YELLOW- Watch Your Step! OEQ

Open Ended Question

The author of “Watch Your Step!” seems to know a lot about jellyfish.

  • Is the author afraid of jellyfish?  Explain.
  • Do you think jellyfish are animals that should be feared?  Why or why not?

Use details and examples from the article to support your response.

15 Responses to “YELLOW- Watch Your Step! OEQ”

  1. Ilta P. says:

    Here’s my OEQ.

    The author of “Watch Your Step” seems to have a great knowledge about jellyfish.

    The author writes about the jellyfish that can sting you and hurt you badly. The sting’s harms can vary from red skin to even death in some cases. The writer of this text is not horribly afraid of jellyfish, but he warns not to go too close. Everybody should be little alarmed of the jellyfish and avoid them. Also, the title tells you to be careful on the beach.

    Jellyfish should be feared, because they are not organisms to play with. They can cause serious injuries and even kill in some situations. However, nobody should be too afraid. This text is not a reason to stop going to the beach or swimming. It’s just warning that you should avoid jellyfish and watch out when you are on the beach. This reminds me of when I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. I picked up something, that I assumed was a seashell but it started moving on my hand. I had accidentally picked up a living crab that luckily didn’t snap me.

    To sum it up, the jellyfish is an organism that everybody should avoid. The causes can be serious if you become a victim of the stinging jellyfish. That’s why the title ” Watch Your Step” matches this text really well.

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  2. Juli E. (Softball All The Way) says:

    OEQ For Watch Your Step :!: :shock: ;-)

    In “Watch Your Step,” the author tells you about jellyfish. You read about what they look like and what happens when they sting something. The author explains that they sting their pray, so it makes them easier to absorb as their food. So, when anything comes in contact with the tentacles, it stings it. Some people might ask, “Is the author afraid of jellyfish?” The author could very well be afraid of jellyfish. It’s possible he got stung and said, “I wonder what happened when I got stung by that jellyfish?” If I was afraid of jellyfish I would write about it so I knew what really happened to me, and so others to have to be frightened about what might happen to them.
    I believe that jellyfish should be feared because if we just watch our step, like they in the passage, we’d be safe. Don’t let the “thousands of tiny stinging cells,” scare you. I remember when I was at the beach, I saw what looked like a shell. So, I bent down close towards it, ready to touch it, and it was a jellyfish! I’m extremely happy that curiosity didn’t kill the cat. In conclusion, even if the author is afraid of jellyfish, he or she took those fears and made them useful, and now, just from this small passage, I feel that you shouldn’t be afraid of jellyfish.

  3. Hari (The master of awesomeness) says:

    Here we go :!: :!: :!: :mrgreen: :cool:

    In the amazing story, “Watch your Step” the author knows a great deal about jellyfish but that’s not necessarily true. He is giving facts about jellyfish along with their perks and cons. In addition, he would’ve shown an example from his own life rather a scene he had to picture.That of course would be the most probable reason for being scared. Plus, it sounds like he is joyous about them!
    I believe jellyfish aren’t harmful. This is because they only attack if touched and they can’t really control their stingers. Even if people were to say they attack innocent creatures we do too. We eat chicken, pork, lamb, goat and beef. We even have a holiday where the main course is an innocent victim treated less than us! This case of harmfulness or not is like the in the place I used to live at Edison. Everyone there was deathly scared of cats. This was because of the strays hurt everyone. The thing is, cats everywhere aren’t that mean. This shows that people think differently about things just because of one little part. All in all, I believe the author isn’t afraid of jellyfish. Also, Jelly fish aren’t harmful.

  4. Vatsal says:

    Yes we got the spongebob picture this time :!: :!: :!: :!:

    Anyway here is my OEQ. Its kind of short.

    In the story,”Watch Your Step”, the author seems to have had an experience with jellyfish or has studied jelly fish for a long time. I think the author had a bad experience and then started researching about jellyfish. The author probably stepped on the jellyfish at the beach, hence the name,”Watch Your Step.” That is why I think that the author fears jellyfish. Also, because he kept warning us to stay away from jellyfish.
    I think jelly fish should not be feared because they can’t control what they sting. The tentacles only sting you when you touch them or come in their way. They are beautiful, harmless creatures if you just keep out of their way. A connection I have with this story is that my friend had been stung by jelly fish. We were both scuba
    diving on vacation and a jellyfish popped out of nowhere. He didn’t see it and it stung him in the back. I dragged him onto the boat and the wound wasn’t that serious. We just put some vinegar. A few days later he was fine. In conclusion, I think the author is afraid of jellyfish, and jellyfish should not be feared.

  5. Vatsal (randomness) says:

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    Get well soon :!: :!: :!: :!:

  6. Ramya S says:

    :o :idea: :grin:

    I do not think that the author is afraid of Jellyfish. This is because, as it states, the author seems to know a lot about jellyfish. For example, the author states that the tentacles ate the cause of those nasty stings. “Also, she knows that they ate found around beaches and within oceans. Lastly, by any chance if the author was stung, she would know how to treat herself even with the deadliest sting because of her good knowledge on jellyfish and their nature. So i do nor think that the author would be frightened of Jellyfish’s.

