Welcome to the SBPA blog!

Welcome!  If you’ve found this blog, you likely know a little something about the South Brunswick Parent Academy! However, just in case you’ve landed here via google, here’s some background information: The South Brunswick Parent Academy (SBPA) was founded on the concept of “Solving the Puzzle of Parenting … One Piece at a Time,” and is a result of the collaboration between the South Brunswick Municipal Alliance and the South Brunswick School District.  Both have partnered to offer a series of workshops under the SBPA umbrella, offering workshops on a variety of topics of particular interest to parents, including South Brunswick School District workshops on curriculum, instruction and safe and caring schools.

Now in its sixth year, the SBPA is adding this blog, as well as recommendations for companion readings to further supplement and enhance the information discussed in the workshops.  Our hope is that the blog will become a useful vehicle for sharing information both in the planning stages of our workshops and as a forum for continued discussion after the workshops:  hopefully adding another helpful piece to “the puzzle of parenting.”

Toward that end, please feel free to add your comments, questions or suggestions.  We will do our best to shape and define the blog as we go along, with deference to the needs and wants of our followers.  Check back frequently for updates and information!

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