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Welcome to the Blog!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011



Hello Third Graders!

We will do a lot of things together on this blog this year.  We will discuss books we read together, respond to questions from books in our reading groups, watch videos about some of our science and social studies units, and much more.  I’m excited to see what YOU think.


A few reminders about the blog:

1- You will post with your initials, a space, and then your fire drill number.  For example, if your name was Rebecca Clayman and your fire drill number was three, you would post as RC 3.

2- Everything you do on here needs to follow the acceptable use policy.  That means that you need to be careful with the computer, only go to the websites that you are allowed to go to, and tell an adult if you see or hear something inappropriate.

3-  You need to be polite.  If you comment on something or on someone else’s post, you need to show respect for what you are commenting on.  Remember that posting on the blog is a privilege- please use that privilege respectfully!


Who’s ready to blog???