Who is that alien in my child’s bedroom?

Do you feel like someone has taken your formerly precious child and replaced him or her with an unrecognizable adolescent? Who is that alien in your child’s bedroom?  Attend our our Oct. 6th workshop, Helping Your Child Navigate the Road to Middle School Success and learn not only how to identify and understand the stranger, but strategies and techniques to make these inevitable (and normal!) transitions more manageable for the entire family.  In addition, this interactive workshop will address the roadblocks to success that often pop up during the middle school years, from minor distractions to more serious risky behaviors that your child may encounter and will offer sound strategies and advice for identifying and dealing with them effectively.

During this workshop, we will be featuring, “Life At the Crossroads, “ a video of current and former students highlighting our middle schoolers’ changes and transitions; telling their stories as only they can. The video offers an informative and sometimes surprising, behind-the-scenes peek into the world of our teens and is bound to be a launching pad for some interesting post-workshop conversation with your child.

While waiting for the workshop, we can recommend a book which offers some insight to dealing with your teen:  Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! Loving Your Teen Without Losing Your Mind, by Michael J. Bradley.  Bradley, a psychologist drawing on current brain research, argues that since teenagers’ brains aren’t fully developed, much of a teen’s seemingly irrational behavior or thinking can be explained by biology.  In addition, Bradley argues, contemporary culture further challenges teens’ thinking capabilities; the prevalence of sex, drugs and violence makes the teen’s job of cognitive balancing even more precarious. The good news is that parents do make a difference and Bradley clearly explains how parents can encourage and guide their kids through these tumultuous years. (Publisher’s Weekly).  As an added bonus, we will be giving away several copies of Bradley’s book to ten lucky registrants!

As we plan and fine-tune the workshop, we’d like to know some of the issues you’ve encountered in dealing with your middle-schooler.  What are the areas that you’ve found to be most stressful?  School work? Friends? Risky behaviors? Discipline?

More importantly, have you discovered any ideas or methods in dealing with your teen, in which you’ve found success?