Gathering Blue- Chapter 13

Why does Jamison repeatedly tell Kira to stay on the path?

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  1. Raghav P. says:

    I think Jamison tells Kira to stay on the path so she wouldn’t figure out if there are beasts or not :idea:

  2. Aslesha says:

    Maybe Jamison has something to hide like the fact that there’s no beasts. :?: :???: YEAH!!!! I’M THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT!

  3. Roma.T says:

    I think Jamison doesn’t want Kira to get hurt because she is an important being. If the beast catches her she will die. If there aren’t beasts she would find out. Jamison said that the beasts don’t come on the path. That doesn’t make sense because if the beasts like to eat others why wouldn’t they come on the path? Why don’t they come to the villages and attack the people? Why don’t men that go hunting die from the beasts? If Jamison saw the beast kill Christopher, wouldn’t it take him? Wouldn’t they look for him? And why would he have to do anything with it if Kira hadn’t been able to display her talent barely a tyke known as Kir? Maybe Jamison didn’t kill him. Maybe there are beasts maybe Annabella didn’t know maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe we just don’t know yet!

  4. Hari (The master of awesomeness) says:

    I think if she goes off the path she will find a different village. Jamison doesn’t want her to go there because they are opposing, so they might hurt Kira. :shock:
    They could also think that she is important and will keep her hostage. :cry:

  5. Gopa says:

    Maybe there is something beyond the path that Jamison thinks Kira should not know about. Maybe Jamison thinks that if Kira walks further into the woods, she might realize that there are no beasts. Kira had been told that her father had been taken by beasts. If she sees no beasts at all, that would make her doubt Jamison’s explanation. Maybe something else happened that possibly killed Kira’s father and Jamison is trying to hide that from curious Kira. If Kira realizes that he might be wrong about this one thing, maybe she will disbelieve him in EVERYTHING. Jamison wants to keep away from that sort of risk.

  6. Sachit says:

    I think that Jamison tells her to stay on the path so that she doesn’t find out whether there are beasts or not. There are probably no beasts because no one but Jamison claims to have seen a beast. This is why I think Jamison tells her to stay on the path.

  7. Nikita says:

    I think Jamison has something to hide. He really knows there are no beasts but doesn’t want Kira to know because beasts have supposedly killed Christopher. Also, Jamison says that he has seen many beasts before. This may not seem like a big giveaway but it is. Jamison was a really good hunter, so why didn’t he kill any of the beasts he encountered? For that matter,why didn’t anyone catch a beast so far?

  8. Vittoria says:

    spoiler :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :!: :!: :!: ;-) ;-)

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