10 Responses to “Ritika”

  1. wer19 says:

    i really liked the pictures. nice job!

  2. wer20 says:

    great job. I loved it you put a lot of work into it.:>

  3. wer8 says:

    i <3 your story very nice pictures

  4. wer12 says:

    you did a great job and had it look like a real movie!

  5. sydney says:

    omg, that is soo good! so much detail, your voice changes whenever it is either a new character or their mood changes. it is awesome!

  6. WER9 says:

    Wow! I was so interested it had me deep into the story great job!

  7. WER 15 says:

    I love your pictures… nicely emphasized words and sentences

  8. WER18 says:

    I loved it! You did a great job!

  9. uma says:

    I really like your podcast you can relate to it
    keep up the hard work it shows :)

  10. WER 15 says:

    nicely emphasized sentences. So COOL!!!

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