Recordings of our last rehearsal

Here are the recordings of all 3 of our Hershey Songs. Give them a listen to see exactly what the audience gets to hear. Please give some feedback as to what you heard.

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  1. SP says:

    Hey everyone!
    Overall, the songs sound great, but need to be “clearer”. The melodies need to come out more and the background needs to stay in the background! The dynamics aren’t too amazing either. Our softs need to be SOFTER! Especially in On Angel Wings, if you listen, you don’t hear the “passion” because the entire song is played at mf and f. To crescendo, we have to start softer. Of course, the audience won’t know if there is a mistake here and there, but we do want to give them a breathtaking experience, don’t we?

  2. jvigthetrumpet says:

    We really need to work on these three songs.

    1. In the beginning, the bells were not together.
    2. The Bass Clarinets squeaked in the middle of the song.
    3. Clarinet were out of tune.
    4. Cymbals were too loud in the middle. I think 52.

    Fate of the Gods
    1. In the beginning, the trombones need to be quieter.
    2. Clarinets were terribly out of tune. It ruined the whole song!
    3. Band is not together.
    4. Bass Clarinets squeaked in the middle of the song.
    5. The French Horns sounded like dead dogs (no offense).
    6. Work on where to take breaths. Sounded choppy some places. Especially at end.

    Angel Wings
    1. In the beginning, not together.
    2. Play with emotion.
    3. Again, clarinets are not in tune.
    4. Play softer. I know, me too.

    All in all, the clarinets must tune!!!

  3. Deepika Venkatesan says:


    -clarinets are not together/out of tune
    -mallets really need to watch the conductor to stay together
    -cymbals are too loud!

    fate of the gods:
    -low brass sound really good in the beginning–your sounds blend nicely– but you’re rushing sometimes… watch Mr.Perillo!
    -clarinets are playing very choppy/and once again out of tune :cry:
    -well done with the runs flutes and clarinets! impressive :smile:
    -clarinets! At around 119 we are rushing so badly! watch the conductor and listen to those around you!! And don’t chop off the quarter notes so short–hold them for their FULL value
    -french horns i know your instrument is really hard to play but your music is just a little… disorienting
    -trumpets, french horns, and trombones–hold your notes for their full value. Play all the way until another part takes the melody.
    -wow, really loud :shock:

    angel wings:
    -too loud for a song like this… everyone needs to play a mf at the most (with a band this big)
    -clarinets and flutes–don’t cut off your notes so short
    -trumpets have to be gentler at some parts
    -flutes/clarinets/mallets are rushing the eighth notes

    overall, think about these things:

    -look out for an accidental or a suspension to a resolution in your parts and bring them out–the unique chords are what give brightness to the music :smile:

    -clarinets–always out of tune. i understand that we can’t exactly tune our instrument, but we have to listen to the people around us and blend in accordingly–that goes for all the instruments. listen to the other parts instead of just yourself… and clarinets–often, how tight your jaws and cheeks are and how you hold your instrument (tilted forward or straight down) make a big difference in your intonation.

    -everyone should pay close attention to where they are breathing. Our band has come a long way but we still need to work on our phrasing. Don’t just play the notes on your paper–composers may have created it, but it’s your job to shape it into music.

  4. Julia D says:

    I agree on what’s already been said… but here’s my critique:
    -right before measure 16 w/ the FF, our crescendo must be larger and gradual. clarinets should make their long note should be “musical”- in other words, don’t just honk out that note.
    -Hold the notes for their full value (especially low brass)
    -after measure 22, clarinets should make the notes STACCATO!
    - low brass needs to come out more at 94.
    -in the beginning, everyone needs to over exaggerate our crescendos and overall dynamics. Our louds are loud enough!
    - at 35, clarinets should back off a bit or the melody can be brought out more.
    -when low brass had the melody at measure 39, use more dynamics!
    -56 to 75 and 77 is really good!
    -again, at 97, LOOK AT YOUR DYNAMICS PLEASE! :!: :!:
    -please tune whoever is playing at the slow section after 118.
    -improve your PHRASING-especially at the 1st slow section…
    -163 needs more DYNAMICS!
    -188 sounds cool… :cool:
    -people blatted their notes at 208!
    -the last slow section was REALLY out of tune.
    On Angel Wings:
    -WORK ON PHRASING! it’ll take the audience on a “journey”
    -hold notes for value (for low brass again!) there are awkward gaps in the middle of the song
    -flute needs to polish the runs
    -sounds pretty at the end!!!
    -hold notes in full value
    -exaggerate on dynamics
    -play more delicate in slow sections
    -take control of your tone
    -watch the conductor!
    -sorry this was long. :P
    -And last but not least… TUNE!

  5. Emperor Anurag the Bass Clarinet says:

    There are a lot of major and minor things we need to work on:

    On Angle Wings-
    1. triangle missed the measure 1 cue by a hair
    2. clarinets are kind of squeaky
    3. certain brass instruments sound a little weird
    4. the melody is overpowered by the low brass parts at many points
    5. certain section sections of the song are flat, without passion
    6. work on phrasing and dynamics
    7. hold notes for their full value
    8. TUNE!!!

    1. clarinets seem to be rushing a little at measures 4-10
    2. clarinets are squeaking like crazy
    3. clarinets at measure 26 must be staccato
    4. cymbals gets too loud somewhere between measures 36-44
    5. mallets can barely be heard at measure 61
    6. flutes and other instruments get too loud somwhere between measures 94-106
    7. measures 127-131 sound a little odd
    8. work on phrasing and dynamics
    9. TUNE!!!

