Offering thanks to a hard-working group of people

            By Governor’s proclamation, January has been designated as School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey.  During the month of January, Board of Education members in South Brunswick School District will continue what they do every month of the year.  And while public meetings are held and televised throughout the community, most people know very little about the incredibly important volunteer service that is being provided to the community.

            In New Jersey, 4,800 men and women serve as members of local Boards of Education.  There are nine you should thank for their enormous commitment to children of our community:

Martin Abschutz

Harry J. Delgado

Robert F. Long

Barry Nathanson

Stephen F. Parker

Arthur L. Robinson

Matthew Speesler

Deborah Taylor

Anna Tupé

            Besides providing an incredible volunteer service, our Board Members provide first-hand role model examples for our youngsters.  Each member serves on several sub-committees of the Board and, inasmuch, study preparatory materials and attend meetings to discuss issues.  The outcome of these committee meetings typically frame recommendations for the entire Board to study and take action.

            Election to the South Brunswick Board of Education provides new members with the obligation for local orientation training and mandated State training.  Upon completion of this initial training, the new member joins incumbent members in an ongoing annual training cycle.

            The heart of the Board of Education experience is to shape a school district into a positive and productive place for children to learn.  Public evidence of Board of Education work is routinely reported in the media in the form of test results.  Likewise, Board members oversee the budget process that is placed, annually, on the ballot for voter action.

            If that sounds like tough, time-consuming work, you are understanding this message quite well.  I’m proud to report that, based upon South Brunswick’s student achievement results, your Board of Education is doing exemplary work.  In my twenty-three years as a public school superintendent, I have never worked with a better Board of Education.  I am proud to be a colleague with the members of the South Brunswick Board of Education and I hope you share in that pride.

            Often a thankless job, I hope you will seek out our Board of Education members and express your appreciation during the month of January.  Their contact information can  be found here.  


Gary P. McCartney

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