New Music for Hershey

Okay, you asked for it! Here is a sneak peak at 3 of the pieces we will be performing at Hershey in May. I think you’re going to love working on these. GIve them a good listen and let me know what you think.

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  1. Emperor Anurag the Bass Clarinet says:

    It’s the Emperor, and this time: FIRST TO COMMENT!!!!

    I really enjoyed the song selection. We have to work REALLY hard on these three songs.

    Until next time,
    This is the Emperor signing off… :cool: :arrow:

  2. Joseph O'Leary says:

    First off, finally, new music!!! :grin: Second, to all first trumpets,in Fate of the Gods measure 180, the solo, you need to know how to flutter. If you are right now thinking “what does he mean flutter” then just forget it.

    Confluence: Gonna fly ;-) So be ready for it. Ahh, I love this beginning. At the ending, fff is fortississimo, all except the last note…The 5/8 and 6/8 measures are counted fast, so again, be ready. At 110, major slow down, then back up to speed at 112.

    Fate of the Gods: Straight Mutes :grin: Like all Reineke pieces, this is a great song, and has quite a twist to it ;-) 52 speeds up a lot, make sure you are watching! Trumpets, careful at 71. Modulation at 97. 105 trumpets, it is slower then the flute or clarinet part earlier, so don’t be in a rush. 173 Speeds up again, be watching. Measure 180 another modulation. At 210, we have to make that pause happen.

    Song Without Words: Flugelhorn :grin: In the beginning, it says Ruhig, which means quiet. 9 is PP for flugelhorn, don’t blast it! And if anyone does not know, C means common time, or 4/4. Flugerlhorn at 9, big breath! This song is very slow, compared to the others. Ritardando at 65–66. 78 MEGA BREATH Flugels ;-) Lastly, at the ending, have the quiet, to the loud in the chords, to the softness again.

    Good luck first trumpets (247-250 of Fate of the Gods) :grin:

  3. Abhishek Allaka says:

    Songs are EPIC.
    How long do we have to make them EPIC?
    Are they going to be EPIC?
    Thats based on how EPIC we are
    i think I’ve used the word EPIC too much…

    Enough said….

    ~ Abhishek Allaka

  4. Kevin Chen says:

    Yo ya’ll, this is the school’s president. I just wanted to mention that the songs are AWESOME. Also, I wanted to ask when are we going to get the jazz band songs posted on the blog? I am listening to the Fate of the Gods, and I feel sad for the clarinets :twisted: . that’s all for now.
    I wish you all a well merry christmas and a goodest new year :grin:

  5. Jackie A ^_^ says:

    ….ahaha, I have this really bad feeling that we’re all going to hate you in band, Mr. Perillo… ^^”

    awesome songs, though… can’t wait to hear how epicly we fail this the first whole band practice we have~ :D …and then how epicly we play this at hershey~ :3 …hopefully… >,>

    i really LOVE confluence and fate of the gods~ :P slow songs usually bore me to tears, so song without words is just ehh~ -3-

    yay new music~ ^_^”

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