    I think that Jellyfish’s are animals that should be feared. This is because, many people on Earth do not know the consequences of a jellyfish and how to treat someone if they are stung. For example, if someone is stung by a jellyfish which is deadly, they can die if they do not take action right away. For instance, they should take vinegar and put it on the wound, to help it heal. Another reason to fear these creatures are because you never know where you can find them. In the passage the suthor says, “Jellyfish are mainly made out of water, and are transparent.” So if you cannot see one, you can get badly stung. Similarly, I feared heights when i was young for many reasons. in conclusion, i think that jellyfish are one of many creatures that should be feared by the people of this world.

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  7. Sophia says:

    “Watch Your Step!” is an expository piece about jellyfish. In it, the unknown author shares their knowledge of jellyfish with others. It is probably safe to assume that the author is unafraid of jellyfish. Often, when one is scared of something, they prefer not to know much about, fearful that they may learn something else that will scare them more. But here, the author is very informed about jellyfish, and actually tells the reader that the jellyfish don’t mean to harm you. Normally, people who are nervous about a creature will tell you that the creature does want to hurt you. Therefore, I am inferring that the author is unafraid of jellyfish.

    I myself, however, believe that jellyfish should be feared. You should always be afraid of something that can harm you. Fear keeps you alert, so if you fear something, it’s more likely you won’t run into it. I have heard many jellyfish stories, especially about people who accidentally step on them. It burns a lot, and you get painful little bumps all over the bottom of your foot. These stories increase my fear of jellyfish, which is good, because now, when I go to the beach, I’ll be on the lookout for jellyfish, and I won’t get stung. In conclusion, I believe that the jellyfish should be feared, although the author of “Watch Your Step!” seems unafraid of them.

  8. Danielle G (ROCKS!!!) says:

    In the story ,Watch Your Step, the author knows a lot about Jellyfish. I think the author is not afriad of jellyfish. If he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to learn about them. He can read about them but you’ll get a better infomation if he sees a jellyfish in person. I also think that he got stung b a Jelly fish because he would know how it feels.

    I don’t think Jelly fish should be feared. I think this because mast Jellyfish live further out into the ocean than where you would play.Also, the sting will only hurt for a day or two. Plus, only some of the Jelly fish can kill youthey only can sting. This reminds me of the time i was on the beach and there was a bunch of little Jelly fish with no stingers or tenticals. Me and my sister were throwing them around at each other. In conclution, Jellyfish are not a real fish and they can sting you. I think that you shouldn’t be afriad of them.

  9. Nick I. (Ultimate bookworm) says:

    OEQ for “Watch Your Step!”

    The author of this story seems to know a lot about jellyfish. He tells about what they are, their anatomy, and the use of their stingers. I don’t think the author is afraid of jellyfish because he went through the process of writing this story about them. It also says, “Even so, you should not think of the jellyfish as a mean creature.” He probably went up close to the jellyfish to see what they were like and how they moved.
    I think jellyfish should be feared but only to a certain degree. I think you should be careful and watch where you are going but if you ever see one don’t go running away in mindless terror. They are actually peaceful creatures and don’t mean you any harm. Their stingers are all touch activated, the jellyfish have no control over their tentacles. In conclusion, I don’t think the author is afraid of jellyfish and that you should be somewhat scared of them.

  10. matthew c says:

    “Watch your step,”a story that includes facts about jellyfish. For example, which jellyfish are the most deadly and which are the largest. I believe the author is afraid of jellyfish because he or she knows so much about it. The author seem to relate to themselves. For example, if you are unlucky enough to have got stung by a jellyfish before, you know it is best to stay away from these beautiful animals. The author pushes to be cautious when walking on the beach.
    I believe animals should and shouldn’t be feared because they vary in specific factors. For example, some jellyfish vary in size, some are half an inch while others are 200 ft! Isn’t that amazing. I can connect to why people fear jellyfish and why they don’t. When I was younger I felt something wriggle on my leg, it happened to be a jellyfish. It looked huge and was wrapped around my whole leg. I had no choice but to pull it off! I did, and the jellyfish didn’t make the slightest movement. I am cautious of jellyfish but not scared of them. In conclusion, the author seems to be extremely scared of jellyfish.

  11. Aslesha says:

    The author of “Watch Your Step!” seems to know a lot about jellyfish. I think the author is afraid of jellyfish. This is because they say a lot about jellyfish stings. The author warns people to be careful of jellyfish. She also explains how to treat a jellyfish sting, since she doesn’t want the reader to suffer from it. The author makes a jellyfish sting sound painful. “If you happen to be the unlucky victim to step on one of these creatures or to have one brush up against your skin in the water, you are likely to feel a sharp sting on the area of contact.”
    I think jellyfish should be feared because of their sting. It can be very painful according to the passage. The Portuguese man-of-war should definitely be feared because according to the passage,”A sting from this particular jellyfish can be fatal if not treated quickly and properly.” This is like when I went to Jamaica and I didn’t want to go to far into the ocean because I thought there might have been a jellyfish there. I went a little bit into the ocean, but i thought i stepped on something slimy, so I went right back to the shore. It wasn’t a jellyfish, but I never found out what it was. In closing, I think the author fears jellyfish and I also think that jellyfish should be feared.

  12. Juli E (Softball ALL THE WAY) says:

    I love the ROCKS!! at the end!!!! :mrgreen:

  13. Aslesha says:

    good job!

  14. Shefali says:

    good job

  15. Shefali P. says:

    Nice connection, u went to Jamaica????

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