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The Last Splash By: Miss Nebenhaus

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

“Matthew, I can’t wait to get on this ride. I love Splash Mountain almost as much as I love brownies,” I said with joy. “I know, I can’t believe we’re finally here!” As we approached the line, I could feel my heart pounding more and more. The night sky was growing darker and the rain was falling in large droplets. I turned to Matthew, and screeched, “I seriously can’t wait! I want to ride ten times! I hope we don’t have to wait.” He laughed, “me too.” We were shocked when we realized there was actually no wait. We moved through the line like cheetahs. Our feet barely touched the ground as we skipped in excitement through the dark and eerie queue. We finally got to the loading station. “Ahhhhh, I am so excited right now. How are you not jumping up and down?” I screamed. Again Matt laughed, “you’re nuts! I’m excited too, just not that excited I guess!”

“Everyone in the boat!  Load row one,” the Splash Mountain expert yelled. As always I asked, “where do I get the least wet? I don’t want to ruin my hair or my outfit?” Matt looked at me with disgust. We hopped in the boat and pulled the bar down. No one else got in the boat. Matt and I were alone. I thought to myself, “how cool is this? We really have the boat all to ourselves!”

Before I could even check if I was tight and secure the boat took off like a rocket. I felt the splash of the cool water as the boat sailed away. “OH NO, I think my bar is broke or something,” I screamed. “Mine is too,” Matt screeched back. “What are we going to do? We’re dead, we are going to die,” I thought to myself. Splash then up, up, up the boat went. Our boat had jolted out of the station and made its first drop. It was only a tiny one so it wasn’t so bad. I felt the warm moist air hit my face as we approached the outside. I debated screaming for help now that we were out in the open. I decided not to, but gripped my hands tighter to the bar, so tight that I thought my hands would fall off. “We are going down again,” Matt screamed.

Crick, Crack, Crick, the boat dropped fast into the frigid and dark inside stream. The water was rushing below and all I could see was pure black. My fear grew and nearly exploded inside of me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I screeched at the top of my lungs. “What in the world is wrong with you?” Matt asked with a rather scared but puzzled look on his face. We sailed through the eerie pitch dark tunnel. The dancing fake characters and bright scenery was finally visible. Whoosh, splash, our boat dropped again into the last minute of peace before our “death drop”. “Matt, please tell mom and dad I love them. I’m sorry for all the bickering and silly fights.” I sobbed. “Duh, I am going to die too, but I love you too, and I’m sorry too!” he cried back.

“I believe this is it!” I screamed. I grasped onto the bar and pressed my whole body against the back and side of the boat. “To the laughing place” it said at the entrance to the big drop. Too bad I wasn’t laughing. In fact, I was hysterical. I mean you don’t ever really prepare yourself to die, so knowing I was going to be a goner for a whole 11 minutes and 26 seconds was not fun.

Darkness hit me like a foul baseball at Yankee Stadium. Creek, Crick, Creek, Crick, Creeeek, Criiiick, Craaack that sound seemed to go on forever. I looked down and all I saw was the rushing water from five stories below. I shut my eyes so tight that my brain nearly met the outside of my head.

Whoooooooooooooosh! “I died, I must have fell out,” I thought to myself when suddenly the rush and splash of icy water overtook my snow white face. I looked over and saw the color return to Matt’s face. My now soaking wet shirt, shorts, and the laughter was indication we were alive! “That was awesome, gotta go again!” I sung. “Are you out of your mind? I am pretty sure I had a heart attack.” Matt replied back with some confusion.

     Zip-a-dee-do-da-zip-a-de-a, the music was like a symphony, beautiful and peaceful. It meant we had reached the end safely! Oddly enough the rain had stopped, but we were certainly wet enough from the major wave that crashed into our little boat. We had finally sailed back to the dock. “Hey, I guess that is the way the lap bar is supposed to be,” I chuckled. “Ha-ha yeah I guess,” Matt agreed. “I guess we shouldn’t be so dramatic next time, Disney knows what they are doing,” I shrugged.

As we were getting out of the boat, I turned to my little brother and screamed, “I am so glad we are okay. I still love that ride more than brownies, and I am soo ready to go again!”

