GREEN- Baseball in April OEQ


Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story.

  • Why does Jesse feel this way?  Explain.
  • Do you think that Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts is appropriate?  Why or why not?

Use details and examples from the story to support your response.

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  1. Chloe G says:

    Jesse seems discouraged at the end of this story. I think Jesse feels this way because of the way he did at tryouts compared to his brother Michael. He did everything amazing and Jesse didn’t do fielding or batting as good as him. Jesse also feels like this because he thinks Michael will make the team and he won’t because of the way tryouts went.

    I think Jesse’s reaction is somewhat appropriate. The somewhat part is because he was pouting after both times he went. The reason why it is appropriate was because he didn’t start crying or anything like that. This reminds me of when I was trying out for Comet All-Stars full year and I had level 3 skills but was put on a level 2 team. I was sad but I had to deal with it. In conclusion, I know how he feels and can relate to him except in a different sport.

  2. Chloe S. (girl who loves aero) says:

    Jesse and Michael are trying out for base ball together. Jesse and Michael are brothers and both love baseball. Michael and Jesse go to the baseball field to try out for the little league team. Michael is better then Jesse an little and he knows it. But, he stills persuades him to try out.
    Why does Jesse feel this way about baseball. Jesse feels this way because he knows Michael is better then his and he has a bad feeling that he not going to make the team , but he still tries.
    Do I think Jesse attitude about tryouts were right. Not really, I think that he should of had a confident attitude about the situation. Also i believe he should have believed in his self. But, I understand how he can be intimidated about tryouts. This reminds me of the time when i was trying out for the school play. I was afraid because I knew that there were more people better then me. I ended up getting a lead role.
    The main point is that he needed to believe in himself more then he did.

  3. Teresa C. and Victoria P. says:

    Jesse is one talented kid if he practices like his brother Micheal.

    After the tiring tryouts, Jesse feels discouraged because he knows that he’s not doing as well as Micheal is. He’s positive that his brother will make the team, but not so sure about himself. Everytime it was Micheals turn to show the coach what he knew, the coach wrote down something on his clip board with a big smile on his face. When Jesse would go up he would just write on the clip board with a normal face on.

    Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts is fine, but its better then being sad. Jesse knows that he is trying his best and if he doesn’t make it, its okay because he will know that he tried his best. He can keep practicing until the next tryout and possibly make it. I connect to the time when we went to tryout for soccer and we made it because we kept practicing and practicing. Jesse just needs to practice thats all.

    In conclusion, Jesse learns that working hard should pay off at the end.

  4. Gabbyy hehehehhee =] says:

    Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. I think Jesse feels this way because after watching his brother, Michael do great at try-outs for baseball, he didnt think he did well. When he was in the baseball field catching grounders, he didnt do so well. He only caught one ball, and the rest he didnt. I also think that he was jealous of Michael. I think that because when Michael was playing, he caught most of the balls and was proud of himself. When they go home, Michael shows Jesse how to do a good swing before the batting try-outs. Jesse feels confident, but as usual, Michael does better than him.

    I think that Jesse’s reaction to the try-outs was normal for any younger sibling to feel. I think this because if he was better and you were trying really hard, it must get frustrating. I feel that my reaction would be similar to Michael’s. I can relate to this becayse when I play travel softball, I get really nervous because i am afradi I’m not going to do good. This is a wrong feeling to feel because everybody makes mistakes and your team mates are supposed to comfort and support you.

    In conclusion, always go for the best, and don’t doubt your abilities!! =]

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  5. Aricha says:

    In Gary Soto’s Baseball in April, Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. Jesse feels confident at first because he was doing an okay job at the tryouts. He wasn’t depressed yet. Then when it came to the batting part of the baseball tryouts, his brother Michael did better. Jesse felt discouraged because everyone was cheering his brother on and not him. Also because he knew that probably his brother will make the team and he won’t. He knows that Jesse’s brother is better than him in baseball. Jesse is sacred that he will not be on the team.

    Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts was not appropriate, because maybe he is not meant to play baseball, and his brother is. It doesn’t mean he has to do everything his brother does. Jesse might be good at a different sport. Also it doesn’t mean he has to cry over that he did bad at the batting section. There are more things in the world than baseball. My connection to this story is similar, because I tried out for a sport and I wasn’t good at it either. So then I signed up for gymnastics and found out I am better in gymnastics than I was in the other sport. To sum this all up Jesse, and his older brother Michael tried out for the baseball team and Jesse found out he was not good in baseball. :mrgreen:

  6. Josie says:

    Jesse feels discourage because he didn’t make the baseball team. The reason Jesse feels this way is because first when he got for tryouts he felt confident. Later, when he got up to bat he didn’t do well. So he felt like he didn’t gain anything. But when his brother went up and did outstanding it made Jesse feels worse.
    I think Jesse reaction was appropriate because I would have been mad and disappointed. This reminds me of when my brother tried out for football and they said he was too short. So my brother proved that he was a good size.
    In conclusion, when you can’t do something or someone says you can’t do it or you fail. Don’t give up work on what you need to work on and try doing that thing again.

  7. Shefali says:

    I am the fifth on to blog my response :!: :!: :!: :!:

    Anyway, presenting my OEQ……

    In Gary Soto’s Baseball in April, Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. Jesse feels discouraged at the end of the story because he lnows that he didnt make the team and his older brother did. He knows that his batting wasnt good unlike his brother who is great at baseball. Jesse’s reaction to the tryouts was not appropriate because he should have had some confidence in himself isted of making his brother bring them back to him or remind him. In conclusion, this is why Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story.

  8. Victoria (YELLO JELLO) says:

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    Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. Jessie fells jealous of Michael because Michael is a bit more athletic than Jesse. For instance, when they were bating Michael could hit the ball really good on like Jesse. Jesse isn’t the best batter but, he tries his best. Also when they were in the outfield Michael did well but, Jesse got a mark 2 times on the coach’s clipboard. Suddenly, Jesse was nervous. When the team had a little break Jesse and Michael went to their house to have some sandwiches. Going back Jesse had a thought Michael would be the one bringing back the uniform and Jesse would have nothing at all…….

    I think Jesse’s reaction is inappropriate. Jesse should have confidence in himself. Even if he doesn’t make the team he can keep trying until he makes it. If you fail once you keep trying until you get to your goal. This is like the time when I had a big reading vocabulary test coming up. I believed in myself and tested my brother and sister. After testing them I was terrified. They knew every word and definition even in mixed order. When it was the day of the test I had the feeling that my sister and brother would be bringing home A+’s and id be bringing back the worst grade ever.

    I think this passage means that you should always have confidence in yourself and keep trying until you get to your goal!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jack G says:

    Jesse is discouraged at the end of the story. In the beginning, Jesse and his brother, Michael, went to the park to try out for the little league baseball team. Both brothers were confident that they would get on. When Jesse went out to the field, he did okay. When Michael went out he seemed to be better. After everyone was done, the coach told them to go home for lunch and come back for batting tryouts. Jesse was poor at batting. Michael tried to tell him how to hit. When they got back to the field, Jesse had to hit and he got 3 out of the 10 which ended up all being ground balls to first base. When Michael got up, he smashed most of them to left field. Jesse felt jealous and discouraged at the end of the tryouts. He was upset because he thought Michael was better than him.

    He was right to be jealous if he walked home empty handed and his brother brought his new uniform. It is appropriate to act jealous if you feel like your brother is better than you. Many times I played baseball and I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve to. This is the way Jesse felt. I understand him and feel bad because he was upset, jealous and discouraged.

  10. lauren s. says:

    The story Baseball in April tells about a boy and his brother trying out for a baseball team.

    Jesse is very sad and not confident when his brother hits a lot of balls and he hits none. The story starts wen the two brothers try out for a baseball team. They first play on a field. After they ate lunch the were going to bat Jesse was very afraid because he knew that he was bad at batting. his brother showed him how to do it and he made Jesse feel a little better. When he was on the field batting he only hit foul balls and he strikes out. When his brother went up at bat he hit it out field and Jesse felt very bad because his brother could bat and not him and that his brother was gonna make the team and he wasn’t going to and it says in the book that he pictured his brother running home with a little league uniform and him going home empty handed.

    Jesse’s reaction was very appropriate because he had good sportsmanship and did not do anything to hurt him.
    This reminds me of a time when I tried out for a play in 3rd grade and I thought I wouldn’t make it. However, they said I was good and gave me a part. If you put your mind to something then you could do it and that’s what Jesse needed to feel that would of helped him over come that fear of batting and maybe he would have hit the ball and wouldn’t feel so bad.

