BLUE – Baseball in April Open Ended Question

Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story.

  • Why does Jesse feel this way?  Explain.
  • Do you think that Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts is appropriate?  Why or why not?

Use details and examples from the story to support your response.

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  1. Gaurav (gman) says:

    Jesse feels discouraged and disappointed at the end of the story. Michael, Jesse’s older brother, has more talent than Jesse because he is good at batting and fielding. Jesse is decent at batting, but not that good at fielding. Jesse feels discouraged because he is jealous that his older brother, Michael, is more talented at baseball than him. The author even stated, “He imagined Michael running home with a uniform under his arm while he walked home empty-handed.”

    I think that Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts is inappropriate. He should be proud that Michael made the team. He should also think to himself that he had to try harder and improve on his baseball skills. I remember a time when I had to take a test to see if I would make advanced math. I didn’t make it though. After that, I tried and tried until I finally got into advanced math. In conclusion, Jesse did not make the baseball team and should try harder if he wants to make the Little League baseball team

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  2. Sara I. says:

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    In Gary Soto’s Baseball in April, Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. “Jesse chewed his palm as he moved up the line.” This quote is showing that Jesse is feeling nervous. His turn is close, and he doesn’t know if he can impress the coaches as he is practicing. So as Jesse goes up into the field he misses all the balls except makes one.” Three more balls were hit to Jesse, and he came up with one.” Jesse knew as he ran onto the benches his play was horrible. As he watched his older brother play, he noticed he played extremely awesome, so Jesse gets discouraged. But then when Jesse was up to he also played poorly in that skill. “Jesse was given 10 pitches, and got 3 hits, all of them grounders to the right side.” Jesse also knew his batting was bad. Again as he watched his brother play again, he felt jealous. “Yeah he’ll make the team and I’ll watch from the bleachers.”

    No, I think Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts is not appropriate. I think if Jesse felt more confident and was also on the food side, he would have done. This reminds me of a book I read once called, The Nobody’s. In that book a girl named Fern was always discouraged from using her imagination. Her “parents” always said never to use imagination. But one dark night, Fern finds her real parents and is aloud to use imagination whenever she wants to. Because Fern always gave up, her old parents made her block imagination from her mind. In closing, if Jesse hadn’t felt so jealous and horrible, Jesse would have done better.

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  3. Aslesha says:

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  4. MIKE B. says:

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  7. Raghav P. says:

    In Gary Soto’s “Baseball in April,” “Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story.” Baseball season was coming and Michael and Jesse were going to tryout. Both of them were very confident at the beginning that they would make the team. They went to the Romain playground where there were a “hundred kids divided into lines by age group.” Jesse went first. His performance was good. “Three more balls were hit to Jesse, and he came up with one.” Once it was Michael’s turn Jesse became less confident that he will make the team. Michael’s performance was outstanding. At the end of the story Jesse seemed discouraged because he was afraid that Michael, his older brother, would make the team and he wouldn’t.

    I think that Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts wasn’t appropriate because he was only thinking about the negative side that he wouldn’t make the team. This reminds me of the when I was taking the placement test for math, and I really wanted to make it to Algebra next year. After I had taken the test I was thinking only about the negative side of not making it to Algebra. In conclusion, “sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.”

  8. Mason S. says:

    Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. At the beginning of the day Michael and Jesse go to the tryouts for the little league baseball team. First off they did fielding. Jesse ran on the field after his number was called. When Jesse got in to position, Mike yelled,”You can do it!” Six baseballs were hit to Jesse , all of which were grounders. Then, Michael came up to the field. Some grounders and a pop-up were hit to him. Everyone was sent home for lunch. After lunch it was batting. Jesse hit all fouls. When Mike was up he hit mostly outfielders. After Mike had hit his ten baseballs, he joined his little brother in the bleachers. Jesse was now very jealous of Michael because he knew Mike was a better ball player than he was, and that Michael would leave the tryouts with a uniform and that he wouldn’t. That is why Jesse feels discouraged.

    I feel that Jesse’s reaction at the tryouts were appropriate. He was very discouraged because he didn’t feel that his tryout for the little league team went well. I can relate to this story by connecting it to myself. I have tried out for little league before multiple times. If I had the same thing happen to me that happened to Jesse I would be just as discouraged. Therefore, I believe that Jesse’s reaction was appropriate.