The Chocolate Factory By: Shreya

Friday, November 9th, 2012

“ That was the best tour ever!’’ I exclaimed. We just had gotten of a tour on how chocolate was made. “ Where do we go next?’’ I asked my dad. My dad looked at his schedule and told me the Hershey park chocolate factory. “Yeah’’ I exploded with excitement, I had been dieing to go to the chocolate factory. I also had heard stories from my friends on how much fun the Hershey chocolate factory was. Now it was my turn to finally go there. I ran to the entrance of the chocolate factory almost as fast as a cheetah. “ Wait up!’’ my brother (Sahil) shouted, trying to catch up and running as fast as his legs could take him. When my dad, mom, Sahil and I regrouped at the entrance of the factory, I frowned at the sight of the entrance. “Is this the chocolate factory?’’ I asked the lady behind the counter. “Why yes it is and you are going to make your own chocolate here.’’ Inside my head I begin thinking…what the lady said does sound fun but the entrance doesn’t look the slightest bit like any factory I’ve seen. Plus the entrance to the factory is in a really cramped corner of this whole building. The lady seemed to know what I was thinking. “ Once your inside you are going to be amazed’’ she told me and smiled. It’s worth a shot I said in my head. We got into he line and waited for our turn. Sometimes my brother can be impatient and now was one of those times. “ Let’s go, let’s go!” he screeched. Finally after 15 minutes of waiting in line we reached the front and paid the tickets. When we got inside we had to put our bags and electronics inside one of the lockers. Then a woman led us to a room overfilled with aprons and hairnets from the top shelf, down all the way to the bottom. “Okay everyone, if you want make chocolates you need the right clothing. Now take one hairnet plus apron and put it on please,’’ She encouraged. “ Now this is what were talking about,’’ I shouted out loud. I literally snatched the clothing from my mom. Also I jumped into my apron and pushed on the hairnet. Sahil didn’t really like this new clothing change but dealt with it. CLICK! My mom had snapped a picture. “Come on, now time for pictures I urged her and my dad. I bolted down the hallway leading to a room where the instructions were shout out. By the time the rest of my family entered the room the instructions began. Hold on, pause dear reader I don’t want to really tell you the instructions because this personal narrative is beginning to get a bit to long you probably will know what I did as I do them. So back to the story as I was saying, after they ran through the instructions we had to wait in another line but we moved quickly. The line lead to a gigantic room, there were 8-10 poles but attached to each pole were two computers. I walked over to the computers and on it said to scan your ticket. I called my mom over and she gave me a ticket, I waved                                it under the light shining under the computer and it let me in. It asked me my favorite chocolate the choices were milk, dark and white chocolate but I, picked milk chocolate. Then it asked me to click on toppings I want raspberries, chocolate chips, pecan nuts, and 2 other things I forget but did not add to my chocolate. So I picked the raspberry and chocolate chips. Pop! Do want sprinkles on your chocolate? Yes or no. I knew exactly that I want SPRINKELES!!! I punched the yes button so hard that I hurt my knuckle, submit? it asked and showed me what I picked. I examined my list and pressed submit. Now the data will get transfer to the chocolate making machine. I danced over to the machine and gave a lady my ticket now she scanned my ticket and pointed to the chocolate just coming on to the belt. I followed it nose pressed on the glass face to face. I saw it going over to the toppings area and raspberries and chocolate chips poring on top of it. Then it reached where a chocolate waterfall was pouring right in he middle of the machine!!! The chocolate went under the waterfall and the toppings got sealed inside it. My mouth started watering at the sight of it. To me it I could see slow motion. Rich, creamy, dark chocolate swirling on top of the candy bar. It passed the choco waterfall and got sprinklefied with different gashes and dots of color. It felt like the chocolate was going through an obstacle course or tour in some place called candy land. I looked back to the machine and couldn’t find my chocolate. Right after the sprinkles was a cooling machine but the sides were covered in frost. I lost interest and looked for my dad. I found him my brother, and mom in a room filled with more computers. BOO!!! My dad shouted and clamped his hands on my shoulders. I through my dad a look “ really’’ I exclaimed. I turned to the computer and I read, pick a color and showed all the common colors. I clicked on my favorite one and continued. Pick 4 stamps and place them on the screen above. I placed 4 stamps in each corner. On the screen, and the screen was what color I picked. My fingers made the pointer zoom over to the button saying next. It showed a variety of more decorative pictures on the bottom and my design in the top. I picked one last picture and put in the center, then I shrinked it and typed my name in white under it. I peered at my final design and clicked on submit. Dear reader imagine a pink paper with Hershey kisses in the corners and a Christmas tree with a Hershey bar, a reeses chocolate, and another Hershey kiss standing on either side of it right smack down in the middle of the paper, and finally my name written in white under it. Well that’s how my picture looked like. There was a long list on whose picture got sent through. Pop! My name appeared on top of the list but not for long, Pop! Pop! Pop! Sahil , my mom and my dad, had just submitted theirs. “Your chocolate is problly done by now’’ my said to me. I we walked over to the counter we I could see chocolates wrapped up in boxes moving towards the counter on the belt. They were put into metal boxes were the pictures that we made, were on top of the lid. I found mines ad the rest of my families. I was pretty satisfied how my chocolate turned out.  I clenched tightly and walked out the exit, retrieving our stuff and taking off our aprons and hairnets. My mom’s sandals making a loud flip! Flop! sound as we went outside. “Do we have to go home now?” I asked my mom in a slightly sad voice. “ Nope, we still have the Hershey museum’’ ad as right on cue it started… SNOWING!!!!! “This vacation just keeps getting better and better’’ I said in delight and stuck out my tongue. We then got into the car and started the engine. Still holding my chocolate I screamed “ Hershey museum here we come!!!!!’’