    Even though Jesse didn’t hit a ball he still should feel proud and be happy that he tried. He had a very good attitude after his brother hit and did better than him. :lol:

  11. lauren s. says:

    that was awesome yea that was good yellow jello thats really funny any way good job! :cool: :razz: :lol: :| ;-) :smile: :shock: :roll:

  12. Emily I. says:

    “Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story.” Jesse feels this way because he didn’t make the team, and he really wanted to be a “Little League” baseball player. He knows that Michael made the team, but he knows he didn’t. Michael is a really good and talented player, while Jesse is a just ok player. While Jesse’s in his room, he pretends to be the best baseball player in the world. Jesse is anxious to get on line and wait for his turn, but when it’s his turn he messes it all up. The coach just watched patiently and never wrote anything down, but when Michael played, the coach wrote some things on his clip board. When the Coaches call lunch break, Michael and Jesse race home and practice. Jesse becomes jealous of Michael because Michael made the team and he didn’t.
    I think that Jesse’s reaction wasn’t appropriate, because he tried. Jesse tried and that’s all that counts. Also, Jesse isn’t giving himself credit for what he did. This is like the time when I played soccer and I was so afraid of looking silly in front of everyone. But then when I tried, I was good and proud of myself. Jesse tries really hard but doesn’t make it. This causes him to think that he’s not good enough . In conclusion, Jesse tried really hard but didn’t make it onto the team.

  13. Chloe S girl who loves aero says:

    I like yours gabby and lauren

  14. Aslesha says:

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  15. Aslesha says:

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  16. Aslesha says:

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  17. Aslesha says:

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  18. Victoria (YELLO JELLO) says:

    GOOD JOB EMILY!!!! AND LAUREN!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIKE EVERYONES!!!! yeaaaaaa remembeer go green! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :grin: :shock: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  19. Tejas S. says:

    Jesse seems discouraged at the end of the story. He feels this way because he sees his brother and his brother plays really good. “Jesse was jealous of his brother’s athletic display.” There are Little League try outs and Jesse and his brother Michael are going. At the try outs Jesse is called to show what he can do. Jesse does not do so good. Then when his brother is going Jesse sits in the bleachers and watches. Jesse thinks that Michael did good. Then they take a lunch break. After lunch Jesse goes for his second time. This time he does way better than before. Later when he views Micheal he sees that he does even more better than him. Jesse starts to feel jealous that he will not make it to the team, but his brother will.
    I think that Jesse’s actions were appropriate because like some other kids he did not wine or pout. He just kind of sat there and said that happens so there is always next year. I can relate to this when I was about seven. I was going to try out for a soccer team. I did not make it and it was okay because there was nobody that was my age. I was more happy that I had the courage to try. Then next year I tried out again and I made the team. So if you don’t succeed, try again. This is kind of what my dad said only in different words. In conclusion, the Little League try outs were here and Jesse is displeased that he did not perform good in front of the coach.

  20. Ramya S. says:

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    At the end of the story, Baseball in April, Jesse feels discouraged. This is because he is jealous of his brother, Michael, and his amazing batting and fielding skills. He also does not feel confident. Jesse feels this way, discouraged and jealous, at the end of the story when he spots Michael doing better than him. He does not attain self confidence when he realizes that his brother will make the team and he will only be there to watch. For instance, Jesse imagined Michael running home with a uniform under his arm, while Jessie walks home empty-handed. Jesse also feels this way because he does not have that self confidence that says, “I will do good, and make it on the team.”

    I do not think Jessie’s reaction was appropriate. This is because, Jessie attained no self confidence and only thought negatively. Also, he was jealous wish did not lead to good thoughts and confidence. Similarly, I have felt like this during my Indian Classical class, when I doubted my self and lost confidence since the teacher was appreciating another classmate. In conclusion, I think Jessie’s way of thinking and reactions were incorrect and not appropriate.

  21. Jackie K. says:

    At the end of this story, Jesse is feeling discouraged. I know he is discouraged about baseball tryouts.
    Baseball tryouts for Jesse were nerve-wracking. He was trying out for Little League for the third year in a row. Jesse performed terribly; he missed seven pitches and the coach laughed at him. His older brother Michael, however, was a star, catching pop-ups and making great hits at bat. This discourages Jesse because he thinks only Michael will make the team.

