Music Rocks! By: Ira

April 23rd, 2013


Most people say music is dedicated to their hearts. Well I certainly disagree! Not only is music dedicated to MY heart, I love it like a brother! Sniff! I love music because I can: do whatever I want, choose the music, and I can really dance to music anywhere! Read my essay to find out why I love music!


I love music because you can do whatever you want while listening to music. For example, you can RELAX! It is the best thing on Earth to do! If you have been having hard days, then sit back relax and pay some calm music. BTW ( by the way) you can go to the spa and get a massage. The spa has music too! Another thing to do is sleep while listening to music. At night if I can’t sleep, I play music and dose off. It helps me with me dreams, and I have a great dream! I believe while listening to music you can doodle. You would get inspiration and simulate. This is why you can do whatever you want while listening to music.


I love listening to music because you can choose the music. For example, one type of music is dreamy. Dreamy usually sounds like calm music because the person singing it is in love. You can doze off to it! Another type of music is… ROCKNROLL BABE! Some boys believe that Rock stars are their mentors. This is only one piece of the puzzle! The last kind of music I want to share is old style. Parents will say,” it reminds of when I was young! Sniff!” one song from the old times is called: Stay’in Alive. These are a few types of music you can listen to.


I love music because you can dance to it anywhere! Like at get-togethers. You can have fun! Another place is at your birthday party. Can’t have a dance party without music! If it’s windy outside the leaves look like they are dancing!  In my basement…“ I am officially bored!” I concluded, plopping my head on the couch. My cousins had come to my place for a sleepover and we were officially bored. “ Party time!” Soumya, my cousin exclaimed. “ Lets hit the lights!” I shrieked. “ I CAN’T IRA DEEDEE BECAUSE I AM ON MY LAPTOP!!!” My brother yelled. The disco lights were on BUT most importantly the music was on! “ Dance the night away!” Sarina (my other cousin) screamed. This is why you can dance to music anywhere.

When I wake up every morning and look at the sun it reminds me of a disco ball, it makes me think of my love for music. I LOVE music because: I can: do whatever I want, choose the music, and can dance to it anywhere. I bet you five bucks that you too have a soft part in your heart dedicated to music like ME!


Fun at the Falls By: Ganesh

April 23rd, 2013

I can remember the first time I went to Niagra Falls. The scenery took my breath away. I remember the getting out of the car and getting the first glimpse of Niagra Falls. That was the best day ever. Niagra Falls is my favorite place to go on vacation. The attractions, scenery, and entertainment make me like it so much.


“ All aboard” yelled the captain. The old dirty boat pulled off the dock. There were people waving at another boat. It was awesome to be so close to the Niagra Falls. The water was getting in the boat as we passed the Niagra Falls. Kids were looking over the side of the boat as their Parents grabbed them away from the railing. When we passed the Canadian Falls it was like a storm on the top deck people were running down the stairs and water was falling from the top. The boat returned to the dock and I whispered to my Dad “ we have to come back next summer”. There are many attractions at Niagra Falls. And they are all fun. One attraction is Journey behind the Niagra Falls. This is a wet, fun, sneak peek of Niagra Falls. With 2 viewing portals and 2 viewing decks this is the best place to get a view of Niagra Falls. Another attraction is Skylon tower. This spinning restaurant is a great place to grab something to eat. Towering over Niagra Falls this is a great place to get a view of Niagra Falls.


Niagra Falls is a place with some great views. One of the best views is Niagra Falls itself. At night the Falls are illuminated with light and it is a great sight. The Falls are cool to look at because they are huge. Everyone is used to seeing small waterfalls but Niagra Falls is gigantic. It is very loud because the Water rushes down the Falls. You can see it and hear it to.


There is a lot of fun Entertainment. One of my favorites is the tightrope walker. From the top of Skylon tower to Hilton hotel this scary but entertaining show is great way to end a trip. The show really scares you because the man is walking on a rope and you’re so scared that he is going to fall. But everything is safe. Another show is Danny Z. Danny Z is a hypnotist and he goes around the world doing shows for people. Sometimes you wonder that when he tells you to close your eyes that he is going to steal your stuff and run but everything but everything is real and fun. Another show is the Fireworks. This bright colorful show at night is a great way to end the day. For almost 5 minutes this show goes on bringing a new firework each minute.

You should definitely head to Niagra Falls. It is a great place to visit. With all the attractions, scenery, and entertainment it is one of the best places to visit. Don’t forget to go on Maid of the Mist.