The Beach By: Mridh

Friday, November 9th, 2012

“MRIDH. MRIDH!  MMRRIIDDHH!”   My friend Aaron whispered in my ear trying to wake me up.  I woke up a little but I was still half asleep.  I was about to go back to sleep when I remembered last night I told him to wake me up at seven o’clock. So I got up. “Today we are going to Sentosa!”  Aaron exclaimed.  “What’s Sentosa?”  I asked. “You will see.  It is really fun.”  I gave him a present the day before.  It was a Wii game called SONIC SEGA ALL-STAR RACERS.  Last night we took out the wires from the TV because the one it was already plugged in was in the room my parents were sleeping.

We did that just so we could play the game first thing in the morning.  I scanned the room looking for the time.  Then I found it.  It was 7:30.  We beat so many levels and played for so long that everyone was already awake and we had to eat breakfast.  “When are we going to Sentosa? Can we go after breakfast?”  Asked Aaron.  “Yes so eat quickly,” replied his dad.  Once we were finished, we were about to leave their apartment.  “WAIT!  Don’t forget the soccer ball!” screamed  Arrman,  Aaron’s older brother.  “Oh yeah! I’ll go get it, ” When he came back, we left.  I jumped in the car.  We were finally there after what felt like ten hours.  It was 1:30.  “GROWL!” My stomach growled and I groaned as I just stood there with my empty stomach.  We sat down at a table.  Soon we all had empty stomachs.  So we ate lunch.  When we were done, we got up and our next destination, the beach.  “This way,” Aaron’s dad directed.  We saw a strange shadow in the trees.  Then it jumped it jumped out.  “OOH, OOH, AAH!”  It was a monkey.  It went under the benches and started licking throw-up.  We finally got to the beach.  We used our shoes as the goals.  As soon as we were ready, I dribbled the ball as fast as a cheetah.  “BOOM!”  I shot.

The ball got past their goalie, Arman and it was a goal.  It was almost as dark as a cave so we had to finish fast.  The next thing I knew, they zipped through the sand.  I tried to steal the ball, but Arman shot.  Aaron caught it, but it slipped into the goal.  Soon we had to leave.  It was a tie.  1-1.  Today was surely the BEST DAY EVER!  I will never forget today.  I am already thinking about the next summer.