  9. Suraj V. says:

    In Gary Soto’s Baseball in April, Jesse seems discouraged at the of the story. One day Michael and Jesse go to Little League baseball tryouts. When they arrived there they separated into their age groups. Michael played really good the first tryout. When it was Jesse turn he didn’t play to good. After that they went to lunch. At lunch Jesse was worried so Michael told him to be more confident. When lunch was finished they went back to tryouts. This time it was batting tryouts. Michael played with pride and played amazing. When it was Jesse’s turn he didn’t play as good. Jesse felt this way because he’s been trying to get in a team for three years.
    I don’t think Jesse’s reaction was appropriate because it’s just a game and you could always tryout next year. I can connect to my life when once I didn’t make it onto a team. In conclusion, I think or believe that Jesse will make the team next year if he practices and keeps self-confidence.

  10. Rafay S says:

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    Jessie and Michael, two close brothers, were trying out for the towns little league baseball. During the tryouts Michael had shown an outstanding performance. On the other hand Jessie’s performance was unacceptable according to his. Jessie had missed several plays and was ashamed by his uncharacteristic performance.
    I think Jessie’s response was improper and could have been more mature. He was not very confident and was very jealous of Michael. Furthermore, I think he should have remained in a positive attitude throughout the tryouts. This passage is similar to a book called Travel Team. A young boy named Danny had attempted to join the basketball team. He was very unsure of himself, but jealous of the other players’ abilities. He was unsure whether or not he would make it because of his height. Danny friends had played poorly but made the team. In conclusion, I think Jessie should act more mature even if he fails at something.

  11. Farhan T. says:

    comment by Farhan T.

    Jesse feels discouraged at the end of the story. He feels this way for one reason. His brother Michael. Michael is a better baseball player than Jesse. When they first go to tryouts, they are both very confident. Jesse goes up, but preforms rather poorly. Michael then goes up and does amazing, and Jesse can see that Michael is going to make the team, and he probably won’t. At the end of the story, he had to endure the thought of Michael playing, and him sitting in the bleachers. “He imagined Michael running home with a uniform under his arm while he walked home empty-handed.

    I think that Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts was appropriate. He wanted to play baseball more than anything else, and his chance was ruined because he preformed poorly. That wasn’t the what really brought him down. the fact that his brother did better than him and was going to make the team for sure. “Jesse was jealous of his brother’s athletic display.” I once was in envy of a sibling. My sister had gotten out of “Ski School” before me, and got to go on the slope to ski. I tried, but my teacher wouldn’t let me go because he thought that I couldn’t turn. But after lunch, I went up the slope and outperformed my sister, especially in turning. In conclusion, Jesse felt discouraged because Michael was better than him at baseball, and would make the team for sure, and Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts was appropriate.

  12. Matt K. says:

    In Gary Soto’s Baseball in April,” Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story”. Jesse and Michael were trying out for their Little League team. Jesse was feeling discouraged because he was playing poorly. While on the other hand his brother Michael was doing everything to perfection. Jesse feels discouraged because he isn’t going to make his Little League team. But on the other hand his brother is going to be on the team.

    Jesse was not having a very good tryout. Jesse was getting very negative on himself. I don’t think his reaction to the tryouts was appropriate. There is always room for improvement. Jesse just needs some more practice that’s all. If he practices he may turn out to be a decent player. This reminds me of when I didn’t play very well in a basketball game. I just was being to negative. But the next game I did much better. Maybe this will happen to Jesse. In conclusion, Jesse feels discouraged and Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts was unacceptable because he is to negative
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  13. Jennifer says:

    At the end of the story, Jesse feels discouraged.Jesse feels this way because he did very poorly at the tryouts, but his brother, Micheal, impressed the coach. Both of them wanted to make it onto the team, and when it was Jesse’s turn, he got the butterflies. Micheal cheered him on, but he was very glum after he watched his brother do impressively out in the field. Micheal had cheered Jesse on, yelling ‘You can do it’ to his brother. Jesse felt a bit better when he got 3 out of 10 hits. When Micheal got more hits then him in comparison, Jesse knew he wouldn’t get into the little league baseball. When ‘He imagined Micheal running home with a uniform under his arm,’ envy swelled up inside him.

    I would say its normal for Jesse to be jealous of his brother. If it was me then i would certainly have been depressed for a while. This can be related to the time my mom bought my sister a great big box of candy. I was very annoyed and wanted it very badly. They can be compared to each other cause we were both jealous of a sibling. The moral of this story is, if you don’t succeed, you can try again.
    DOnE :!: :grin: :!:

  14. Ally M. says:

    Jesse seems discouraged by the end of the story. He feels discouraged because he knows his brother will make the team but he won’t. “He imagined Michael running home with a uniform under his arm while he walked home empty handed.” This quote from the story shows his feelings about making the team. When Jesse goes up to the plate, he hits 3 out of 10 balls. Jesse starts to feel better about the making the team until Michael goes up. He grows jealous of his brother’s athletism.
    I believe it was alright for Jesse to react that way. When I play softball with my friends I too am jeaoous. They play travel so they are very good players. I am jealous that they are the center of attention. But I still enjoy softball and have fun with my friends. In closing, Jesse is not yet at Michaels level yet so he grows jealous.

