RED- The Snowball Effect OEQ

When Angela decides to take responsibility for the broken window, she imagines how her classmates will treat her.

  • What does Angela imagine her classmates will do?  Why?
  • Do you think Angela’s expectations were realistic?  Why or why not?

Use details and examples from the story to support your response.

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  1. Todd B says:

    When Angela was thinking of taking the blame for something she did not do, she imagined her on top of the kid’s shoulders and everyone cheering for her. She imagines this because she thought that everyone would think she is a hero. They would think she is a hero because she would have gotten them out of writing an essay each night.
    I believe that Angela’s expectations were not realistic. I think this way because no one will think she is a hero for taking the blame for breaking a window. If she won a football game everyone might think of her as a hero. I can connect to Angela his because my brother and I once played football in the house and I hit a picture. I thought I was safe from punishment when I looked at the picture to see it was not broken. I let my brother take the blame. However he got in trouble for playing football inside and was mad at me. To me Angela should not have taken the blame for breaking the window. :sad:
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  2. isabella says:

    The story “the snowball effect” when angela decides to take responseability for a broken window, she imagiens how her classmates would treat her.
    angela imagens her classmates cheering for her. also for example, in paragraph ninee it says “they would hoest her up oon there shoulder and cheering her name.
    i dont think so because she thought a imaganary relistic sort of thing. also, that would give it away if they hoested her up on there shoulders and started screaming her name. a connection i have for this is i took the blame on someone getting in ttrouble and then i gott in trouble so uncool haha
    inconclusion, angela made a big mistake and she got in big trouble by lying. also, she paid the consiquences reallyyy good lol :smile: :shock: :twisted: ;-)

  3. Cailee O. says:

    Angela is a very careful girl and a great student, :mrgreen: until she broke a new window. :shock: It all started when she was walking in here class room and her teacher Mr. Phillips was late and everyone in the classroom was throwing a football. :cool: When Angela throw the ball it crashed in to the window and it made a really big hole. She was so a shammed. :sad: When Mr. Phillips came in he say the hole and when he asked who did it no one answered. He said he would give extra homework if no one tild the truth. Angela thought that if she confessed to the teacher everyone would think that she’s a hero and Mr. Phillips would go easy on her. :lol: When she told the truth Mr. Phillips was every mad at her and none of her classmates thought she was a hero. :cry:
    Angela gets punished and even her mom knows. She is very sad inside. Her exsprasions were realistic because she probally felt sadness inside her. :sad: It reminds me of when someone throw a paper airplane at a teacher and when the teacher asked who did that no one answered. :x But then ten minutes later the kid confessed and got alittle punishment.:smile:Now Angela and I know that it’s ok to tell the truth. ;-) :smile: :razz: :o :mrgreen: :lol: :grin: :cool:

  4. Kristen.A. says:

    Angela decides to take responsibility for the broken window. She takes the responsibility because she imagines that if she confesses to the crime, her classmates would probably see her as a hero. Also, to be the bigger person, and to protect her two older brothers, and her classmates. Lastly, she doesn’t care if she gets in trouble by the pincipal Mr. Phillips, and her mother. In addition, this is angela decides to do.
    I think angela’s expectations were realistic. I think this because she has a lot of courage and braverly to stand up, and take the blame. Also, her classmates were being really rude, disrespectful, and cowardly. Lastly, i would give angela a lot of credit beacuse she does so much. In addition, this is what i think angela’s expectations were.

  5. Rohan S. says:

    Angela witnessed the window being broken and took the blame to avoid writing lots of essays. She imagined that her classmates would be happy for not being punished and think of her as a hero. Since she took the blame, she expected that everyone would thank her. But nobody did. In class, people were tossing a football around before the teacher arrived. By doing so, they accidentally broke a window. When the teacher walked in, he asked who was responsible. Nobody replied. Angela took the blame knowing that if no one confessed, he would punish everyone. And after saving her classmates, she expected to be a hero, but nobody so much as thanked her.
    I do think her expectations were realistic even though she shouldn’t have taken the blame in the first place. After saving everyone else, she should have been appreciated, but she was not. Angela could have let I go, but she didn’t want to write extra essays, and she knew nobody else would want to either. This reminds me of the events that occur in the gym locker room. I always spot people crazily running around and slamming lockers. Sometimes clothes are thrown around. Even though only four or five people are misbehaving, everyone gets punished because of the scene it’s creating. In conclusion, Angela took the blame for the broken window to avoid writing essays. But what she thought was a little punishment just became worse and worse.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When Angela decides to take responsibility for the broken window, she imagines how her classmates will treat her. She thinks people will treat her as a hero. two kids were tossing a football around and the ball broke the window, making Mr Phillips mad. :( If nobody confessed, then they would have to write an essay every day of the trimester. Angela thought she would have respect after confessing, but she didn’t.
    I think Angela’s were realistic because that’s the way I’d treat her (LOL. No i wouldn’t, I’m so mean :twisted: ). This reminds me of a time when my friend’s bro broke one of his belongings and my friend took the blame when his mom asked who it was. In conclusion, Angela was wrong to take the blame and worked it off for nothing.