Sister Trouble By: Mahek

Friday, November 9th, 2012

“Mom” I screamed while I bolted to my room. I spotted my sister muskan for short I alwase call her Musa. “Musa” I screamed I thought for a moment my head would just turn red and explode. But then I got a lilttle better. Hey brat what are you doing with my new I phone its brand new I explained to everyone one in the house paws off so why do you think that I am going to let you use it I exclaimed with a jug full of attitude. Well musa screamed like there was no tomorrow. Before you know it I swinged the Iphone off her fingertips. I am never going to let you use this today tomorrow or any other day I announced .It was quiet for a minute or 2 then I bolted out of the room like a rocket or how fast my legs could possibly take me. Before I went I spotted a great big look on Musa’s face. Her head was red like the reddest tomato known to the world. Her eyes were so twichey that I couldn’t tell if she was passing out or mad. Then I ran out of the room as fast as my two legs could take me. NO SOUND NOT EVEN A PEEP IN THE QUIET ROOM. After I put a lock just in case that happens again. I thought maybe I was being harsh on my sister Musa. She could have asked me maybe I would say no but then after a minute I would feel gulty and give it to her I thought.she did the crime so she’s doing the time I mumbled to my self.  It was getting late almost 7:00. Now all I could hope for was NOBODY TOLD MY DAD. If you want to mess with anybody in the hole wide wold it better not be my dad. H! I shouted tick tick tick I think that was the sound of my blood pressure going high again. My dad took a step in usually he comes in happy his face filled with a creepy smile but today well couldn’t tell what exactly mood he was in he had no mood today. We had dinner no laghter NO NOTHING.


When I started putting the covers from my bed I spotted a wiered looking face .HE had forest green skin piercing blue eyes like musa does before I can say or even think anything else. BOOOOOOOOOOO! Musa yelled at the top of her lungs ahhhhhhhhhhh! I SCEAMEAED louder than Musa. Finally I stopped yelling and took a deep breath and just felt like lapping meatloaf right across her perfect but evil face .I thought for a moment my head would just burst! BUT about an hour two hours later I leaned over gave her a big kiss and explained that we should never ever get in to a fight ever again. It was just a stupid little phone I think my family is more important. Right after that Musa and I learned to get along and not always fight. That phone must seem cool but I think that muse and me could share it but my dad eventually found out about the little problem. He didn’t take any action because it was too late and plus we worked out our problem .I am glad that muse and I don’t fight always it was my first fighting with my sister Musa.

The Water Show By: Ira

Friday, November 9th, 2012

“ What are they doing?” I asked my mom and pointed to a stage. “ They might be do-” my mom started to reply when, “ LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!!!” someone shrieked into a microphone. “ Your attention please!” “You don’t have to tell us again,” I told myself. “ We are about to begin. So please turn off all cell phones. Also,” he babbled on which was pretty annoying. “ We will be selling Mickey Mouse plush toys during the show. Enjoy!!” Now that caught my attention! “ Can we go watch it?” I pleaded. “ Alright and Ira. Since I know you like the back of my hand, you can get a Mickey.’ my dad replied. “Race you lil’ bro,” I told my younger brother Dev. “Ready, set, GO!!!” We raced to the front bleachers. Dev had won. “ That wasn’t my fastest,” I explained, trying to bail myself out. “ YO!!! THE SHOW!! IS ABOUT!! TO BEGIN,” the guy shrieked once again. Lucky for us we had covered our ears so we didn’t hear him. We sat down when there was suddenly a … BOOM!!!!!! Cackle! Haaaa!!!!!!” “What was that Dev,” I whispered. My teeth chattered. I was terrified for a second. But something else caught my attention. Mickey Mouse plush toys!!! “ MOM!! TOYS!!” I shrieked in my mom’s ear. She was not happy.” Alright, alright. One please,” my mom grumbled. She gave the lady to the lady as the lady handed my new Mickey. “ Here you are young lady, ” she said to me. “ Thank you,” I whispered as she pushed the cart away. “ Well missy this is your luck –” she started to reply as usual. When there was another, big, loud… Before I go on, can you guess what is going to happen next? A (a dog barking B (boom C (a guy screaming like a girl. It was a, “BBBOOOMMM!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Luckily, no one was terrified because Mickey Mouse was here!! “ Golly, y’all people are to nice,” Mickey mouse laughed as his cheeks turned red. “ Watch out dear Mickey,” a lady screeched. That lady had the right to screech because she was there. Who you might ask. You shall find out in the next sentence. “ Dev, it’s the sleeping beauty witch!!” I whispered loudly and frightened. She must’ve pushed Mickey into the water because before I knew it, Dev was choking me!! I thought I might die! “ Goodbye world, god, all my best friends!” Suddenly, Dev froze like he was Antarctica. A happy thought came to me. I was NOT going to die!! I looked at Dev. He was staring at Mickey. At least, that’s what I thought. When I looked too, I started to give a great shriek. “ MICKEYS GONE!!” Lucky for me, before I could start freaking out, someone heard my cries. “Hey, there he is!! His little ears are sticking out of the water!” When I looked to see for myself, the guy was right! Five minutes later, he was back on land. I was filled with joy! But Mickey Mouse looked different. Not that he was dripping wet. He looked like a magician! Suddenly, Mickey somehow was able to zap that rotten dirty pussycat! No, I don’t mean real cat! I mean the witch! She fell into the deep blue water. Mickey bowed for a second but then realized it had definitely NOT worked because the witch returned!! Mickey started to zap her, but Mickey started to yell, “ Everyone, yell Mickey Mouse!” Of course, everyone yelled because they did not want to gulp … DIE!! Suddenly, the witch fell off the big rock and died! People applauded as the show ended. Suddenly, there was a weird noise. Do you think it was a boom? NOPE!! It sounded like a boat.” What would a boat be doing here?” I thought. But a big HONK interrupted my thoughts. Suddenly as I was about to rethink my thoughts, there were a bunch of lights on the water. Here are some of the light colors: blue, red, green, etc. Enough about colors already! Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse showed up on a boat. They waved at the people. Everyone yelled like they just won a billon bucks!! I rose up my own Mickey and made him say, ”Adios!” as the couple floated away from the crowd. At first, I thought that there were no more boats. I was totally wrong. A huge crew ship showed up with all the other Disney characters. But suddenly, a voice came from the water saying,” IIILLL GET YYOOUUU MMIIICCKKEEYYY!!!” It was the witch in the water! One thing for sure, the witch learned her lesson. The pen is mightier than the sword!!



