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5 Responses to Secrets

  1. simikinz says:

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this ones mine! good job everyone, thank you for doing such a great job, you are just soooo wonderful!

  2. fuzzyheadMas says:

    SECRETS there not always the best thing to have.

  3. Cuddles says:

    YAY!!!! This is really nice, i had fun making it. I hoped you enjoyed this. Look out for me in more videos, and i made a commercail, for a show. Note it is not really coming to a TV near you.

    P.S the caplock button is giving me a hard time, i have to tedeasly press it till the green light goes on.

    Cuddles out,

  4. TDLive says:

    I admire how you told the story and how you addressed an issue that’s so common around kids today.

    • simikinz says:

      thank you billy, as i was desiding what the movie was about, i really wanted to adress a issue people could relate to.

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