RED- Watch Your Step! OEQ

Open Ended Question

The author of “Watch Your Step!” seems to know a lot about jellyfish.

  • Is the author afraid of jellyfish?  Explain.
  • Do you think jellyfish are animals that should be feared?  Why or why not?

Use details and examples from the article to support your response.

8 Responses to “RED- Watch Your Step! OEQ”

  1. Clarence L says:

    The author seems to be interested in jellyfish.He describes them as beautiful creatures.You should fear a jellyfishes sting :twisted: :cry: :shock: ! It also depends on how careful you are.If you’re a careless person you’ll most likely get stung by a jellyfish. :oops: But if you’re careful and look before you step,then you’re fine. :mrgreen: :cool: :grin:

  2. Todd B says:

    In this passage the author wrote a lot of facts about jellyfish. I believe this because the author used facts instead of opinions to show she is not afraid of jellyfish. Also when writing the story she didn’t show fear anywhere in the passage. That is why I think the author is not afraid of jellyfish.
    To me jellyfish should not be feared because they do not purposely sting people. When someone gets stung from a jellyfish it is usually the persons fault not the jellyfishes fault. Once at the beach my Dad stepped on a jellyfish. Thankfully his wounds were not that bad. After he got stung we showed it to a lifeguard. The lifeguard told us that my Dad would be fine. But he will swell up around the area strung and it will be red. We should always watch out for where we are stepping at the beach.
    :smile: :smile: :smile: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :cool: :cool:

  3. Sammy S says:

    I don’t think the author is afraid of Jellyfish because he is explaining what happens when you get stung and how to treat the sting. He is also giving examples of the deadliest jellyfish and the least harmful jellyfish. To me the author is a scientist.
    I think jellyfish are feared because they can harm you with their tentacles. I would know because i got stung once by a jellyfish when i was eight. the jellyfish wasn’t very harmful so i only had to put vinegar on it but we went to the hospital just in case. Jellyfish are also feared because you cant really see them in the water so its pretty much a sneak attack. Jellyfish don’t try to harm humans but if you are in their path they most likely will sting you because they are looking for food.

  4. isabella says:

    The author of “Watch Your Step” seems to know a lot about jelly fish. I don’t think the author is not afraid. I believe he just wants people to be cautious about what they do at the beach. Also I am happy because say if someone goes to the beach and sees it then touches it and got stung that’s no good. also you never know they might be buries in the sand then there stingers are up then BAM they get stung or they can be just there on the ground. Even though they look all cool they can be dangerous or deadly. I also think that the author wrote this so he doesn’t want other people to go through what he went through.
    I think they should be feared about it because if you go to Hawaii they have deadly ones and if your stung your done. Also there is clear ones called moonfish they still sting but you cant feel it. Also you never know you can be in the ocean then they come swimming over then sting. This reminds me of when i went to the beach and i got stung by a huge jelly fish :shock: it stung really bad.
    On the other hand, jelly fish are very powerful sea creatures and you should always be cautious but you never know so “WATCH YOUR STEP :!:

  5. Jonathan P ( and YELLO JELLO (VICTORIA) says:

    The author of watch your step seems to know a lot about jellyfish. I think the author might be a little scared of jellyfish. Lots of people are scared of jellyfish because they can do a lot of harmful things to you! Like, they can make you all red, irritated, and swollen. Some jellyfish can cause death. Jellyfish can even sting you if there white on land. You think there dead when there really not!!!! You have to be very aware!

    To us jellyfish are animals people shouldn’t be feared of. If you bother them they will get angry and sting you. All there trying to do is guard the ocean. This reminds me of the time when i was at at my friends birthday party and we went in the ocean and we saw this HUGE jellyfish! So we swam away and then after a while we got out and everyone was all red and itchy. so we went in the pool to cool our bodies down.

    You should always be aware of Jellyfish. Even if on land they will cause harm. :shock: :shock: ;-) ;-)

  6. Rohan S. says:

    The author of “Watch Your Step” knows lots about jellyfish, including the most dangerous, some precautions you should take, and treatments for jellyfish stings. I think the author is afraid of jellyfish. For example, the main purpose of the passage is to inform you about jellyfish and its dangers. If someone wasn’t afraid of a jellyfish, they wouldn’t worry this much about the dangers. The given precautions also show this fear. The author is constantly advising that you should watch out for jellyfish, and is also giving a treatment, which might mean that they have experience with jellyfish stings.
    In my opinion, jellyfish are creatures that need to be feared. These creatures have harmful stinging cells that inflict lots of damage. Even though they sometimes get provoked into stinging, we should still be careful, especially about dead ones washed up on the shore. This reminds me of the clear crabs on the beach, in India. They are always crawling around, and they are hard to see, so my family and I have o carefully maneuver around the beach. Plus, these creatures can cause damage too. In conclusion, jellyfish are pretty dangerous animals that you must watch out for. When you are on the beach, don’t forget to watch your step!

  7. Gabbyy hehehehhee =] says:

    good jobb sammy(:

  8. Aslesha says:

    good job!

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