  15. Ally Machlis says:

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  16. Brianna : ) says:

    Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. Jesse has an older brother named Michael. Michael is very good at baseball. Jesse isn’t as good as Michael so Michael tries to help Jesse. The boys were both trying out for the little league baseball team. Jesse went first and fielded poorly. Next, Michael went and fielded well. After lunch, Jesse performed his batting tryouts and again did poorly. Michael did well with batting. Jesse feels discouraged at the end of the story because his brother is a lot better than him. Also, Jesse is scared that Michael will make the team and he won’t.

    I think that Jesse’s reaction of the tryouts is appropriate because it is hard to keep trying when you know someone is a lot better than you. I think that Jesse has to understand that Michael is older than him which means he will probably be better. This reminds me of when we played family football and my cousin, Jaycie, was a lot better than me. She kept getting touchdowns while I was dropping the ball. Also, it reminds me of a book called The Babysitters Club. Kristy, the main character of the book, kept getting all the babysitting jobs and Mary Ann was jealous. In conclusion, Michael is better than Jesse at baseball.

  17. Palavi D. (Jellybean) says:

    :arrow: As the story, “Baseball in April” by Gary Soto clarifies, Jesse seems discouraged by the end of the story. He feels this way because he was very nervous and he did very poorly at the try-outs. His older brother, Micheal, however, did a much better job. Both boys have been playing LL Baseball for 3 years. And now they are trying out for a 4th year. At try-outs, Jesse does roughly at both fielding and batting practice. In contrast, Micahel shows intricate skills to both of the parts. Jesse is thus dispirited even though Micheal tried to help him. By the end of try-outs, Jesse is assured that he will not make it to LL baseball, though Micheal will. Hence, Jeese is cast down.

    I kind of agree with Jesse’s response for not making it to LL. He probably was expecting it, since he got in 3 times in a row. Now he has to cheer for Micheal from the bleachers. I can connect this story to “Bridge to Terabitha”. The character from the book named “Jess” is determined to win the big race, and be the fastest kid in 5th grade. But, unfortunately, the girl “Leslie” wins stealing all of Jess’s dreams. In conclusion, Jesse, a very eager yet nervous kid, doesn’t make it into LL baseball unlike his brother. He now has to watch his older brother miserably from the stands.

  18. Jooyoung says:

    In Gary Sota’s Baseball in April, Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. He is discouraged because he knew his brother, Michael, would probably join the Little League team, but Jesse himself is most likely not. He is jealous of his brother. But instead of wasting his time being jealous, he should practice more and more of his weaknesses to be able to join the team. Being jealous is like giving up. If he had hope in him, then instead of being jealous of Michael, he would find out what he is weak at and practice more and more. Practice is the key.
    Jesse’s behavior was inappropriate in the tryout for the team. I know that he is probably sad, but he can still have a big smile to congratulate his brother. Michael probably put lot of effort to achieve his goal to join the team. But from Jesse’s behavior, I think Jesse did not. If Jesse had put a lot of effort, then he would keep trying to succeed his goal. I have also been discouraged a lot, like getting bad grades. But my grade reflects how much effort I put to try to get the grade I want. But if I don’t get a good grade, then it means that I didn’t put much effort in it as much as I needed. In conclusion, Jesse is and I think his behavior was inappropriate. Practice is the key.

  19. Brianna R. says:

    When Angela decides to take responsibility for they broken window, she imagines how her classmates will treat her. Angela and her class were waiting for their teacher, Mr. Phillips to come. While they were waiting, some kids in the class started throwing a football around. Angela knew it wasn’t a good idea but she didn’t say anything. The kids hit the window with the football and glass shattered. After, Mr. Phillips came and became very angry. He asked who had done this but nobody confessed. Mr. Phillips said if nobody confesses then everybody will have extra homework assignments. Angela confesses to the crime although she didn’t do it. Angela imagines that her classmates will think of her as a hero. “I pictured the, hoisting me on their shoulders while chanting my name,” Angela thought. I think Angela’s expectations weren’t realistic. I think this because if they did that then Mr. Phillips would realize Angela didn’t break the window. This reminds me of when my brother and sister were fighting and my sister pushed my brother to hard. I felt bad so I told my mom that I pushed my brother. I think it was the right thing to do although I got punished. In closing, Angela confessed for something she didn’t do.


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