    Following tryouts, Jesse’s reaction was completely appropriate, though a bit negative. He didn’t get frustrated or violent like some athletes do. Instead, he pictured bad things in his head. For example, he “imagined Michael running home with a uniform under his arm while he walked home empty-handed. However, he could be a bit more confident in his performance.
    This situation reminds me of the swim team I participate in. I hadn’t done it before when I started, so I wasn’t very fast. That winter, I swam all season on another team. When summer rolled around, I was prepared and performed really well. Jesse should try to train between springs.
    As you can see, Jesse was very discouraged about baseball tryouts. However, we all feel that way at some point.

  22. Emily I. says:

    of course chloe :razz:

  23. Katie F. says:

    Jesse seems discouraged at the story. In the beginning of the story, Michael and Jesse were getting ready for try-outs for baseball. Jesse gets discouraged because he does poorly when it is his time to shine! Jesse is jealous of Michael because he played well. After practicing, they went home for lunch. Michael tries to boost Jesse’s confidence by helping Jesse with swinging. Jesse is discouraged because he doesn’t do so well in try-outs. Michael goes after Jesse. Michael did really well. He got ten hits!! If Michael made it on the team, and Jesse didn’t, Jesse would feel even worse.

    I think Jesse’s reaction was appropriate. I think it was appropriate because he didn’t succeed and it is alright to feel upset. This reminds me of a time when my brother got something I wanted and I didn’t. In conclusion, even if you fail don’t be upset, keep trying.

  24. Aparna says:

    Comment by Aparna
    April 22, 2010 5:34 pm
    In Gary Soto’s ‘Baseball in April’, Jesse feels discouraged at the end of the story.
    Jesse felt discouraged because he didn’t think he performed well in the tryouts. As he and his brother, Michael, were going to the baseball tryouts, Jesse felt nervous. The first test was pitching. Jesse didn’t pitch properly too many times. But when Michael pitched, it kind of seemed to Jesse that he was a professional. Then the coach gave everyone lunch breaks and told them to come back after eating for the next test- batting. While Jess and Mike were eating at home, Mike helped Jesse by showing him the proper way to swing the bat. That bought up Jess’s confidence. Although he seemed ready, Jess grew nervous again. Because of this, he again flunked at batting. And when Mike did it, he was great.

    I don’t think Jess’s behavior was appropriate because there’s no need to be nervous. Besides, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he didn’t pass. This is like when I was scared for my violin test, thinking I won’t qualify. But when I tried the best I could, and just got it over with, I got a 90%, which I went for!
    In closing, Jesse was brought down again from him flunking, and Mike doing outstandingl

  25. Aashneil: The man!!! says:

    Jesse is discouraged at the end of the story. the two brothers Michael, and Jesse, go out and try out for the little league baseball team, the two boys are confident about their skills. Jesse is up first for fielding. He does very poorly. after Jesse, is Michael, who does outstanding. Following the fielding part, the coach kindly, lets the team go home for lunch. when lunch ends, batting starts. mike shows Jesse how to bat properly. He only gets 3 bad hits, unlike his brother who gets 10 amazing ones. so Jesse feels bad bad because hies brother is more likely to make the team.
    It isn’t appropriate for Jesse’s reaction because he played baseball for 3 years and never gave up yet. This is like me when i had my first basketball game. I wasn’t the best player so i wanted to quit. My mom told me that i was just starting so it was fine. I listened to her and didn’t stop, and today i love it!
    in the end, Jesse isn’t happy about the way he plays, Michael plays better, and thinks he will make the team.

  26. Robert says:

    Jesse seems discouraged t the end of the story. Jesse and Michael are brothers who are trying out for the little league baseball team. Michael is very good at base ball and Jesse is having trouble. Jesse fells discouraged at the end of tryouts because he thinks he didn’t do so well. Michael is feeling very confident because he was hitting the ball very far. But Jesse keeps hitting grounders and fouls. I think that Jesse’s reaction was appropriate because he didn’t do so well and his brother did really well. I think that anybody would have felt the same way. This connects to me because i had tryouts and i thought i didn’t do well but i made the A team. In conclusion Jesse will probably make the team.

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