Answer: it was b because if you read on it was a boom!

The Day I was a Princess By: Henanshi

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Who wears a dress, is a princess and her name starts with the letter c. You guessed it! Cinderella! Today I am going to be her! I shouted while I went to breakfast. After eating a heavy bowl of scramble eggs and milk .I went to take a bath. After a hot bath. I got dressed and woke up my mom and dad. They woke up and we rushed out of the door. Then we forgot mom purse! We went inside and searched for it I screamed .We reached to the princess makeover ball. Oh! No! ….

There is a huge line as long as a cruise ship. We tried waiting but the line got longer by the minute. We went to the front of the line but a lady exclaimed that you have to wait until you got to the front of the line. Then the line got shorter and shorter and we never realized there were two lines. After the lady was done I was as beautiful as Cinderella.  I told my parents that this is the happiest day of my life!!!!!!

Best Sleepover Ever By: Elijah

Friday, November 9th, 2012

I was so exited to go to my cousin’s house after school that my heart was pounding. We are going to play arcade games on his Xbox 360. I stood there until tomorrow. THEN it was nighttime we were setting up our beds one of my cousins went on the Bottom bunk and the other went on the top bunk. I slept on the floor with a sleeping bag then there was sunlight I was mad that day when there was sunlight. When we woke up we started playing video games I had a fun time there. Then I went to my other cousin’s house it was so boring there wanted to go home at my mom’s house. When I got home I was watching TV and my mom was sleeping. I was enjoying watching TV and I loved being home then my mom got up to make dinner for me and her after we ate I just continued watching TV at my moms house then I asked her something I said to her can I have another sleepover at my cousins house she said no you cannot have another sleepover I was mad that I couldn’t have another sleepover at my cousins house then it was night time and I still was watching TV after that she told me to turn of the TV I turned of the TV and I went to my room. I went to my bedroom then I said good night to my mom and she said good night to me. Then I was sleeping in my bedroom I had a good night sleep on my bed. The next day we went to church I was lazy to get out of my bed but I got up it was 10;00 in the morning I said out loud mom it is 10;00 in the morning she said thank you for telling me what time it is I said Yourwellcome mom. I asked her something what do you want. I told her I miss dad I want to go to his house this weekend she said why you want to leave me alone. I said I’m not trying to be mean to you mom she said I know you want to spent time with dad It’s just that I love you and I want you to spent time with me longer I said I know you want to spent time with me longer I with you and the family mom I love you with all my heart forever and ever.

