cuddly, and last but not least playful! A cat will probably become your favorite pet too!

The Best Pool in the World!!! By: Alexandra

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The pool on Disney cruises might look so small but it has SO much to do.  The possibilities are endless!  Every one gives Disney land and Disney world get all the glory!!!!!!! :[  [Witch is so not fair!!!!!]  The pools just take you into a world that lets your imagination run wild!!!!!!  The pools on Disney cruises are my favorite because of the relaxation, cool water activities, and awesome entertainment.


There is very good relaxation. Here are a few reasons why. Disney cruises are relaxing because of the warm air.  The warm air warms up the pool so it warms you up!!!! [It’s a little confusing but I think you understand!]  Or if you are dying off, it will not take very long!!!!!! If you just came to warm up or get a sun tan, well stay as long as you would like!!!!! Another reason Disney cruises are relaxing are because of the lounge chairs.  The lounge chairs let people sit down or dry off.  Or they could sit down in the sun.  Why don’t you try a lounge chair next time?  The last reason Disney cruises are relaxing is because of the calming ocean noises. No matter where you are you can bee rocked and calmed down with the appreciation of the ocean.  If you came to relax have fun and I can tell you that you will not have a hard time with that!!!  You might even stay a little longer than expected……….[maybe because you fell asleep!!!]


Disney cruises also have cool water activities.  One activity is a little yellow water slide for littler kids.  Just keep in mind when the bigger kids go somewhere where the little kids are to small to go there, do not forget about the pool with the little yellow water slide!!!!!! [Seriously do NOT forget!]  Another reason is because they have 2 pools!  One is the Donald Duck pool that is a few feet deep.  The other pool is the Mickey Mouse pool that is only a few inches deep.  Now you know which pool to go in!!!!  The last reason is because they have a Nemo water park.  All over Nemo characters SQUIRT water at you!!!!  You can also o down a slide and splash through the water.  My class said that 7 people liked the Nemo water park, 1 person did not like it, and 13 people said they never been there [you really should try it!]  Why don’t you go under the sea for a quick splash?  Have you ever heard of he Aqua duck water slide?  This is a story about the time I road the Aqua Duck.  “ Come on, let’s go on the Aqua Duck!”  I screamed to my dad who was far behind me. “Hurry up, if you take any longer we will be in line forever!!!” I screamed again.  Once I reached the sign it said the line should be about 5 minutes long.  I ran up all the steps and sat in the float and slid down the slide. Splish splash, I went the entire time.


Did you know Disney cruises also have awesome entertainment?  Well it’s true!  One reason is because they have a huge T.V. screen.  So you can sit in the pool and watch a movie like UP, princesses, cars, and many other Disney movies.  Sitting, relaxing, watching a movie, how easy is that?  Another reason is because there are card tables.  So you can sit down and play a game of cards in the warm air, or sit down and eat some food.  So you can do a lot at the card tables.  Disney cruises have food too; here is a story of what I got from the food place. ”Can I PLEEEEEEEASE get ice cream?” I asked my mom. “ Sure!!!” she replied.  We walked over to the food place and I got myself a cone of strawberry and vanilla twist ice cream.  We sat down at the card tables and I dug in.  I ate in pretty much 2 minutes flat, it was so good!


Disney cruises have the best pool because of the relaxation, cool water activities, and awesome entertainment.  Every time I go to the pool I ALWAYS have the best time! Usually when families go on a cruise, the go for family time and all, bla bla bla.  That never happens I can tell you that!!!!!

Abercrombie & Fitch By: Rushi

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Do you like to shop at Abercrombie? Well I do.  This is my favorite place to shop because they have fashionable and comfortable clothes.


One reason is that they have fashionable clothing like hoodies, jeans, and jackets. They have great logos like a bulldog and a deer Abercrombie and Fitch and a lot of accessories like hats and cologne.

They have comfortable clothes.  They are made out of good material like 100% cotton.  It’s so soft it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud.


So remember that Abercrombie is awesome because they have fashionable and comfortable clothes.

Las Vegas By: Tia

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Las Vegas is a dazzling city with bright lights. The restaurants have yummy food. They have some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Las Vegas is known as the brightest city in the USA. Las Vegas is my favorite place to go on vacation because there are fabulous shows, wonderful hotels and fantastic stores.

