Gathering Blue- Chapter 5

Open-Ended Question 1

But Kira shook her head again.  She had wanted to weave, once.  The weaving women had always been kind to her.  But her future seemed different now.  (Chapter 5, page 55)

  • Why does Kira’s future seem different now?   Explain.
  • How does Kira feel about the Council of Guardians’ decision? Explain.

Use information from Chapter 5 in Gathering Blue to support your response.

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  1. Danielle says:

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  3. kelli.zicha says:

    “But Kira shook her head again. She had wanted to weave, once. The weaving women had always been kind to her. But her future seemed different now.” Kira’s life was about to change. Kira, a talented weaver, learned her skills from her mother. She contributed to society by working in the weaving shed, picking up scraps and threads. An evil woman in the village, Vandara, made some accusations about Kira. Vandara said that Kira was imperfect, useless, and did not contribute to society. She also said that she ate a lot. Kira’s future depended on a meeting with the Council of Guardians in the Council Edifice. Jamison defended Kira. The Guardians agreed that Kira would live under the condition that she uses her talents to complete the Singer’s robe.

    Kira is relieved to learn that the Guardians decided to let her live. Annabella will teach Kira the art of dye so she can restore, repair, and complete the Singer’s robe. This reminds me of a time when I was in a situation similar to Kira. (Make a connection- personal or to a novel). In closing, Kira is eager to learn the art of dye to complete the Singer’s robe.


  4. Sophia says:

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  6. Ramya S says:

    “But Kira shook her head again. She had wanted to weave, once. The weaving women had always been kind to her. But her future seemed different now.” Kira led herself into a new future now. From a young age, Kira was a very talented weaver. She has contributed to the society by working at the weaving shed. Of course she was too young to actually weave along with the other kind ladies. As a result, she watched them carefully while she gathered the scraps and did the tidying up. One afternoon, an evil lady named Vandara, threatened to kill Kira if she did not leave the village. But when Vandara found out that she will be killed if she did not sort this out with the Council of Edifice, she took Kira the early next morning. While they were discussing each of their point of views at the Council Of Edifice, Vandara made many accusations about Kira. For example, she called her imperfect and that Kira did not contribute to the society. But Kira chose Jamison to defend her. When the results came in after lunch, the Guardians agreed that Kira can live under one circumstance, that she must use her talent to replace the Singer’s robe.

    Kira feels depressurized to hear that the Guardians will let her stay under one condition. She confesses to Jamison that she does not know the art of dye since her mom unfortunately passed away too soon. So Jamison decides to send her to Annabella, Katrina’s teacher/tutor. I can connect this to a similar conflict. When I was in fifth grade, my friend was caught cheating on a test, but to escape from the consequences she told a lie to the teacher. Later when the teacher found out, she had to retake the test and attend after school classes, but she was eager to learn it properly this time. In conclusion, Kira interested to learn the art of dye to make the the Singer’s robe a masterpiece when it is completed.


  7. kelli.zicha says:

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  8. Nikita says:

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  13. Gopa says:

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  14. Gopa says:

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    “But Kira shook her head again. She had wanted to weave, once. The weaving women had always been kind to her. But her future seemed different now.” Before her trip to the Council Edifice, Kira had worked at the weaving shed, picking up scraps and cleaning up the area. Now that Camilla was gone, the friendly women who had worked with her at the shed offered Kira Camilla’s workspace. Normally, Kira would’ve accepted this offer gratefully. However, she had a bigger job to take care of now.
    Kira was, unfortunately, born crippled. She was actually to be left for beasts in the Field of Leaving. Her mother, Katrina, realized how strong Kira was and couldn’t see her die. Katrina fought to keep Kira alive. Now that Katrina is dead, Kira is once again unsafe. A terrible woman named Vandara wants Kira’s land because she wants to build a pen for chickens and tykes. Vandara threatens to kill Kira with rocks. However, Vandara is then reminded that if she does not take this problem to the Council Edifice, she will be killed. Kira and Vandara go to the Council Edifice, where it is decided that Kira will live. Kira’s new job is to mend, take care of, and complete the Singer’s Robe, after her mother. Kira is given a new quarters in the Council Edifice, which means that Vandara is given Kira’s land.
    Kira’s mind is probably swirling with mixed feelings at the moment. Kira is probably relieved that she is not to be killed. I also think Kira is feeling nervous and worried, somewhat. Kira’s mother has passed away before she could teach her daughter the art of dye. Kira only knows how to weave with colored threads. She had to lie to Jamison about knowing how to color threads because at that moment, it was life and death for her. Kira’s only hope is a woman named Annabella who taught her mother the art of dye. Maybe she could do the same for her. I can connect this to a time when I was playing softball outside with my friends. My friend hit my neighbor’s window and unfortunately broke it. I didn’t want my friend to get in trouble, so I took the blame for it. Eventually, the neighbors did find out that my friend broke their window and not me, and she was told to apologize to the neighbors. Both of us learned a lesson about being more careful when we play, just like Kira is going to learn about the art of dye.
    Kira is quite lucky to be spared, and to be given such an important job. Kira’s adventures will only grow and multiply through the riveting novel, Gathering Blue.