  7. kelli.zicha says:

    Name please ;-)

  8. Jonathan L. (soccer man) says:

    In the story, “Snowball Effect,” when Angela decides to take the responsibility for the broken window, she imagines how her classmates will treat her. What does Angela imagine her classmates will do :?: :?: What Angela imagines her classmates will do is by thanking her for taking the blame. She also thinks that her classmates will hoist her up on their shoulders and chant her name: Angela :!: Angela :!: The last thing Angela said to herself was that her teacher, Mr. Phillips, liked her better then all the other kids, so he might let her off the hook. ;-)

    Do you think Angela’s expectations were realistic :?: I do think her expectations were realistic because her classmates did not want to get into a lot of trouble. Also, Angela said to herself, ” Does Mr. Phillips truly think that I broke the window :?: ” Lastly, I think that her expectations were realistic because she also wants to avoid receiving an extra homework assignment for each day. In closing, true friends are there when you will truly need them.

    – Jon L.
    ( Finally, I finished. Yea :!: :!: :!: :!: :cool: :razz: :mrgreen:

  9. Jonathan L. (soccer man) says:

    Nice OEQ, but you have some spelling errors in Your paragraph. :???: ;-) :| :x :twisted: :smile: :shock: :sad: :roll: :razz: :oops: :o :mrgreen: :lol: :idea: :grin: :evil: :cry: :cool: :arrow: :???: :?: :!:

  10. ethan l says:

    Snowball effect
    Angela was watching her classmates in the classroom playing football. She thought it was a bad idea. Than all of a sudan the window broke into little pieces.
    When mr.phillops saw the window, which is broken. He got furius and wanted to know who did it , but know one was confessing. So angela was thinking if confess. Everyone would think i’m a hero from saving the from all that work. But mr.phillops would give her an essay every night till the end of the semester, and three days of in school suspension.
    No I think angelas expectations were not realalistic beacous e she didn’t even do anything wrong. She just confessed beacouse of her classmates. That’s like my brother getting my in trouble when I didn’t do anything.
    Really all I have to say is angela shouldn’t deserve these punishments. She should of told on who ever did it in the first place. But she wanted to be a hero for her friends. :grin:

  11. Sammy S says:

    GOOD JOB IZZY!!!! :razz: :razz: :razz:

  12. Sammy S says:


  13. Sammy S says:

    Angela imagined her classmates cherishing her and being the best of friends with her when she took the blame for throwing a football through the window to not get extra assignments for homework each night. Usually something always happens when a teacher isn’t around and this story is a great example of it. Angela thought since she took the blame that she would be a hero and it would be no big deal with her teacher but her expectations went the opposite direction.
    I think that Angela’s expectations were realistic because one time i took the blame for my friend when she hit someone in the face with the kickball. I thought she would have mt back the next time i did something but i was wrong. I think her expectations were realistic just like mine.
    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  14. Jason G. says:

    My bad, I forgot to put my name on my blog.

  15. Chris B. (SoCcEr BeASt 10) says:

    In “The Snowball Effect”, Angela imagines that her fellow classmates will break something with the football. :o In Angela’s school, Mr. Phillips, the history teacher, was late to class. Several students in the class thought it would be fun to throw a football around the classroom. There was one unlucky throw that broke one of the windows. :shock: The glass shattered shattered on to the floor. Then Mr. Phillips walked into the classroom and saw the glass on the floor. He asked who threw the football into the window angrily while tapping his foot on the floor. :evil: Nobody confessed so he said he would give an extra essay to do each day. Angela said she broke the glass but she really didn’t. In return, she received 3 days of in-school suspension and she had to pay for the broken window. :sad:
    I think that Angela’s expectations were not realistic. They were not realistic because Mr. Phillips really liked Angela as a student and he thought she was a hard worker. This was why Mr. Phillips asked Angela if she really broke the window or is she protecting her classmates from getting extra work. This reminds me of when I was in fifth grade. Somebody in the class stole someone else’ snack and they wrote a letter saying that they stole it. The letter had no name on it so nobody knew who did it. :roll: Nobody confessed to the teacher and we all got punished. We all had to write “I stole your snack” and whichever looked like the real one, the person would get in big trouble. It was too hard to tell so we all had no recess for 2 days. :cry: In conclusion, Angela learned that you should not take responsibility for something you did not do. It can get you into some serious trouble for not doing anything. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

  16. kali says:

    The Snowball Effect

    “When Angela decides to take responsibility for the broken window, she imagines how her classmates will treat her”.

    Angela imagines her classmates treating her like a hero. She expects her classmates to treat her like a hero because she tells the teacher, Mr. Phillips that she broke the window. She also confesses because she hopes that she won’t have to write the essays, until December, at the end of the semester.

    I don’t think her expectation were realistic. I don’t think that because when she said, “I broke the window” she got herself in a lot of trouble. Also because she was an honor student, so it would go on Angela’s permanent record. Another reason is because you shouldn’t say you didn’t.

    I can connect to this because when my sister and I play ball in the house my mom yells at us. Also because my sister, tons of time she is very close to braking something. Another reason is because my mom is always telling us to play the all outside. Now, I can understand to not play ball in the house.

  17. Sarah says:

    Angela’s classmates decided to play football in the classroom but then broke a window when somebody threw the football. Angela thought that if she takes responsibility that all of her classmates would think that she’s a hero, she thinks that they would “hoist her up and chant her name” “Angela” “Angela”. I do not think that Angela’s expectations were realistic. I don’t think that they were realistic because her classmates were cowards they wouldn’t thank her for something that they were afraid of they would be jealous of her. If they were going to say thank you they would only say thanks for saving us in there. I can relate to this because when I was in 5th grade somebody broke somebody’s toy and didn’t confess. The teacher wasn’t happy and she said that she would punish everybody, so a person who didn’t do it confessed and that person got in trouble. In conclusion, Angela learned that it is a bad thing to lie and that if you tell a small lie it would turn into a big mess.

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