There are fabulous shows in Las Vegas. There are so many different varieties of shows in almost every hotel. “Daddy daddy” a baby yelled (a grown who was pretending to be a baby). The baby pointed to a random guy in the audience, he took something out of his hand. SQUIRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I laughed so hard, the guy who the baby called daddy got squirted with milk. The guy who got squirted stood up wet, milk dripping down from his clothes. I knew this was going to be a great show (Mystere). Another fabulous show is called is called Girl pirates vs. boy pirates. That is my favorite show because the girls won the challenge of pirates and the boys lost. At the end of the show we saw fireworks and when the fireworks were gone the pirates disappeared. It was a fabulous show. Out of many of the other shows in Las Vegas there was a show called the lion show. It is about 3 real lions you can actually see. They were in a type of cage can you guess which kind. (A) A wooden cages (B) a brick cage or (C) a clear glass cage if you guessed (C) you are right. There were 2 boy lions and 1 girl the boy lions just kept tugging on each other and the girl lion was very active.

Las Vegas also had awesome hotels. There were so many I can’t name them all. “Whoa” I shouted the gorgeous view of the pool looked like an island. Our suite was beautiful the view of our suite was a gigantic pool and waterslide. I couldn’t wait to go to the show in the night (Mystere). Another hotel was shaped in a pyramid and Egyptian themed hotel it was called Luxor. The pool had mysterical figures/ statues. It was the second hotel we stayed in because of hurricane Irene. When we first went into the hotel we saw a belly dancer dancing. Although those 2 hotels we also stayed at a third can you guess which one? (A) Mirage (B) Bellagio or (C) The Trump. If you guessed the Trump you are right it is a big gold big rectangle building. My cousin’s room and my room had a tic tack toe table a real kitchen and a Jacuzzi with a TV in it. We went to the pool and we swam it was a great swim.

In Las Vegas there were stores. There were fantastic stores. MnM world was filled with MnM stuff like pj’s, candy, cups, pencils-shirts and so much more. I wanted a lot of stuff from MnM world even though I hate mnm’s. It was my first store in Las Vegas to go to and my top favorite. Another fantastic store is the coca cola factory. We saw different types of coke and other kinds of drinks and a video about how they make it. It was really cool. They were selling key chains and t-shirts and much more. In the mall is another store called Justice. I would recommend it to girls because it’s all girly stuff.

I know a lot of people who go on vacation to Las Vegas. For example my after school teacher, my homeroom teacher and my cousin’s. There are so many great attractions in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is my favorite place to go on vacation because they have fabulous shows, awesome hotels and fantastic stores. When you’re looking for somewhere to go on vacation try Las Vegas.

Delicious Cold Stone By: Teja

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I opened my window and the sun shines in my eyes, all I can think of on this beautiful day is Cold Stone’s treats. The smoothies, cakes, shakes, ice cream, toppings and cones makes it’s the best place.


When I entered the Cold Stone and I felt like I was in a whole new world. They asked me what flavor I want, I was so confused what to choose, so I tried cookies and cream. I tasted it and it was delicious! When you hear Vanilla you think of ice cream. Some people hate vanilla but at Cold Stone’s creamy you will like it even more than you hate it. Also another flavor is chocolate. Chocolate is usually plain but at Cold Stone they add Chocolate chips. They ask you what chocolate chips you wants Hershey or Recesses.


One reason Cold Stone is my favorite place to eat treats is because they have many toppings and different cones. One popular topping is strawberry, when you go to somewhere to get ice cream and they ask you what topping you want, and let’s say you choose strawberry as your topping they put your ice cream in a cup or cone and they only top it, but at Cold Stone they mix it in to your ice cream and in (almost) every bite you get a strawberry piece. Another topping is coconut. The coconut at Cold Stone is cut into really small pieces and they mix it and they put it in a cup or a cone, finally they add some more coconut pieces on the top to decorate. Cold Stone has amazing waffle cones. The waffle cone holds as much as the cups hold. The sizes for the cones are small, medium, and large. The cones have the usual names but the cup names are not what you hear every day? Like small is “like it”, medium is “love it” and the large is “Got to have it!”


Cold Stones delicious smoothies are the best. The smoothies don’t have regular names but they taste amazing. I will name some flavors Berry Lemony, Strawberry Bannaza and Man-go Bananas. This sound weird but they taste amazing. You have to try Cold Stones cake, once you have a bite you feel like having more. I suggest Midnight Delight, Strawberry Passion, and Peanut Butter Playground. You have not tried until you tasted a Cold Stone shake. If you got a small you wish you got a medium or even a large! Cold Stone has one of a kind combination; some flavors are Cake’n Shake, Oh Fudge, Savory Strawberry, Very Vanilla, etc.


My favorite place to eat treats is at Cold Stone. You can find toppings and cones. You can even add up to 3 flavors. You will never believe that Cold Stone has smoothies, cakes, and shakes make it the best place. Don’t forget to try cookies and cream. I asked my dad if we could come here every day and you will never believe what he said! He said YES!.


