Gathering Blue- Chapter 6


Open-Ended Question 2

The huge bell in the tower of the Council Edifice began to ring.  The bell governed the people’s lives. (Chapter 6, page 56)

  • How many bells rang?  What did these bells signal?   Explain.
  • Are the bells helpful in telling time? Explain.

Use information from Chapter 6 in Gathering Blue to support your response.

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    “The huge bell in the tower of the Council Edifice began to ring. The bell governed the people’s lives.” It was very important to the villagers. Kira’s life had been on the line ever since she was born. Now it was time to pick her fate. The Council of Guardians had decided that the Guardian Jamison, Kira’s defender, told her to get her belongings and then come back to the Council of Edifice. When the bell rang four times, Kira went to get her belongings. She met up with Matt, who told her he will meet her at the steps of the Council of Edifice. He gave Kira the belongings he had managed to save before her cott was burned down. Once the bell began to ring it started governing the villager’s lives. Four bells rang. They signaled that it was the end of the day for working. It also signaled Kira to go to her new home.

    The bells are helpful in telling time. They are helpful because without the bells the villagers wouldn’t know when to stop working and what time Kira is suppose to go to the Council of Edifice. This reminds me of the technique on using the sun to tell time. Using the sun to tell what time it is very helpful if you don’t have a watch with you at the moment. The bells in the Council of Edifice helps govern the villager’s lives.
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