Orange Class: Lit Tech Day!

In literature class today, we recorded ourselves using Flip Video Cameras!

The first novel our class will read this year is Crash by Jerry Spinelli.  Before we begin reading the novel, we have Essential Questions and pre-reading activities to complete.  We are excited to share some of our Essential Question responses with you!

View the student created videos at the following website:!

You can leave a comment for the videos on this blog post!

Thank you,

Ms. Zicha and the Orange Class

11 Responses to “Orange Class: Lit Tech Day!”

  1. neehar p. says:

    is it a good book :?:

  2. jianna says:

    I can’t wait to read Crash :!: :razz:

  3. Ruben S says:

    This Book Is Fun To Read! :shock:

  4. Samantha R. says:

    Watching the blogs gave me the laugh for the day. They were so fun to watch. Everybody put lots of effort into it I could tell by everyones smiles. I think I speak for evrybody when I say we will be looking forward to lit tec day!!!!! :lol:

  5. neehar p. says:

    The videos by us were hilarious :lol:

  6. samantha k. says:

    I hope Crash is a good book . . . can’t wait till we start :!: :grin:

  7. hafsa says:

    I can’t wait to read Crash!

  8. Amnat P. says:

    I can’t wait to finish the book :twisted: :mrgreen:

  9. RubenS says:

    Crash put another meaning to funny :o :mrgreen:

  10. Sally says:

    Crash was an interesting book I liked it :mrgreen:

  11. albert.w says:

    The book Crash is awesome! :razz:

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