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I had finished editing my story for school, and now we could type it! I sat at the computer my hands full of energy to punch, those, keys! My fingers were twitching with excitement and my face had a smile from ear to ear. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for, the first time I get to type! I thought. Suddenly CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! My fingers were on fire, they would not stop typing. It was fun; it almost felt like that game where you have to hit the animals that pop out of some holes with that big, black, block. The computer is an amazing tool to have! I love typing because there are cool tools on the computer for when you type, your hand doesn’t hurt like it does when you write your story, and the drafts are neat with no messy handwriting on them.


One reason I like typing is because there are really cool and fancy tools on the computer. One of the tools is the font. The font is a wonderful tool to have. It changes how your writing looks instead of the boring, old, regular, type that is very common. The font makes your writing more creative, neat, and more beautiful that people are attracted to your story, and end up reading it. Another tool is the colors you can pick, to make your writing (the words) colorful. You can make anything colorful, like from a word to a sentence to a paragraph to the whole story a different or any color! Or you can even make it your very own color! People will absolutely give you comments on you writing. A++ in creativity, your grade will be. My favorite tool is spell check, truly a life saver. Instead of you having to correct your mistakes it corrects them for you, saving you energy and time for other activities. I took a survey in my class on if they like using the tools on the computer when they type. Everyone said yes!


My second reason I like to type is that my hands hurt and sweat when I write my stories. When you are at the computer going to type, as you push the keys on the keyboard your fingers will get faster as you get used to it in 30 seconds. So your story, report, essay, or personal narrative gets done quicker. When you write your hands sweat, hurt, ache and you want to stop writing. But when you type, typing will not make your hands sweat, for its fun to type. I for one love to type and push the keys, it is so fun when you fingers just bounce on the keys. Also, as always my story is printed out faster because typing is so fun, I type faster. Also when I sit at the computer I feel comfortable sitting there and not when I write at a desk, where I feel bored sitting all day. It feels nice to be with a computer then a rickety old paper. We use paper and worksheets all day. After you want to use something else and you get comfortable with technology. I know lots of kids whose hands hurt after they write. This is a time when I wrote so much that my hand became… read the mini story to find out.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Scratch! Scratch! It was writing time at school and we were writing our personal narrative stories. My mind was blank and today I was bored out of my skin. Time passed very slowly as if it was only going to move if I write my personal narrative. “Ugh! When will writing be over.” I thought. Suddenly an idea popped in my head for my personal narrative. Scratch! Scratch! My pencil made as I wrote my narrative like crazy. Riiiiing! The bell rang for recess. I put my writing away but, when I reached to put away my pencil I could not feel my pencil. MY HAND WAS NUMB!!! After banging my hand on my desk, it became its self again. But my hand started aching because I banged it on my desk and because I wrote a lot. “This was not a good day as I hoped it would be.” I grumbled and went to recess. I never want my hand to be numb again, so I recommend typing.

My last reason I don’t like writing is because I have messy handwriting that some people can’t read or don’t like. Has your pencil ever broke or got dull? Well mine have, so I type. When you type you don’t need a pencil of course. Pencils break and then you have to keep sharpening them. When they get dull your handwriting gets a bit messy, I know mine does. But computers have a font of their own thaT doesn’t look messy or bad. When you make a mistake in your writing you erase it. But then your paper gets messy and sometimes it rips or has a hole in it. Sometimes your writing will fade from the paper you used making it look shabby and so messy. When you type you can fix your mistakes with no erasing. Your story doesn’t fade on the computer. If you’re not satisfied you can make the font bolder. I write long stories, some people do to. After writing you have to keep track of all those drafts. Even if you write short stories your papers can get a bit crumpled. With a computer you can save you story and go back again the next day to your story instead of looking for your papers. When you print out your story your story comes out in clean, clear, drafts.

Want to make your story creative? Want to make it neat? I always pick typing any report, essay, story, anything. The computer can type but it has more things up its sleeve. It has tools where you can make your writing creative that people are attracted to it. When you type it’s so fun to push those keys. Clean clear drafts fresh from the printer that you typed is what I would call an awesome story! It’s like an all you can eat buffet; lots of tools and cool options in one machine. I total recommend typing for anyone who likes to write stories. I LOVE TYPING!!!

I Hate the Philadelphia Eagles By: Owen

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I hate the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Eagles hate me. The Eagles are very weak. Their players are not good. So sit back to why I hate the Philadelphia Eagles.


I hate the Philadelphia Eagles because I like the New York Giants. The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants are rivals. The Giants are way better of course. The Giants lead the Eagles in all time wins. Also, the Eagles started the rival in the 1900’s. It is almost 50 years old! The Eagled were never better than the Giants and always want to get revenge. The Eagles always try to hurt the Giants. They think they are so good, when there’re not. The Giants hate the Eagles. The Eagles hate the Giants.