    Fate of the Gods-
    1. bass clarinets seemed to sqeak a little in measures 1-4
    2. trombones sounded funny at measures 5-18
    3. some places between measures 19-51
    4. measure 68-75 was a bit too loud
    5. bass clarinet was a little too quiet at measure 77 and bass drum was too loud at measure 76
    6. certain ares of the song became too loud
    7. brandon and brandon at measures 119-154 sounded somewhat odd and need to be heard more
    8. several clarinet squeaks throughout
    9. some accents/dynamics at measures 163-180 weren’t executed properly
    10. flugle and trumpet at 180-188 sounded off tune
    11. there were many clashes between notes where they’re not supposed to be
    12. work on phrasing and dynamics
    (I skipped 13.)
    14. TUNE!!!

    Overall we’re good, not great, not excellent, but good. If I were to score the songs, I’d give them the following:
    AOW- (not scored, this is our warm up)
    C- 95
    FOTG- 97

    If we can fix our mistakes, we’ll be AWESOME!

    Until next time,
    this is the Emperor signing off… :arrow: :cool:

  6. VicP says:

    In confluence clarinets be more light/lively at beginning! And everyone exaggerate dynamics more, sifts softer and … Well louds are loud enough.

  7. VicP says:

    FOTG: French horn (solo thing before snares come in) in the beginning needs to be more clear. Also better fp and sfz be softer and a little louder. And whatever keeps squeaking has to stop because it reapetedly does it throughout the song!

  8. Beast Bass Trombone says:

    Confluence: The beginning transition where the rest of the band enters after the clarinet and saxophone solos is not together. After that, the rythym is okay almost throughout the rest of the song, but the dynamic contrast can be emphasized a lot more.

    FOTG: The beginning sounds great from the trombones. :smile: However, the trombones need to slur their notes in the section a little bit after after the beginning and before the tempo change. The trumpets need to back off when they don’t have the melody and it’s not their time to shine. EVERYONE needs to watch Mr. Perillo when he is trying to adjust the tempo or give cues! Also, the french horns’ solo needs to be solid by Hershey. THE LAST NOTE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN Fp, but only some people played it! EVERYBODY needs to play the fp on the last note.

    Overall, it is clearly noticible that the band is playing well, but needs loads of improvement to try and match what the band was able to accomplish last year. It is just a matter of everyone collectively trying harder to play their music at the next level. In each section, there are a few people who try hard to play their music well, and then there are people who decide to slack off on their playing. Sorry to be harsh, but even if our band was filled with 2 proffessional musicians in each section, we still wouldn’t be able to live up to last year’s achievements, because there are still people that don’t try hard enough to make their playing the best that it can be. I’m not blaming anybody in particular, but you know if you are one of the musicians in our band that are not playing to their full potential. I urge everyone who knows that they are one of the weaker musicians in their section to try harder every time they play their music. Again, sorry to be so harsh, and remember that I am not excluding myself from the comments above (For those of you that know who I am).

  9. boom shack-a-laka says:

    The Songs sound pretty good….
    Its just the small things that we need to work on….
    If we all work together, tell each other what we are doing wrong, and what we are doing right, then we can do great!
    Flutes and Claritnets: Please TUNE! :evil:

    Saxophones: Stay behind when another section has the melody

    Low Brass: Dont Rush/Slow Down

    Drums/Mallots: Stay together, crisper notes, and watch MR.PERILLO

    Trumpets: Dont ‘BLAT’ your notes

    BAND: Stay together, watch, listen, understand, and get back on track. We have only a couple days to Hershey. Dont stop PRACTICING and I us all the best of luck when we get to Hershey!

    I hope you find this helpful

    PS. Clarinets and Flutes tune……PLEASE?!?! :arrow: :???:

  10. Jeremy S says:

    Confluence- sounds out of tune
    – clarinets squeaking
    – too loud
    – not together at the beginning (bells and piano) TUNE!!!

    Fate- TOO MUCH SQUEAKING! http
    – loud
    -measure 5 was not too good
    – trombones hold last note in 39
    Angel wings- squeaking (clarinets)
    – loud

    overall the songs were OK. they could still use a LOT of work. For Hershey I’d probably give an 88%
    Lastly some parts were excellent.

  11. MB Tuba says:

    ok people! Hershey’s in 3 days and there is a bunch of things we can change!

    first, in Confluence, the clarinets doing the solo need to be together on the first run like thing of the solo. If you listen, you can hear one clarinet who is a slight bit late, and it is really bothering. Also, when everyone comes in, it sounds super muddy and un-articulated. It just sounds like a bunch of people playing random things. Another thing is that in the beginning of the 2/4, 5/4, 2/4, 6/4 part, the percussion needs to be quieter. Along with that, when the clarinets/flutes play, they hold their one, single boring note really long and loud. It is not the melody and it can be lowered. its not too bad though, theres just those few things that can make us improve from an excellent to a superior :)

    next, in FOTG, the beginning low brass players (and not the tubas and bass clarinets on the first note) need to make sure they tune and are together. You can hear that their entrances were off and not tuned. Another thing, is that the tuba and bass clarinet players need to be louder. I know its hard, but as long as we can play in tune, we need to play louder. The 16th notes ( i think) that the tuba trombone euphonium play needs to be slower and more together. You can really hear it in the recording. The trombones and the french horns really need to tune, along with every one else in the band. the low brass, when playing as a whole, can play softer and not punch the entrances so much. The last thing is that the sax’s can play softer. On some parts, they are blasting.

    In Angel Wings, the flutes/clarinet/trumpets need to watch their tuning a lot in the beginning. The dynamics need to come out a lot more and our softs really need to be soft. Right now we are just obnoxiously loud. But, if you listen, the very beginnning of the 2nd half is really good. It sounds really cool.

    Overall, we really are in a good place. I think we can have more improvements before Hershey if we do simple things (like tune) which can help our score in Hershey. Good job everyone!

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