The Best Family By: Elijah

April 23rd, 2013

Is your family important? My family is important because they take care of me no mater what happens to me. They help me, and are really fun.


My family always cares for me when I’m sick. They give me medicine to make me feel better. Also they make time to take me to the doctor even though they are busy.  Also my family feeds me when I am hungry. They make me food that I enjoy like rice, chicken, turkey, and pizza. They also take me out to eat.


My parents help me when I am getting teased. They help me when 5th grade kids pick on me. My parents help me with math. They help me when I am struggling on a question. They also help me when I don’t know what the question is asking me.


My parents entertain me. I was so board with my mom and then my mom thought of a game to play and the game was a lot of fun. The game was called who is the funniest person? Someone has to try to act the funniest and vote who was funnier. My parent’s are really funny. One time my mom was sending me to bed and she meant to say goodnight but she accidently said good morning.


My family is special to me. They take care of me, help me and they are fun. I’m happy that I have my family to support me.

All AboutThe Arts By: Carly

April 23rd, 2013


Did you know music is a type of art? Well art is also one of my favorite subjects. It’s fun, creative and an inspiration. SO READ THIS ESSAY!!


Art is fun. A mess is what makes art fun. You can’t make art without a mess. If you do not like messes don’t make art. Another reason is art is wet most paintings. Same thing it is a wet or art. The last reason is also creative. There are so many kinds like: Painting, clay and, more. Imagine how much creative art you can make.


My second reason is because art is creative. Reason 1 is weavings are a type of creative art. Color yarn held together by strings. You can weave a lot of things. Another reason is clay is creative. You can mold just about anything. The third reason is paintings are creative. All the colors make an amazing piece of art.


The final reason is art is an inspiration. Art tells you a story. Here is an example. “Wow! What a great artistic day” I told my grandma. My grandma and I went to the pottery place. I will write about this. The next day I wrote the story. The second reason is it reminds you of something. Art can remind you of any thing. For example pets. The third and final reason is art is a great story topic. This essay is a perfect example.


So that is why I love art its fun, creative and an inspiration so that concludes my essay, I hope you liked it and how did you like this essay??


April 23rd, 2013


Hurricanes are scary because: they cause damage, they are very noisy, and the power goes out. Read my essay to find out why Hurricanes are scary! AAH!!


One Reason hurricanes are scary because they cause damage. Some states can have floods and that’s really, really, really bad. It is really bad because people can’t go to the grocery store without their car and by that time water would be rising too high, they would not be able to get to their car because of one flood. Also someone could drown and be killed. Another bad thing about hurricanes is people’s home’s can get destroyed. It is worse because it can cost a lot of money, they can lose their property like pictures, TV’s and so many more.


My second reason is they are very noisy. Noise can come from a hurricane like thunder and lightning when it goes boom. Sometimes thunder can scare me a lot A power surge can make noise. When it happens there is a blue light in the sky, which means a power surge, is going on. But there is one noise that can scare me a lot during a hurricane: the wind. That can DESTROY anything like a chair being torn through the air. The wind sounds like a very loud speaker going right into my Ear Drum Which hurts.


My last reason is that the power goes out. The power going out can scare me a lot. It can turn your heating off which means you will be cold. This is the worst part-NO TV!!!!!!! There might be a cool show I watch like walking dead. But could not because there was no power. And the power will be out for days which means- NO TEACNOLOGY!!!!! And I love going on the computer. During Hurricane Sandy…        The sky was as black as ink. My Dad, Grandma, and I grabbed flashlights and went into the living room. We watched the wind Blow outside. I was a little bit nervous but okay.


What can you do during a hurricane???? Be prepared! Some power outages might happen! You see that’s why I am afraid of hurricanes. Hurricanes are scary because they cause Damage, they are very noisy, and the power goes out. Be prepared for a Hurricane!!!

Six Flags By: Aman

April 23rd, 2013

Six flags is very. Lots of people go there each year. It is only open in the spring and summer. There is a water park and a theme park. They have the tallest ride on EARTH, King Da Ka. Six Flags is my favorite place to go because there are awesome rides, they have prizes, and there is good food.

“All aboard” the conductor yelled. Me and my dad were going on King Da Ka, the tallest ride in the world . We hopped on the train car. The car started going up ,up, up, up into the clear blue sky. The wheels rattling and creaking made me think I was going to fall off. Then suddenly, WHOOSH! We were plunging to the surface, it was like being on a jet ski. I was screaming my head off. My dad was screaming so loud that my ears felt like they were about to pop. Then the car jolted to a stop. SCREECH! We jumped off the ride. “I want to go again” I said. ”No way my Dad said. King cobra is a fun ride. It is pitch black inside. You also get to race people. The tube is painted like a snakes body. It feels like you are actually in a snake. Another ride is the Laz river . It’s not really a ride, but it’s a river. You can just get in a tube and you are of. You can stay all day if you want.