The Philadelphia Eagles play poorly because they went 4-12 this season. That means they won 4 games out of sixteen and lost 12 out of sixteen. That is kind of sad… for an Eagles fan! Now would you say that is poor playing? I would. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won as super bowl. They haven’t even been in the playoffs since 2010. That is pretty sad… oh wait no it’s not! That is anther way the Eagles play poorly.


I hate the Philadelphia Eagles because they have Deshan Jackson. Deshan Jackson hates the Giants and we hate him. He hurts the Giants and plays really hard just because he hates us but we have something he doesn’t a super bowl ring. I don’t like Deshan Jackson because he is on the Eagles. He talks trash about the Giants. I’m not the only one that thinks he is garbage; every one in my class that knows who he is doesn’t like him but one. “Dodge going to that glove because of fumbled snaps. Dodge punts it away; it is a line drive kick up the middle right to Jackson… Jackson gets it… DROPS IT and scoops it up. Jackson… BREACKS AWAY TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! NO TIME LEFT. THE EAGLES ARE SENDING THE GIANTS HOME! WOW WHAT A PLAY! That is what I hear after Deshan Jackson just returned a punt for a touchdown winning the game and ultimately giving them playoff birth and sending the Giants home. That is why I do not like Deshan Jackson.


So, after all that if you did, do you still like the Eagles? I sure don’t since I like the New York Giants, Deshan Jackson stinks and the Eagles play poorly. You shouldn’t like the Eagles because you probably wont be happy with the Eagles loosing every game in the season.


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Did you know that bullying could happen anywhere? That’s right. It can go from verbally, to cyber, to physically. Are you a bully? The person being bullied is going to be scared of you and won’t trust people, and going to be sad.


Most people think that bullying can only be physically, wrong. Bullying can be so many ways, cyber bullying, verbally even physically.


Bullying is wrong because, the person being bullied is going to be scared of things like snakes and even people. The bully probably scares the person.

Move out of the way ugly people the mean bully yelled at everyone. That wasn’t nice it could hurt someone’s feelings I spat at him. Do you think I care by the way don’t talk to me he screamed at me! His face looked like it was ready to kill me. His eyes full of true anger. His teeth clenched his arms in a fist. Just my luck the principal came…


The girl/boy will not be able to trust people anymore, because they might think if they tell you a secret you might tell someone. That is another way I think bullying is wrong.

My Family is Important By: Jasmin

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Did you ever think your family is important? Well I do think my family’s important. You see they are nice and older. They take care of everyone and help people. They have a lot of space in their hearts for the people who are good. My family is important to me. And when they take care of me, help me when I need and buy me things they’re extra important.


One reason my family is important is to me is because they take care of me like one day. “ MY TEMPREURE IS REALLY LOW! ”, I screamed up 3 flights of stairs. My mom ran as fast as a cheetah from the kitchen and into my bedroom. As she checked my fever. “103 degrees”, screamed my mom surprised.  “I have to get you to the doctor”, she told. As we walked as slowly as a elephant into the car. My face turned bright red as I put on my brown seat belt on. RUM, RUM, RUM as the sound came as my mom drove to doctor. They also take care of me like being nice to me. They talk friendly and they greet everyone everyday. Finally they take care of me like giving me food. Food like good homemade food, Tasty soup if I’m sick, and Indian food that I eat everyday. And they give me things like apples, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables. They take care of me a lot.


Another reason my family is important is they help me when I need help. My family helps me when I need help when they help me pick up things. Like I had to pick up a table once and I couldn’t so my family helped so my family helped me and we picked up the table. So they help me pick up things. My family also helps me when I need help like when they help me type things. Also they teach me things on computers like changing fonts colors or dragging and moving things. My family helps me study. Like when I need to study for a test my family helps study. And when I don’t know something in homework my family helps me a lot.


The final reason my family is important is they buy me things. They buy things like tickets to Florida. They paid a lot or tons of money for tickets to Florida and places in Florida. It had cost a lot of money. They also buyed an I pad for my birthday. I did a survey to my classmates asking did your family ever buy you an I pad for your birthday? Anyone in my class who has an I pad mostly didn’t get it for their birthday. They didn’t get to see the cool apps like Temple Run and Doodle jump and that too for their birthday. There are a lot of different kinds of balls. Like pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors. Sometimes they are sparkly and some are not. Balls sometimes also help me like when I get bored I can play with them. This is all because of my family and that’s why they’re important.


My family is so, so, so important to me. I think my family is Important and if you meet them don’t miss that they take care of me, also don’t miss that they help me when I need help, and finally you will see that they buy me things. Don’t miss all these things and if you do it’s impossible!