Six Flags Water Park By: Aman

Friday, November 9th, 2012

“How long more” I said. “Were here ”, my dad said. ”Good, cause I want to get in the water ” Rohan said. My dad pulled the car into a spot. “I can’t wait to get into the water ”, Rohan said. We hopped into our bathing suits and bolted into the park. ”Lets go in the wave pool first” Rohan said. “OK” I blurted out. We ran as fast as cheetahs. “Let’s go in 7 feet ”, I said excitedly. “ The farthest I’m going is 5 feet” Rohan said. I began swimming as fast as a jet plane to 7 feet. I reached 7 feet. The buzzer rug loudly and the waves started. The waves were massive in 7 feet. I started looking for Rohan. “Rohan ,Rohan” I yelled. Then a wave hit me, SPLASH! Went the water. I went down,  down ,down ,and hit my back on the ground , making a loud THUD! I let out some air by accident. I got up to the surface and gasped for air, then another wave hit me, SPLASH! , The water went again. I went down, but not very deep. I swam up to the surface again and gasped for air. This time I swam back to shore. I couldn’t wait to get back to shore. When I got there, Rohan was waiting for me. “What happened” Rohan barked. I told him the whole story. “This time lets go together ”, Rohan blurted out. “ This time the farthest I’m going is 2 feet and 10 inches” I said. “ OK then, lets go”, Rohan. We went in to the wave pool. “ Try to jump with the waves this time” Rohan barked. “ OK” I replied. We played thirty more minutes and got out of the pool. “ Hey, Aman you want to go on some water rides” he said. “OK” I replied back.

Facing My Fear By: Rushi

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

We were waiting in line. I was so excited. I was jumping like a kangaroo. Then my cousin was making me scared. I was complaining to my mom and then it was our turn to go on the ride. I was really nervous. We put on our seat belt.  The lap bar was not tight. The ride started and my blood pressure was going high. Tick, tick, tick we were going up 80 degrees. Then we reached the top. I was a screaming like a little girl in the inside as we were going down. We were going in zig zags and squiggling around. Then we went up and down up and down. We turned around we came back to the station. We got off the ride. In a loud voice I told my mom, “I want to go on this again!”

All Aboard Carnival Glory By: Tia

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

“Ahhhhhhh” I shouted. I was so happy that we were going on a cruise ship . I was so exited because we didn’t go anywhere this summer . Still I was sad because my dad could not come  because my grandpa was in the hospital. I felt bad for my grandpa. At least  it was going to be fun because my cousin Christlynn  my mom my aunt and uncle and my other cousin Jace who is 8 months and his parents and last off all my sister Aleena  are going to come . Jace was just a cute little baby . “Mom , mom are you finished packing? I’m so exited I shouted”. “Almost my mom said”. My sister didn’t wake up so I went to wake her up . “ hey Aleena we’re going on the cruise ship today . She was so happy that she woke up so fast ran so fast to my parents room . “Okay guys we have to go now . “So quickly get ready”. Then me and Aleena ,my sister  ran to the bath room , brushed our teeth ,and took a shower and put  our clothes on. “Okay guys we are leaving my mom shouted from down stairs . Me and my sister ran so fast down stairs , ate our breakfast and said goodbye to my dad , grandpa and grandma. Then we got out  of the house and we had to pick up my aunt and uncle and my cousin Jace because we could go together and not take so many cars . We got to their house in 2 minutes since they live close . They got their stuff and put it in the back of the van . “Akka  Akka sit next to me” I yelled . By the way, Akka means sister but she is not my sister . I really do not know why I call her that. She put Jace in the middle  and she sat beside Jace. My cosin likes to smile so I made him smile . My sister fell fast asleep zzzzzzzzzzzz I could hear her snoring. Then my aunt gave milk to my cousin and he fell fast asleep to . Then we stopped at  a gas station  so my other uncle and aunt and my other cousin Christlynn could follow us. We got to the harbour in 2  hours . We   got out of our cars , took our luggage  and headed  towards security . We were  all good  then  we got on to the  ship . It was so big and cool . “Oh my gosh this is awesome” I shouted. “Isn’t this so big” I asked Aleena and Christlynn. We all decided to go to our rooms first. Then me, my mom and Aleena my sister went to our room on the 11th deck. We opened the door with our room key . “ This is awesome I shouted with joy. I knew this trip was going to be super duper fantastic fun. Well it was then we came aboard the Carnival Glory cruise ship. It did not seem to me that I just got on the cruise ship . I knew I would not want to get off the cruise ship.