  15. Michael H says:

    Kira and Vandara went to the Council Edifice to decide if Kira should stay or not. Kira wins and gets to stay in the village to work on the Singer’s robe. Kira heads back towards the Council Edifice after she collects a few possessions from her cott. Kira will now live at her new quarters in the Council Edifice, and finish the Singer’s Robe. Vandara on the other hand, will get Kira’s piece of land to build the pen for the tykes. Matt met Kira near the Council Edifice because he wanted to hear the results. If Kira was able to keep her land, then he would’ve help her build a new cott.

    Matt’s dog, Branch, has a crooked tail. Like Branch, Kira has a handicap. She was born with a crooked leg. Kira is like Thomas the Carver, who also has a unique talent. His talent is in carving wood. Also like Kira, he is an orphan and lives in the same wing of the Council Edifice. In closing, Kira is allowed to stay in the village and work on the Singer’s Robe.

  16. Nikita says:

    “But Kira shook her head again. She had wanted to weave, once. The weaving women had always been kind to her but her future seemed different now.” Kira thought about her future and figured that she was not cut out to work in the weaving shed and the Guardians had higher expectations for her. Kira’s future seems different now because Kira has finished to the long, boring lecture Jamison, Kira’s defendant gave testifying Vandara’s accusations. Falling on a decision, the Guardians dictate that Kira would stay in the village but lose her space to Vandara so she could build a pen for the village tykes. Kira is called to collect her things and report back to the Council Edifice when the bell rings four. Kira, not having many belongings since much of her things, including her cott, were burned in a fire to prevent the spread of her mother’s illness, ponders about where she will go. Kira meets Matt, who tells her hat he has managed to save some of her things and will give them to her later. Kira, not having much else to do, decides to visit the weaving shed where she learns that Camilla, a weaver, broke her arm in a way unfixable. The weaving women offer Kira the extra loom but Kira declines the offer knowing that the Guardians have more important work for her. I think Kira feels proud and overwhelmed. Kira feels proud because she has so much talent that she is allowed to fix the Singer’s Robe. The Singer only wears the Singer’s Robe once a year when he sings the lengthy Ruin Song. Kira feels overwhelmed because she has such a immense job ahead of her. I felt overwhelmed when we had three long projects due the next day and I was up late finishing them. The character, Meggie from Inkheart, felt proud when she had finally had the powers her dad had of making things you read aloud, alive. In conclusion, since Kira’s defendant Jamison testified and won the case, her life has now changed forever. Kira’s job is now, not only to repair the robe but to finish the Singer’s Robe. Kira no longer gets to keep her house as it will go to Vandara to build her pen for the village tykes. As you can see, Kira’s life has changed forever.

  17. Aashneil: The man!!! says:

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  18. kelli.zicha says:

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  19. kelli.zicha says:

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  20. Gopa says:

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  21. kelli.zicha says:

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  22. Vatsal P. says:

    “But Kira shook her head again. She had wanted to weave, once. The weaving women had always been kind to her. But her future seemed different now.” Kira’s life is having a huge swing right now. Before the trial and accusations, Kira’s mind was set on weaving when she grew up. Now all of this has changed since the Council controls her; the decision is not hers anymore. It all started when Kira was in the place where her cott used to stand. She was minding her own business when Vandara :evil: came and told her to move out of the area or she will be killed. Kira, in an effort to save herself, told Vandara :evil: to go to the Council of Guardians or else she would die too. Vandara :evil: agreed and went. The next day Kira was invited to go to the Council Edifice and be judged. When she arrived there, she was asked if she wanted to defend herself or be defended by someone on the Council. She chose to be defended. Jamison :cool: defended her and she didn’t get to keep the land where her cott used to stand. :cry: However, she was able to live and now has the job of weaving the Singer’s robe. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Vandara :twisted: on the other hand got Kira’s land to build a cott. :roll: :???: Jamison told Kira to come back with her things to live in the Council Edifice. Before coming back she went to the weaving shed and told them all about the trial.

