First Recording of Carol of the Bells/Greensleeves

Here is the first recording of Carol of the Bells. For only 2 rehearsals, I think it’s a great start to the year. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Remember, give constructive comments, not mean ones.

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  1. Trumpeteer 1 says:

    It sounded good in the beggining. When the trumpets got the melody at 19 the band started to fall apart a little, and that continued for a while. Also, the duh-duh-duh-duhs for Carol of the Bells sections should be a little clearer. For 2 rehearsals in though, it sounds great! ;-)

  2. Emperor Anurag the Bass Clarinet says:

    Hello, it’s the Emperor again!
    Hopefully I’m the first to comment again. (By the way, for those of you who read my previous comment, I am not the only Bass Clarinet! :razz: )
    Anyways, after listening to the recording, here’s what I thought (remember, the Snowball does not lie and neither will I):

    1. Obviously, the tempo was slow (which we should be able to bring up speed eventually) :|
    2. The low brass, throughout the song, was choppy and kind of sounded like “blaaarb”, literally: “blaarb” was the actual sound. :shock: (not to be mean, but the tone *hint, hint* must be improved).
    3. The flutes sounded a bit to soft at times. :?:
    4. The clarinets were slightly squeaky. :!:
    5. At some points in the song (including the begining), it just sounded like a collection of loud noises, not a song. :oops: Not good (the dynamics *hint, hint* must be improved).
    6. The percussion at times was a little overpowering. :sad:
    7.The low woodwinds need to be heard a little more. :idea:
    8. I don’t think I heard much of the trumpets or saxopohnes. :x
    9. In meany areas the entire band sounded off-tune. :evil:
    10. The overall tone quality and dynamics NEED to be improved. :roll:

    I hope I RIPPED the recording to SHREDS and still gave constructive info. :twisted: HEH! :razz:
    Don’t forget to *hint, hint* PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE; Practice is the mother of Skill.
    And remember: FEAR THE SNOWBALL! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA! :twisted:

    Until next time,
    This is the Emperor signing off … :arrow: :cool:

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    the clarinets at one part got out of tuned
    at the rit. the band got messy

  4. I think that this song is okay, but it needs some help because when some instruments come in it sounds like nobody is together especially at the rit. But it could be worse. ;-)

  5. Chandu says:

    We did good for the second rehearsal, but we could do better! :grin:

  6. Bari sax uhhh, yeah says:

    Boy, can’t wait until the tempo gets faster(and everyone gets in tune).
    Yeah, the bells have to play a bit louder at measure 10 i think.

  7. Jvigthetrumpet says:

    This is Jvigthetrumpet!
    I am just going to list down all the bad stuff.

    1. The trumpets and drums weren’t together at the beginning.
    2. The trumpets blatted at the first time of 11.
    3. Saxophones weren’t in tune 45.
    4. Drums weren’t together at 87.
    5. The trumpets were playing to fast in rit.
    6. 106 was all over the place.

    It wasn’t that bad but we need to work.
    Signing off…

  8. King Joshua of the Tuba Clan says:

    :twisted: Ok so first of all i would like to addres the DYNAMICS!!! this song has many dynamics and I think we should work on them. That is all for now!!!
    - King Joshua of the Tuba Clan :twisted:

  9. MorganleFay(Clarinet) says:

    First off, it could be worse, a lot worse.
    Some stuff to work on(not in order through the piece):
    -Our togetherness(if that makes any sense) around the 98 area(rit. and on)
    -Clarinets were a couple beats behind in 109
    -11 1st time I couldn’t really hear anything…
    Note: Don’t try to play the professional recording and this one at the same time. It doesn’t work and you may egt a headache.
    I might decide to insul- I mean give us more “constructive criticism” later…

  10. Trumpeteer 1 says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree with number 8. I could hear most sections clearly, except for one part at 3 i think where the bells got drowned out by the flutes. Also, we killed (quite literally) the ritardando and onward until 114 :x . AND, the last 3 measures hurt my ears. And no, i will not fear the snowball.

  11. Julia D says:

    okay, so first song of the year in symphonic band… hmmm… interesting. ^-^
    1. not bad for a first recording! i mean, we had 2 rehearsals and we made it to the end as a band! :lol:
    2. The bells at measure 11 or something was real solid! :)

    What we can work on:
    1. TUNE TUNE TUNE TUNE! Grab that tuner and tune please! (SOFI….. sharp/push out, flat/push in btw…)
    2. Play with good quality, splatting or blatting or playing louder than everyone else isnt necessarily good.
    3. In general, the saxs sounded a bit “honky” and so were the clarinets. XP
    4. Look, learn, and follow the dynamics!
    5. Low woodwinds/Brasses in particular (I’m guilty for doing this too. >.<) hold notes for full value! In the beginning especially with the dotted half notes!
    6. Ohemgee… 45 was honking… articulate, don't honk your instrument!
    7. 95 was pretty unclear…. watch the conductor! O.O
    8. In a few spots, either the trumpets and/or trombones held their notes too long and was clear in the recording.

    Pretty good so far! Two rehearsals and this is where we came from in this piece. We have a number of rehearsals left, so let's make the best of it! :)

    ~Julia D~

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