The stuffed animals at Six Flags come in all colors and sizes. You can win almost anything there. Another prize is toys. The toys last long and the toys never break. For example, a glow in the dark light saber. There are other types of prizes. For example, there are balls.


The pizza is really good. You can put any topping you want on your pizza. There’s mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese and much more. The funnel cake at Six Flags is yummy and soft. It is shaped like a pretzel and it is hot. The french fries are better than anything there. They are long and thin.


When I go somewhere, Six Flags is my favorite choice.  When I’m walking in the theme park, I feel like jumping into a pool. There are a lot of restaurants there. You could get a giant funnel cake. Don’t forget to try King Da Ka, the tallest ride in the world. In the booths, you can win anything. Don’t forget to try the parashoots!

The Awesome DS By: Mridh

April 23rd, 2013

The Nintendo company gets over 1,000,000 dollars a year.  So that must mean a lot of people buy their DS’s and like them too.  I like to play on my DS because there are lots of games to play, you can connect with friends, and it gives you something to do.

There are lots of games to choose from on the DS.  One kind, are the Mario games.  You go on adventures as Mario and Luigi.  I like them because it takes long to beat and gives you a little bit of a challenge so you will always have something to play.  Another kind of game I like are the Pokémon games.  I like them because they are long and challenging just like the Mario games.  I also really like the sports games.  I like them because you don’t beat them, you just keep playing and playing.

I also really like to connect with friends.  You can connect with Game Sync.  With Game Sync, you can connect your games and play with each other but only if you have the same game.  Another way is with Picto-Chat.  You can draw, type, or write to your friends.  You can also connect with friends and play a game you don’t have, but your friend has with DS download play.

Also, the DS gives you something to do.  Like one time, I asked my friend Sriman what we were supposed to play at his house.  We were really bored.  “UGH!”  I yelled.  “We already played outside, and we already played Wii.  Oh!  I know!  Why don’t we play on the DS?”  I asked.  After we started, we weren’t bored after that.

When I am bored, I have something to do on my DS.  I like to play on my DS because there are lots of games, you can connect with friends, and it gives you something to do.  If you don’t have a DS, you should get one for these reasons, and because new games are always coming out.



April 23rd, 2013

Did you know that exercise gives you a longer life? I really enjoy exercising. It is good for you and you can even play sports while you exercise.

Having a longer life is good for you that can happen if you exercise. Once my friend had an uncle he exercised so much that he was only a few more days away from turning one hundred years old. He exercised so much he felt like a kid again. Do you exercise every day? If you do you will become healthy and strong. But if you eat sugar every day you will get sick and if you go to the doctor he will say you need to exercise every day. You eat sweets a lot? If you do that is not good don’t eat sweets all the time if you do it’s unhealthy. Some times it’s good to eat sweets but not all the time you should eat healthy foods like fruits and veggies.

“Come on you guys my mom yelled’’! To my brother and I were coming we both yelled”! “Do you know what time it is’’  “no! We both yelled! “It’s exercise. Come on I sighed. As Darrel my brother and me and I checked On Demand for some exercise videos we were happy because we finally got to spend time with our mom. It was so fun we all got to spend time as a family. After all it was awesome because we all did so much exercise that day so will never forget that day. Also do you like to watch a lot of TV? If you do you should know TV is good for you when you’re bored but you should still exercise. There is a fun way to exercise now you can just go check ON Demand and look for exercise videos and at least you can do this by watching TV. Also if you like to play sports but you don’t like to exercise? Listen to what I have to say. Sports are still exercise because when you play sports you know when you get all sweaty that’s because your body is tired of exercising.

Here’s another question do you like sports but you don’t like to exercise?   Playing sports is still exercise. Now whenever your mom tells you to exercise play a sport. Did you know when you exercise and play sports you can play any sport you want to play. You can play Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, and Baseball. You like sports? If you do listen to this you can play sports any time you want. You know why because when you play sports it’s still exercise. So you just ask your parents that you want to play sports they will say yes because it’s still exercise and you can do it any time you want when I’m bored exercising.

I can even play sports with my friends the best part is that you can do it with your parents and that’s fun. Don’t forget to exercise if you want to have a nice and healthy body.


The Tundra By Ira, Dylan, and Chris

December 21st, 2012


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