    Kira is very relieved and no longer stressed. Although she didn’t get her land back :cry: she still gets to live. :| On top of that she gets to mend the Singer’s robe. :grin: :mrgreen: She thinks that the Guardians’ decision was fair and in benefit for both of them. A 50/50 chance. :| I have felt this relieved when I found my phone when I thought I lost it. I was playing outside one day when I noticed that my phone was missing. In my head, I was thinking that my mom was going to kill me. :cry: :!: :!: I looked for it everywhere– on the playground, in the sandbox, and even in the trees but I couldn’t find it anywhere. When I went home and was about to tell my mom :shock: :shock: I heard it ring. I searched the whole house and found it sitting in the couch cushion. I was relieved just like Kira. :razz: In conclusion, Kira’s future seems different because she is going to mend the Singer’s robe from now on and she thinks that the Guardians’ decision was fair.

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  26. Roma T says:

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    “But Kira shook her head again. She had wanted to weave, once. The weaving women had always been kind to her. But the future seemed different now.” Kira’s life has changed very deeply due to Katrina’s death and the burning of the cott. Kira, a simple two syllable girl, with a crippled leg and a walking stick grew up with Katrina, her mother ever since she was born. Her father, Christopher, had never returned from a hunting trip and had been accused to be killed by a beast. But then Katrina became ill and soon became so weak that she passed away. Kira had to wait by Katrina’s body while her cott was burnt down to stop the illness from spreading. So poor, lonely Kira was left all alone and she became quite unfaithful about her future. :cry: As Kira returned from the Field of Leaving she found her old cott lying their in ashes with all of her belongings, everything gone. While Kira was trying to rebuild her cott, Vandara decided to drag Kira to the beasts for her to be left to die. She wanted to use Kira’s land for a pen to hold the tykes. Kira took this to the Council of Guardians and had the opportunity to live, and Vandara got Kira’s land. The Council of Guardians now invited her to live at the Council Edifice with them. So Kira was told to return after gathering her belongings. So Kira headed to the weaving shed to check how everything was going and look for some scraps. Then she saw that one of the weaving frames was empty. She was told that the lady who used that had damaged her arm permanently and is soon to be sent to the field of leaving. The women offered her the frame and she hadn’t accepted because she thought she had a different future. Kira thought so because now that she has a new home in the Edifice, she will be addressed to different work, and will live a lot more easily. Kira’s future had changed, but it is unknown if it is brighter.

    Kira is now very excited about her new life now that the Guardians are there for her. She may have not received her land but she is now living going to have a fine life in the Edifice. I have felt like Kira many times. Once, when I was just a small tyke, ;-) my mother had told me that there would be a hurricane. I was terrified unlike everybody else. “Why is everyone so calm,” I thought. “Isn’t this a matter of life or death?” Though since I was just a little girl, I thought that the whole town was going to be wrecked and our house would be gone. Then my mother said, “The hurricane went back to the sea. There will not be any hurricane.” I was confused. Everyone was so calm while I had been so worried. “Weren’t you scared? Wasn’t anyone scared?” I asked her. “Roma obviously we weren’t,” she responded, “It was a minor hurricane, only rain and wind, a down pour.” So, similar to Kira, I was relieved. I thought we would die. :shock: :razz: Gladly, to conclude, Kira now has a very great life upon her with the Guardians. Let’s see if it goes as well as planned.

    By Roma T, Green class :)

  27. Victoria T. says:

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  28. Nikita says:

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  31. Maya says:

    I hope u like it! 4/14/10
    Ms. Zicha Blue OEQ

    “Nothing’s moving along as it should,” he groaned. “I can’t tell one day from another. Nothing changes, there’s nothing to look forward to, nothing to show my work. Why sow if the seeds don’t sprout? Why plant if there’s never a harvest? Why eat if I don’t get hungry? Why go to bed at night, or get in the morning, or even do anything at all? And the way it looks, so it will stay forever and ever! I’ll shrivel from boredom if nothing else,” said Maibon. Ever since Maibon got the stone from Doli, Modrona has been infuriated with him. The world around him was not growing at all. His wife Modrona was angry about the fact that Maibon had the opportunity to get anything he wanted from the fair folk. For example, his cow won’t calve, his apples from the apple tree won’t grow, the hens can’t hatch their eggs, and his baby won’t grow teeth all because of the stone. When Maibon follows Doli’s instructions and leaves the stone by the stump, time catches up. Maibon learns growth is natural and excepts and takes pride in growing old.
    I think growth is an essential part of life because it’s healthy to grow. If nothing changes your whole life will be boring. When the rest of your family passes on you’ll be sad and lonely. You need to have the challenge of growing old. You have to EMBRACE your change. To relate this passage to my life, I say that I remember a time when I thought it would be awesome to be eleven forever. I WAS WRONG! I thought of some pros and cons and I really thought about it and decided that I would be bored. I would be stuck like this forever and never get older or live on my own.
    In conclusion, Maibon was wrong about it being the worst fate in the world to grow old but learned a lesson that gave him a different perspective on life… It’s okay to get old. :-) :lol: :?: :’(

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