Challenge- Gathering Blue Chapter 18

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“We have waited a long time for you,” he said, and looked at her firmly as if he dared her to refuse. (page 173)

  • Kira says that although Jamison has been her protector, she does not want to work on the robe forever. What work has Jamison planned for Kira?
  • Visualize Kira’s future.  What do you think her future will look like?

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  1. Josie says:

    “We have waited a long time for you,” he said, looked at her firmly as if he dared her to refuse. Jamison planed for Kira to work on the singers robe all year around. But Kira had something else planned. Kira wanted to do her own small projects.
    In Kira’s future she will meet her father in the future. But Kira will continue working on the singers robe. Kira will also figure out that there is no beast in woods, and that when Jamison said that her father was token by beast it was really Jamison that tried to kill him.

  2. Vittoria says:

    Who are the characters for the test :?: :?: :???: I only got 7 :!: :mrgreen: ;-) :smile:

  3. Raghav P. says:

    “We have waited a long time for you,” he said, and looked at her firmly as if he dared her to refuse. The Gathering was approaching, and Kira had finished her job at repairing the Singer’s robe. Jamison came to check on her progress of the robe. She had finished the job. Jamison said “After this year’s song there will probably be only a few scattered broken threads for you to fix.” Kira then asked what will happen after that. She had not wanted to work on the robe forever so Jamison assigned her the job of telling the future with her weaving skills.
    I think Kira’s future will look great. I believe that after the years Gathering she will fix the scattered threads and then work on her own ideas and trying to make the color blue. This reminds me of the time when the NJASK was coming up and I had to keep studying. I was wondering what would happen after the NJASK so I asked my mother. She said that after the exam you will not have to study a lot except for other exams like a novel test. In conclusion, Kira doesn’t want to keep repairing the robe forever.
    ;-) ;-) :razz: :razz:

  4. Matt K. says:

    ”We have waited along time for you”, he said, and looked at her firmly as if he dared to refuse. Kira is puzzled trying to see if Jamison is truly her protector. But on the other hand Kira knows that he did save her life and he will be her protector. Kira does not want to work on this robe forever. Jamison will have a plan for Kira as the threader, she will be making new threads as Jamison hopes. Kira was astonished with what Jamison had said she thought that she would be able to make the things that she wanted to make.
    Kira there lies the future its really hard to visualize Kira’s future. But most likely to help people all around the villages and to one day bring all of the villages together. But first she must complete her role and that is to complete the singers robe. Her future will look very bright she must really choose the right path. She has two options she can stay and work on the robe or go back to the village for Christopher. This reminds me of a poem that we read in class by Robert Frost called ”The Road Not Taken.” This was a poem about whether to take one road or the other. In the end, Jamison has planned that Kira will work on new threads for the approaching gathering, also Kira’s future will look like two paths eager in which K9ira will choose.
    :mrgreen: ;-) :|

  5. Aparna :p says:

    “We have waited a long time for you,” Jamison said, and looked at Kira firmly as if he dared her to refuse. :shock: :shock: :oops: :oops:
    Kira does not have the urge to work on weaving the robe for the rest of her life, though Jamison wants her to. He wants her to fill in the blank area on the robe by weaving, aka telling, the future. Kira, also, likes threading her own unique patterns as her fingers magically twist and turn through the threads of various colors, with the exception of blue. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: But the question is, when Katrina, Kira’s mom, worked on the robe, why did SHE herself die suddenly :?: :?: :?: That’s a mystery; yet to be uncovered.(even though we already read the last chapter :lol: :lol: )
    I can visualize Kira’s future as her, a three-syllable woman, threading all day with her blue threads in the Council Edifice and other vivid colors by her side, filling in the so-called “blank space.” Also, she could be well-known and probably treated like a leader, as Vandara was, because of the blue she has. In addition, as a two-syllable teen, Matty could get all the credit for finding the woad for blue. :o :o :o :o This reminds me of Thomas Edison. As a child, he always used to ask so many questions in school. Infuriated, the teachers licked him out of school, just because of his curiosity of so many things. But look at him now; even though he’s dead, his influencing invention- :idea: the light bulb- is still alive. He is very much thanked for his invention or else this would’ve been a DAAARRRKK world. In closing, Kira is asked by Jamison to stay in the Edifice and to work on weaving the robe for basically the rest of her life. ;-) :x :shock: :roll: :oops: :mrgreen: :idea: :evil: :cool: :???: :!: :| :twisted: :smile: :| :?: :arrow: :cry: :grin: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. Juli E (Softball ALL THE WAY) says:

    Here is my OEQ!!!!!!!!!! :shock:

    “We have waited a long time for you,” he said, and looked at her firmly as if he dared her to refuse. With the Gathering in a few days, the robe was done and all the problems were fixed. The past had been told so well with all the colors of the rainbow, except for blue, on one article of clothing. The people of the village had started to, “finish projects and delay the start of new ones.” One day when Jamison came to see what Kira had completed on the robe, Kira asked if there would be a lot of damage done to the robe during the upcoming Gathering. Jamison said no and got Kira to ask a simple, “Then…” Jamison the pointed to the empty space in the robe that was near the shoulders and said, “Here lies the future.” Kira was to tell the story of her village and what happened in it, through her tiny little stitches!
    I think that the future will look like modern day society. The setting of Gathering Blue is in the future, after many achievements of technology get wiped out. So, I think the future of there time would look like our society to day. This whole predicting the future business reminds me of the book A Gift of Magic. In this story the girl can look in to the past and future, but she can also look into someone’s mind. Her gift of ESP along with her sister’s gift of dance and her brother’s gift of music, make them like the three young people we encounter in this novel. Kira has the gift of weaving, Thomas with gift of carving, and Jo with the gift of song. With Kira’s talent, she would have the future told in very little time, making the village proud of her.

    Remember tell me what is harder: Softball Or Baseball!!!!! :cool:

  7. Shefali P. says:


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